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George Wiseman is a prolific, successful and effective alternative energy pioneer.

George Wiseman researches, develops and builds practical projects for himself and then does NOT patent his innovations. Instead he writes manuals that teach people how to replicate his work for themselves. Several people have then gone on to create businesses using George Wiseman's technologies. This no-patent philosophy has helped George Wiseman bypass Vested Interest suppression and his innovations are now used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

George Wiseman is well known for his immensely practical automotive fuel saving technologies. He pioneered fuel saving 'Combustion Enhancement Interface Technology' (CEIT), which allows automatic adjustments to the existing fuel system, to optimize fuel saving advantages of the actual fuel saver. The Carburetor Enhancer, the Electronic Diverter and the Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer (EFIE) are examples of the CEIT developed by George Wiseman. Some of George Wiseman's fuel savers are The HyCO 2A, the HyCO 2DT and the HyZor. He also has practical Water Injection technology.

George Wiseman independently created a 'series-cell common ducted electrolyzer' that was verified to be comparable if not superior to the original by William Rhodes. This verification was done by William Rhodes himself. George Wiseman is the creator of Eagle Research's WaterTorch Technology, first writing a DIY Manual named Brown's Gas Book 2, then developing a series of commercial electrolyzers (aka generators). The latest in the series is the ER1200 WaterTorch; which (Compared to all known electrolysis technologies) is the least expensive (for its production rate), well built, most efficient, practical Brown's Gas (common ducted electrolytic generator) in history. The hundreds of ER1200 WaterTorches, sold worldwide, are proving themselves productive and durable. The ER1200 WaterTorches are built and distributed by Water Torch Collective, LTD.

George Wiseman continues to grow Eagle Research and his operations are complemented by the business acumen of his wife Tenaj DaCosta Wiseman. They make a perfect team to continue the progress within a field that has been slowly developing for decades. Their work is influencing and pushing the threshold of Brown's Gas development around the planet. Their enthusiasm and dedication is proving to thousands of people worldwide the imminent viability of Brown's Gas technology.

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  • Chance to win ER50 electrolyzer (value $800.00) - 1. Brand new, (fully assembled by George Wiseman); 2. TRANSPARENT (see everything inside); 3. State of art, (Grid Plates and Pressure Relief Tubes) ... (Free Energy Blog; August 2, 2014)

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