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Welcome to the

New contributors' help page

A place to get help with editing and finding your way around PESWiki

Where to get other questions answered
Other ways to get help
  • You can look at the FAQ to get answers to common questions about PESWiki
  • If you place {{helpme}} on your talkpage, a helper will visit you there as soon as possible!
  • Try the short Introduction and full Tutorial, or read the Help manual.

How to ask a question

This page is for answering questions about editing and finding your way around PESWiki.
If you have a general knowledge question please see PESWiki:Reference desk. Please make sure you look at the FAQ for your question before asking it here.
  1. To ask a new question use the "Click here to ask your question about editing PESWiki" link below.
  2. Please sign your question by typing ~~~~ at the end.
  3. Do not list your e-mail address.
  4. For the answer to your question, check back to this page for updates. Alternatively you can ask that you be replied to on your Talk page.
Click here to ask your question about editing PESWiki

See also PESWiki's Tip Library for quick tips on how to do almost anything on PESWiki.


If you would like to help answer questions, click here for instructions.

Nominate for help
To nominate somebody else for help, see nomination of new users in need of help.

Archive of old questions
All questions over one month old will be archived.



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