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OS: MYLOW's Magnetic Motor based on Howard Johnson's Design

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Open Source Project -- Official Home Page

Page first featured March 18, 2009


Fish line mechanical drive discovered in Mylow magnet motor - Some keen observers have pointed out a cheater device, which when noticed becomes blatantly obvious: a drive mechanism via fish line. Was Mylow forced to do that as a ploy to discredit the entire operation which actually had some legitimate stuff, or was it all a strange hoax? (PESN; May 19, 2009)

Jose E. Concepcion, aka Mylow magnet motor a hoax - Recent evidence suggests that "Mylow" of Chicago was fibbing from the beginning when he claimed to have successfully replicated Howard Johnson's all-magnet motor; and that he has never actually produced a single working unit. (PESN; May 28, 2009)


Updated 5/29/09

An inventor from Chicago who goes by the pseudonym, "Mylow", claims to have a knack for getting all-magnet motor designs to work that are based on the efforts of the late Howard Johnson. And he appeared intent on giving his design away to the planet in an open source manner. This present site was his chosen destination for coordinating that project.

"This motor [is] for the world to see.  ...I never saw anybody replicate this motor.  ...[I] hope that anybody can build this thing." -- Mylow (Mar. 17, 2009)
"This motor [is] for the world to see. ...I never saw anybody replicate this motor. ...[I] hope that anybody can build this thing." -- Mylow (Mar. 17, 2009)

On March 17, 2009, he posted his first video showing full rotation of the "Stonehenge model", that Johnson worked on in the early 1980s to demonstrate to the U.S. Patent Office. Mylow said he purposely kept his replication as close as possible to Johnson's design -- per the photos, not the patent.

He has also claimed to have replicated the linear track design into a rotary design, using bar magnets around the perimeter of the rotor disc. In all, he claimed to have come up with around eight different variations of magnets that worked.

In his videos, it appears that the devices begin to turn once the stator magnet(s) come near the rotor magnets on the perimeter of the rotor. The rotor spins up to an equilibrium speed. Allegedly, the eddy currents generated in the aluminum components were a be part of how the effect works. However, it has subsequently been shown that these were all faked.

In addition to the technology, Mylow claimed to have had some strange run-ins with some BlackOp elements.

The project at one point had a large following due to the ramifications. If this turned out to be an actually-working design, it could be the icebreaker, opening the way for more advanced designs that could provide the planet with great hope for clean, affordable, reliable, continuous, portable power. This certainly wasn't the only or first working design to be claimed. It's being shown to be a hoax will instead create an even higher barrier of skepticism for the first publicly-ready all-magnet motor.

Plans for these versions are available at

Version 1.1 
The rotor consists of channel magnets attached vertically (N up) to an aluminum disc with crazy glue. There is a gap between each magnet, and between magnet sets. The aluminum disc rides on a ball bearing. The single stator magnet (U-shaped) is glued to the bottom of an aluminum bar such that it points horizontally toward the rotor magnets.
Version 2.0 
The rotor consists of bar magnets attached horizontally (N up) to an aluminum disc with crazy glue. There is a gap between each magnet, and two sets of 18 magnets. Two stator magnets (U-shaped) are off-set, and point down at the rotor magnets.


Project Status 
As of May 29, 2009, no replications of Mylow's have been accomplished. (Two were claimed; one was discredited, the other was never verified.) The discovery of Mylow's dishonesty has pretty well quieted any enthusiasm that once existed.

- HOAX -


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Official Website

Graphic rendition by Dan Jonsson.
Graphic rendition by Dan Jonsson.
  • This PESWiki page is the official destination for the open source project.

Back-up / Mirrors


  • Stream Link - On the evening of March 23, 2009, Sterling D. Allan conducted a live, 1-hour interview with Mylow as part of the Free Energy Now radio series. Al "Witherspoon", a former associate of Howard Johnson's called in, expressing his approval of Mylow's model and open source approach. Living not far away, he said he saw HJ's motor running, and that HJ told him that he thought it would be someone [like Mylow] who would successfully replicate the motor. (Download 13 mb; mp3)

Latest Developments

Most recent developments. Go to OS:MYLOW:Latest for more.

Jan. 24, 2010

Jan. 3, 2010

Thursday, May 28, 2009


See OS:MYLOW:Latest

How it Works

Differences from Howard Johnson's Motor

  • No permeability plate on the back of the rotor magnets (because these magnets are weak; not as strong as the Samarium Cobalt magnets). [1]
  • These magnets are a lot smaller than the ones Howard Johnson used. [2]
  • Frame and rotor are aluminum based, which may affect the device in some fashion


Go to OS:MYLOW:Theory for a discussion of theoretical explanations for how/why this works.


Now located at OS:MYLOW:Videos


Mylow took down all his videos from his MYLOW121363 YouTube account on the evening of March 20, 2009 due to a perceived threat against his family. Sterling spoke with him the next morning to help him realize that it was just some forum members being obnoxious. Mylow reposted the videos that evening. However, the video numbers will be different. He came back on as projectmagma, then deleted that account on May 1. He then came on as magneticmotor1 on May 2, 2009.

There are now some back-up archives

Runs with Just Six Rotor Magnets Using Available Magnets

In the 12th video in his Instructional Video series commenced May 9, 2009, Mylow and his twin brother, Tony, who is an engineer, show the device running with just 6 magnets on the rotor. After pushing the rotor magnets past an initial cog, they show the rotor pulling past the stator magnets with enough force to spin around and push through again, then again, picking up speed with each turn, before reaching an equilibrium speed.

