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Page first featured December 28, 2008

Index of videos that have been produced primarily by/for PES Network, Inc.. Be sure to also see our directory of free-energy-related videos produced by others.


PESNetwork YouTube Channel

  • - PESNetwork Channel - Featuring, promoting and fostering energy technologies that are on the cutting-edge, clean, super-efficient, non-depleting, reliable and affordable; which have not yet been introduced to the mainstream, facilitating their emergence as legitimate modalities.

PESNetwork Videos

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November 7, 2011


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  • Water as Fuel - While academia has been spurning the topic, hundreds, if not thousands of hobbyists and independent investigators worldwide are working on various electrolysis-like projects which put out more energy than was required to run the electrolysis unit.
  • Waste to Energy Overview - A brief video by PES Network, Inc, introduces the concept of cost-effectively turning garbage and sewage into energy, either as electricity or as fuel. Addresses methane harvesting, plasma, solar, and catalytic pressureless depolymerization.
  • G-Force Rotational machine - This Armenian machine has been under development since 1967. The first working model was demonestrated in 1993.
  • Greenshift's CO2 Bioreactor - GreenShift's patented CO2 Bioreactor reduces greenhouse gas emissions while creating an additional feedstock for renewable fuel production.
  • Ettridge Wind Generator - The vertical axis Ettridge Wind Generator (EWG) by Ettridge Wind Turbine Pty. Ltd. is different from propeller wind generators in that it harnesses oncoming wind for 120 degrees of the turn, while the remaining 240 degrees is shielded by a skirt to cover the blades from oncoming wind.
  • Imagine a world of future energy - Intro blurb for PES Network, Inc and the New Energy Congress. Aired first for the Environmental Hall of Fame on June 6, 2008 in Los Angeles, at which the NEC/Sterling Allan were one of 22 inductees.
  • Abengoa's 280 MW Solena Solar Plant to Use Molten Salt - A solar plant to be installed in Arizona by 2011 will have a total capacity of 280 megawatts, enough to power 70,000 homes. The plant will employ a proprietary Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) trough technology developed by Abengoa Solar, and will cover a surface of around 1,900 acres.
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Video Report: Breakthrough Power Presentation at SJSU - On April 2, Jeane Manning, Joel Garbon and Sterling Allan, along with Raphial Morgado gave a presentation to some students at San Jose State University. Raphial demonstrated his Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) engine and said a few words about the inventive process to those assembled. (PESWiki; April 13, 2009)
  • Top 100 / Featured / Videos: River / Water >
    Video: Markovic Self-Propelled (SP) River Pump - We've produced a new video about Vladimir Markovic's Top 100 river pump -- a very clever, simple, robust design now going into production that can be used to pump water, generate electricity, desalinate water, all from slow-moving water without the need to build a dam. (YouTube: PESNetwork; Jan. 22, 2009)
  • Ocean Wave Machine by S.D.E. Energy Ltd. - S.D.E. Energy Ltd. is a Tel Aviv, Israel manufacturer and marketer of Sea Wave Power Plants - utilizing sea wave energy to produce electricity economically, and in an environmentally-friendly manner claiming that their system can generate electricity for 2 cents per kWh.
  • Markovic Self-Propelled River Pump - This innovative pump system by Slovenian inventor, Vladimir Markovic, works in relatively slow and shallow moving water (rivers) to pump water for irrigation; pump air into the water to oxygenate and clean up a river; or to pump water for driving an electric generator.
  • Phemax Technology's Microsun Plasmagnetic Alternator - Phemax Technology of Taiwan has announced a primary power generator device that produces a plasma reaction involving thorium, tungsten, low-voltage, high-current, and high-temperature thermal conductivity.
  • Interview with Cesar Soos, Co-inventor of Keppean Scalar Motor - On Oct. 20, 2008, Sterling D. Allan interviewed Cesar Soos, co-inventor of the Keppean Scalar motor, a breakthrough new motor that they hope will soon power everything from cars to industrial equipment. The Keppe Motor allegedly requires a quarter as much electricity to generate power as a normal motor, without getting hot, by allegedly capturing scalar energy from the "vacuum" of space. It is said to utilize bi-directional, resonant degree
  • Smoke Detector Test of NewEarth ECO Clean Coal - 100% biomass pellets by NewEarth Renewable Energy, Inc. (patent pending), burn without emitting smoke, as demonstrated here with a smoke detector, set off by a smoldering match, but not by the burning pellet.

Other PES Video Links

  • Best Videos - This page is really more for entertainment purposes. Some companies have done a fabulous job of presenting their technologies in a visual format. Eye candy.masters degree- This page is designed to showcase those presentations.
  • Free Energy Video Project (Disbanded) - Objective was to produce a Hollywood-quality documentary movie that features free energy technology as a solution to the global warming crisis as well as to the energy supply crisis in general. The movie would cover the main energy alternatives, their plausibility, as well as some of the challenges that have been presented to hinder their experience degree- The project was discontinued when we discovered a similar project, further along, and adequately funded, being undertaken by Chris Patton.

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