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PESWiki is an international Web-based free-content project. It exists as a wiki, a website that allows visitors to edit its content. The word PESWiki is a portmanteau of the abbreviation of PES (Power Energy Systems) and Wiki. PESWiki is written collaboratively by volunteers, allowing articles to be changed by anyone with access to the website.

The PESWiki project began on August 5, 2004, as a complement to other wikis and websites online and is sponsored by Pure Energy Systems. PESWiki's founder has called PESWiki "a work station for the world of inventors and investigators into the exciting field of alternative energy technologies that are clean, renewable, inexpensive, and practical".

In every article, links will guide you to associated pages, often with additional information. You are welcome to add further information, cross-references, or citations, so long as you do so within PESWiki's editing policies and to an appropriate standard. You do not need to fear accidentally damaging PESWiki when you add or improve information, as other PESWikians are always around to advise or correct obvious errors if needed, and the PESWiki software, known as MediaWiki, is carefully designed to allow easy reversal of editorial mistakes.

Because PESWiki is an ongoing work to which, in principle, anybody can contribute; it differs from a paper-based source in some very important ways. In particular, older articles tend to be more comprehensive and balanced, while newer articles may still contain significant misinformation, faulty content. Vandalism can strike most any page at any time, too (though hopefully it is quickly identified and repaired by those keeping an eye on the site). Users need to be aware of this in order to obtain valid information and avoid misinformation which has been recently added and not yet removed. (See Researching with PESWiki for more details). However, unlike offline sources, PESWiki is completely up-to-date, with articles on topical events being created or updated within minutes or hours, rather than months or years for printed books.

If you have not done so before, we invite you to take a few moments to read Some things we do differently than other Wikis and Researching with PESWiki, so that you have an understanding of how to use, rely upon, or contribute to PESWiki as you continue. Remember, though, that PESWiki is not Wikipedia.


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