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For our purposes, "free energy" is defined as energy that is obtained from a source that is available free of charge and is non-depleting. The devices that harness this energy, are not free; so the quest is to find those methods that are most efficient, cost effective, reliable, feasible, and safe.

The purpose of this website is to feature those technologies the fit this pursuit.

"We at PES have NEVER promoted the idea of energy from nothing. Not once. Not ever. Free energy is a matter of harvesting the wheelwork of nature, and there are a lot of ways to do that. Conventional: solar, wind, geothermal, tide, waste-to-energy, biomass, etc. We focus on the unconventional: LENR, electromagnetic overunity, magnet motors, etc. Just because we don't fully understand them yet, doesn't mean they don't work. You're not a true scientist if that is how your head works, thinking we have to understand it if it is real. Science is about exploration, not dogma in entrenched thinking. Free energy merely refers to the fact that you don't have to pay the wheelwork of nature to provide you with energy. You just need to plug in.
"Indeed, it could be argued that those who are open to new methods of harvesting the wheelwork of nature are truer scientists than those who adamantly deny that new ways might exist because they appear to violate existing paradigms." -- Sterling D. Allan, February 19, 2014


Free Energy


  • Featured: PES > Free Energy >
    Introduction to the Free Energy Revolution - Usually, when people hear the term "free energy," they conjure images of perpetual motion machines that work kind of like lifting yourself up by your own bootstraps -- in other words, it's a silly idea that will never come true except in dreams and movies. However, when we PES talk about "free energy", what we are thinking of is systems that harvest energy that nature gives us, free for the taking. (PureEnergyBlog; March 13, 2013)


  • Featured: Free Energy >
    "Free Energy" Definition for the Peaceful Revolution - Gary Hendershot says the term "free energy" sets his teeth on edge, because "nothing is free." Let's get back to the semantics of what it means to harness the wheelwork of nature, so we can be consistent in our usage of these terms in this industry. (PESN; May 11, 2013)

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Best Applications

  • Featured: Best Exotic FE >
    Best Free Energy Applications - A listing, in a prioritized, strategic way, of the best applications for exotic free energy technologies, when they become available. Criteria include: To promote freedom and independence from the corrupt powers-that-be; To support emergency preparedness; To empower the individual; To support societal infrastructure (PESWiki; August 30, 2014)


  • Thermodynamic free energy, the total amount of energy in a physical system which can be converted to do work, in particular:
    • Wikipedia:Helmholtz free energy, the amount of thermodynamic energy in a system which can be converted into work at constant temperature (called work content in chemistry).
    • Wikipedia:Gibbs free energy, the amount of thermodynamic energy in a system which can be converted into work at a constant temperature and pressure.




  • Most renewable energy sources
  • Electromagnetic free energy, a.k.a. radiant energy

In engineering, free energy means an energy source available directly from the environment and which cannot be depleted (so it is available in effectively unlimited quantity). Free energy, in a strict sense, is energy directly transceived from the environment, and utilized without any artificial aid.


  • Featured: Free Energy > Spirituality >
    Free Energy Psychosis - A directory of resources, information, and an examination of the sometimes strange psychological 'landscape of the mind' which some have, who seek exotic 'free energy'. Also, cautions about jumping to quickly to such a conclusion about someone, since legitimate geniuses through history have possessed similar appearance. Every healthy nut has a tree latent inside. (PESWiki; May 9, 2013)


  • Global Warming > Conspiracy > Climategate >
    NOTE on Scientific Prostitution - The same elite scientific establishment that prostituted themselves to promote "global warming" for political reasons, disregarding science (and who support the 9/11 official story); is the same corrupted scientific establishment that has said "cold fusion is impossible." Don't buy their lies. They are liars, as now proven. Free energy is possible. The universe is full of it. -- Sterling D. Allan; November 28, 2011
  • Featured: Radiant Energy / Nikola Tesla >
    Radiant Energy System a century in waiting - An article reprint that has been making the rounds through email, and posted around the web, points out that Nikola Tesla had a clean energy system in 1901 which could have taken the world in a completely different direction than the fossil-fuel-based path they chose instead. (PESN; Jan. 22, 2010)
  • Perpetual Commotion - Mark Goldes says that while free energy skeptics abound, devices like the Mylow magnet motor may open a door to wider appreciation of an extremely important potential for rapidly reducing our dependency on fossil fuels and reviving the automotive industry. (ZPEnergy; March 21, 2009)
  • Free Energy Technology Could Destroy the Natural World (But It Doesn't Have To) - New energy technologies promise to provide endless, cheap energy from non-traditional sources (like cold fusion, zero-point energy, etc.), but there's one problem with this: The potential for an *increase* in the destruction of nature coupled with yet another population explosion. (Natural News; April 24, 2009)
  • Free Energy >
    World renowned physicist challenged over free energy machines - Nuclear physicist, Dr. Robert Koontz, has written an open letter challenging Dr. Michio Kaku who recently called free energy machines "impossible" in a recent interview on Coast to Coast AM, saying he needs to reconsider their feasibility based on unknown principles such as alternate dimensions. (Examiner; May 29, 2009)
  • The Closest Thing to Free Energy: Renewable Energy - Developers are looking into ways to optimize the use of renewable or alternative forms of energy. Still others want to build machines capable of creating energy out of nothing. Or at least be able to extract more energy than the amount of power it takes to run said machines in the first place. (; July? 2009)
  • Free Energy - stuff to think about - Richard Lewis talks about free energy, saying that just because we don't know where the energy is coming from, doesn't mean that it is free or that it breaks laws of physics. What about solar PV panels? If you didn't consider the sun, then they appear magical by creating energy from nothing. (PoorManGuides; July 16, 2009)


  • Humor >
    Congress Repeals Ban on Perpetual Motion Machines - In a bold move to lessen our dependence on traditional fuels and decrease carbon emissions, Congress voted to repeal an old Republican ban on perpetual motion machines, clearing the way for the development of self-propelled water wheels, self-flowing flasks, float belts, zeromotors, and other environmentally-friendly industrial equipment. (The Peoples Cube; Oct. 24, 2009)

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  • Nikola Tesla and my thoughts has Branko Jermanis thoughts about free energy: Energy of space, Tesla combustion engine, Flying machine, Magnetic linear movement, Solar energy, Wind energy ...

See also

  • "Free Energy" Sterling Quotient; Determining the SQ of a device, which takes into account its costs compared to its efficiency in tapping an inexhaustible energy source.
  • Directory:Free energy
  • Free energy suppression, the notion that corporate energy interests suppress technologies that are claimed to provide cheap energy.

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