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Grand niece of Nikola Tesla, Aerielle Louise, a proponent of new energy and new thinking, involved with several internet radio programs, passed away on Monday or Tuesday, July 30 or 31, 2007.

The circumstances of her death are tragic, and ironically present us with a personal manifestation of the effects of the warming of our planet.

This page will be updated as more information is known.

James Arthur Jancik, who hosts our weekly This Week in Free Energy radio show, and who was good friends with Aerielle, discovered the death, and prepared the press release about her life.



Cause of Death

From: "James Arthur Jancik" <james{at}>
Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 1:12 PM
Subject: Publicist, Aerielle Louise has Died.


I have dealt with Aerielle Louise for several years on my radio show in her freelance booking/promotion of guests and have become friends with her. We talked several times a week about many things. And I know she has dealt with you in the past on various levels.

After she did not answer her phone monday night nor Tuesday all day, I decided to call the Burnsville, MN police to have them look in on her. The weather has been very hot, and she lived in a metal mobile home without air conditioning and is a shut-in. The last few conversation the friday and saturday prior, she was complaining about the terrible heat.

They checked in on her Tuesday night, and informed me Wedensday morning when I called, she was found dead in her home. As of this email, the medical examiner has her body, but I assume it was the heat.

This is a sad to email to write, but, wanted you to be aware. I know very few of her many friends and clients, so, i would appreciate if you passed this along to any that you know.

James Arthur Jancik
The "Black Knight" of Talk Radio (TM)
Studio/Fax: 888-863-2722 (Radio Shows) (Radio Show Syndication/Production) (Radio Network) (iRadio Station) (commercials and voice-overs) (competitive index of phone cards)


(James Jancik will be composing a bio in a day or two. He's on the road right now.)

Aerielle is approximately 54 years old.

Ph.D. in Chemistry; taught in Minnesota for many years.

No living relatives known.

She was close friends with John Hutchison at one point.


Aerielle has no known relations. The Medical Examiner in Burnsville said they think they can find someone. But if they cannot, she and her items/assets will simply disappear. She really worked her MAC, and it is full of data from her years in radio/pr.


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