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Space Quanta Magnifier or Vacuum Triode Amplifier of Floyd "Sparky" Sweet

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External Links

  • Dedicated to the SQM of the late Floyd Sweet
  • PGFED Patrick J. Kelly: Devices Part 5: description of VTA - Floyd Sweet's 'Vacuum Triode Amplifer' solid-state free-energy pick-up device
  • SWEET, Floyd: Space Quanta Magnifier ( Vacuum Triode Amplifier ) ~ Sweet's SQM, also dubbed the Vacuum Triode Amplifier (VTA) by Tom Bearden, is a Free Energy Generator that utilizes "conditioned" Ba-Ferrite magnets to produce 60 Hz power --- up to 5 Kw in the prototypes he built. Here are several papers by Sweet, Bearden, and Rosenthal, plus diagrams, photos, and video.

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