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Baset trailer

A baset trailer is a range extending device for use with battery electric vehicles consisting of a battery pack. The batteries (ref. I.e."D34M" Optima Blue-Top and Yellow-Top batteries.) can be replaced by recharged ones. Most small to midsized passenger vehicles would require 15 to 20 kW. Larger vehicles could require 30 kW or more of power depending on how heavy and/or un-aerodynamic they happen to be.

They can be also used with electric buses: bus companies can store recharged batteries in route strategic points (bus stations, filling stations, parking lots, electric utility facilities, ad-hoc facilities and so on).

In renting, the maintenance costs of baset trailers can be deferred to the lessor or agency. They can be given for rent.


Removable Battery Packs

On April 24, 2007, P. Henson <taupotrading {at}> wrote:

Idea for increasing customer convenience, trip length and solving charging problems.

Here's an idea for all manufacturers: make the battery packs removable (and standardised).

Instead of electric vehicles all plugging in at home, the wikipedia:service stations would replace them just as we have been 'replacing' conventional fuel, and recharge them at their convenience.

Energy demand could be managed more efficiently, with on and off peak power production being 'smoothed out', to help prevent overloading.

The customer wouldn't have to wait for recharging, enabling longer trips.

Not New; and Not Feasible

On April 24, 2007, Jim Dunn wrote:
(Interspersed comments by User:Mac)

This is not NEW. It was tried in numerous vehicles, including race cars.

Can you include references and websites?.

There is no way to standardize among all vehicle manufacturers.

The same vehicle can use the same battery trailers. For buses it doesn´t need standards and generally the buslines uses a lot of vehicles from the same make and model. In any case, it doesn´t need standards, because the busline propietary can stablish the trailer dimensions, number of batteries and so on. Or use a renting service.

Large packs are too heavy. Go to any large factory that uses electric forklifts!

Indicate the concrete weight increase. The same can happen with electric cars. In any case, petroleum is carbon agressive and pollutant and cannot use the power from the sun (solar power source)--Mac 03:50, 26 Apr 2007 (EDT)

- - - -

On April 25, 2007, Jim Dunn wrote:
(Interspersed comments by User:Mac)

This is extremely old stuff.

There was a company in Florida 10-15 years ago that made trailers with Batteries and an on-board generator,

The baset trailers don´t include a generator (these are called genset trailers). Baset trailers are carbon-free.

and they did sell a few units for use with EV's as a Range Extender.

The number of hybrid and electric cars nowadys are not the same than today. And Toyota is the car seller No. 1 in the world .

I think it might have been called Fisher xxx ???

Is there any website ?.

There are many people who made their own Trailers, some of which only had one wheel, like Tommy Hopper's design in NH, which took him all the way to DC without Grid recharging.

This is right. It can be build in a DIY way and add technical and divulgation information for DIY (in an open source way).

Most of the units were made by school teams for events like the American Tour deSol, but some were kind of cute. One made by Olaf Bleck at MIT was shaped like a Turtle.

I haven´t seen it. Is there any free picture of this or a link ?. You can also upload it to PESWiki.

Others were using standard trailer kits. Some only had batteries, others only had generators. Many had both, and even solar panels on the roof.

Generators and solar panels add costs. So, they are optional features.

College Crowder College even had folding units which expanded out to capture the sun when you were parked.

Since this does not require any new technology, and is simple engineering, it is merely a function of the market need and pricing- no innovation here.

I agree. So, one need a custom trailer or (standard trailer) company that sell them locally or using internet (on-line). If you know one, you can add it here, please. A similar small device with market success are the removable and portable batteries.

Since no one currenty makes full sized EV's and the Chevy Volt will have plenty of batteries, as well as an IC engine-generator, there may not be much of a market

There are Plugin hybrids (i.e. modified Toyota Prius). See CalCars and similar organizations and pages. But hybrid are an hybrid stept forward. The less carbon vehicles are full electric ones.

In any even there is nothing novel or noteworthy here.

Better. So, there is only a lack of information. The novelty can be the generalization (there was hybrid cars, but the rising in Toyota Prius is a new ). --Mac 04:44, 27 Apr 2007 (EDT).


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