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Bruce A. Perreault (1961 - ) is a researcher in the field of alternative energy. Perreault's research is now primarily focused on the Direct Conversion of Atmospheric IONS into useful Electrical Power.


Naturally generated ionized atmospheric gas particles can be utilized to obtain electrical power. It is clean, safe and can be economically obtained, based on the discoveries of Bruce A. Perreault. Virtually unlimited electrical power can be obtained from this fuel source.

Mr. Bruce A. Perreault, of Dorchester, New Hampshire, expands on the Radio Electron Vacuum Valve discovery to harness the ions which surround our Planet Earth to generate useful electrical power for our appliances and machinery. His dedicated efforts have rewarded him with this very plentiful source of energy which is available all year, even without wind or sun light.

Bruce has an extensive background in electronic equipment troubleshooting and repair. He creates innovative electronic schematics for prototypes for a science that does not yet exist in our present time frame. He has fine tuned his skills as an active researcher and designer for futuristic self-sustaining communities. He is Internationally known for his scientific essays, articles, research reports, patent papers and idealistic community living based upon high moral standards.

His informal education comes from observing nature and her processes. This has given him a strong foundation in the fields of science and alternative energy technologies. His skills are diversified in electronics, mechanics, molecular & nuclear chemistry, metallurgy, machine tool operation and scientific glass work that provides him with a well-balanced knowledge base. He enjoys his life as a free spirited natural scientist and attributes his successes to living his life with a high degree of ethical standards, treating people the way he would like to be treated. Bruce is an individual who marches to a different drummer. His ideas, though unconventional, are not out of touch with reality. Bruce’s strong individuality enables him to stick to his ideas in spite of what some people feel are too unconventional.

His unique way of looking at problems stems from the fact that he doesn’t just accept as a given what the textbooks say; he goes beyond current thinking to bring about truly creative technical and philosophical innovations. Even though his lab is small, his ideas are expansive. The concepts that he strives to develop on a daily basis are designed to improve on the human condition. Bruce is capable of viewing the present as but a meager step toward the future of a better life for all worthy people around the globe. He is recognized today as being the principal leading investigator into harnessing the almost limitless supply of energy that surrounds our planet, making the key discovery how it can be efficiently converted from its useless ionic state into electromagnetic currents which is commonly called “electricity.” The future survival of life on this planet depends on this unique natural resource.


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