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Thursday, May 26, 2016
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Wiki Tips

How to get the most out of PESWiki as your destination for information and coordination of our common pursuit of free energy -- tapping into those inexhaustible, clean, ubiquitous energy sources such as solar, wind, tide, geothermal, but also the more non-conventional technologies such as cold fusion, magnetic motors, radiant energy devices in the tradition of Nikola Tesla.

We want you to think of this as your website that you have helped build, and that you help administer for the pursuit of our common dream of free energy.

While there hundreds of fancy tricks to enable you to create what you envision here, the most basic task of posting information is as EASY as clicking on the edit button, adding your comment or correction, then saving the page.

Pep Rally

Tools Index

  • Formating - at-a-glance overview of how to do '''bold''', ''italics'', * bullets, : indentation, | tables, =headings=, etc.
  • File Naming Guidelines - to keep pagination consistent
  • Uploading Images - instruction page.
  • Sandbox - go ahead and give it a whirl. This page is designed for you to make mistakes and for it to be okay. It all starts with the "edit" button.

Daily Tips

A new feature commencing Dec. 16, 2004 as part of PES Network's daily news and directory service.

Dec. 28, 2004 -- Organize 
Discussion lists enable the sharing of information. PESWiki enables you to organize that information on a shared website through a collective effort.
Dec. 27, 2004 -- Italics 
To create italics, just place two single quotation marks before and after the text to be ''italicized;'' or you can use the <em>emphasis</em> code of HTML to achieve the same effect.
Dec. 26, 2004 -- Bold 
To make text appear in the bold-face font, just type three single quotations marks before and after something you want to be in '''bold'''. <b>Bold</b> also works.
Dec. 25, 2004 -- Undo 
The "undo" (CTRL-z) feature found in other programs also works while editing a PESWiki document, enabling you to revert back to your previous step.
Dec. 24, 2004 -- Create External Link 
To create a link to an external site, separate the url from the text with a space and enclose in brackets. Example: [ PESWiki Tip of the Day] will appear as [Tip of the Day].
Dec. 23, 2004 -- Link to your site 
If you have an alt energy website, be sure there is a link to your site from the appropriate index page at (try search feature). If there isn't a relevant index page yet, feel free to create one.
Dec. 22, 2004 -- Adopt a page 
Pick your favorite alt energy topic and help create a first class index on the subject at PESWiki.
Dec. 21, 2004 -- Create New Page 
One way to create a new page is to (1) type a destination into your browser address bar (after, (2) hit Enter, (3) then "edit", and you're on your way.
Dec. 20, 2004 -- Latest 
The "latest" link is manually created by site users to give notice of additions to the site or to a particular section or project. (PESWiki)
Dec. 19, 2004 -- History tab 
Each time an edit is made on a page, the wiki stores the previous version. Clicking on the "history" tab at the top of the page enables you to view the previous versions, who made them, and when.
Dec. 18, 2004 -- Back-up While Composing 
When composing content for the site, use another program such as word or an email program to compose, that way you can save down as you build; then post when you're ready.

See also

  • Tips - to be a categorized listing of tips
  • FAQ
  • Tasks - things to be done
  • Priorities - criterion for determining what is to be done next

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