  • M2U00207 – video # 4 part 5. 6 bar magnet configuration (working smot device ) ???? next video will show all magnets on the rotor disk remember gaps are not the same on the rotor magnets. (YouTube by magneticmotor1; May 13, 2000)
  • Back-up by PES Network, Inc.

Glass Table Demo; May 2, 2009

  • IN this demo, Mylow shows his all-magnet motor sitting on a glass-top table, starting from zero then slowly accelerating through nearly the duration of the video. He also shows a top view as well as a view under the motor. He also shows his face. His wife is heard in the video as well, witnessing the motor and concurring that there are no hidden wires or other contraptions, but that the spinning motion is just from magnets repelling magnets.
  • Originally posted by Mylow at
  • Backup copy by PESNetwork at

Version 2.0 Spinning Counter-Clockwise

(9:58 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - turning the other way reversed the stator magnets to see if it turns the other way and it runs good the stator assembly is more sturdy no shaking and motor seams to run faster. (YouTube by projectmagma; April 30, 2009)
  • Back-up by PESNetwork
  • PESN Story

- - - -

Version 2.0 Spinning Clockwise

(9:58 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - video # 3 up to speed listen to the stator assembly rocking.thanks for letting me down will not be doing this anymore diffenitly will be my last video.i promise you. (YouTube by projectmagma; April 29, 2009)
  • Back-up by PESNetwork
  • PESN Story

- - - -

Spins When Horseshoe Magnet Gets Close Enough

(9:42 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - change the u shape magnet from small ones to the big one that i had at first remagnitized the old u shape magnet and it works real good. now it is time for measurements from this working model and will refine it better. (YouTube]; reposted by another user March 21, 2009) [Originally gqavYG6beSo by MYLOW12136; March 17, 2009]

- - - -

March 22 Repeat

(9:43 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - new stator support beam. (YouTube] by MYLOW12136, March 22, 2009)

- - - -

Final Video, description, glass table

(3:49 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - glass table demo magnets smaches together stators is weak . (YouTube] by MYLOW12136, March 22, 2009)

More videos at OS:MYLOW:Videos


Moved to OS:MYLOW:Plans#Photos

Image:MYLOW-magnet-motor side 400.jpg
An earlier version (before it was working) of Mylow's replication of the Howard Johnson magnet motor.


See: OS:MYLOW:FAQ (separate page)

addresses such questions as:

  • How long has Mylow's motor continuously run?
  • Why does the motor eventually stop?
  • How was the horseshoe stator magnet remagnetized?
  • What type aluminum is the rotor disk made of?
  • Are kits for the replication available yet?


  • Featured / Store: Magnet Motors > Mylow >
    Mylow Magnet Motor Plans -- Version 1.1 - Sterling presents a concise and clear set of instructions of how to build a working all-magnet motor as described by Mylow, who is the first person we know of who has replicated Howard Johnson’s Stonehenge model from three decades ago. (; April 4, 2009)

Howard Johnson Patents (expired)

See Directory:Magnetic_Motors:Howard_Johnson#Howard_Johnson_Patents


If you know of one or have one, please post it at OS:MYLOW:Replications


On March 21, 2009, skylinetomfox2118 wrote:
(slightly edited)

Mylows magnet motor is the real thing guys. If any mag motor is gonna work, this will. I tried it on a plastic disk with some bar magnets taped to it and put a horse shoe magnet inside. It started rotating on its own magnetic field. Free energy is out there. We just have to harness it. Thanks.

April 9, 2009- My name is Jamie and I have been working on all kinds of magnet motor designs including types that Mylow has been working on. Yes, the right configuration for a magnet motor will cause it to spin but it will not produce any extractable energy as long as the motor's movement is only 2-dimensional. You have to build a 3-dimensional magnet motor if you want to extract energy from it. 2-d provides just enough energy to run itself, but a 3-D motor will provide the over-unity you need for energy extraction. All 2-D magnet motors will only be toys. Thanks. Sedona, AZ

Possible Variations to Try

See OS:MYLOW:Variants - separate page

  • OS:MYLOW:Drawings:Dan Jonsson - In addition to providing some good-looking graphics of Mylow's design, Dan Jonsson proposes and electromagnetic variant. "The whole idea is that you could implement the Bedini principle in order to convert the magnetic flux to electricity and boost the opposite magnetic field to speed up the rotation, spin up the electrons and thus minimizing the demagnetization." (PESWiki; April 23, 2009)


See OS:MYLOW:Strategy - for rolling out the Mylow Magnet Motor open source project.



Mylow is a pseudonym for the person in Chicago who appears to have successfully replicated Howard Johnson's magnet motor. He prefers to remain anonymous. Sterling D. Allan has contact with him.

Mylow has been tackling the attempt to duplicate the Howard Johnson design since it was first featured in Science & Mechanics nearly 30 years ago.


  • A review of Mylow's drawings from when he was in highschool back in the 1980s. Shows some nice-looking drawings he made, including of how the Johnson motor could be integrated into an engine block of a vehicle. (YouTube) [originally MzGAMUZCZZo; March 19, 2009)

Project Director: Sterling Allan

For bio, see

Sterling is serving in this capacity temporarily. Eventually we plan to hire someone to serve as project director for this open source project.

Possible Job Opening

If you are interested in serving as Project Manager for the Mylow Magnet Motor Open Source Project, let Sterling know, providing relevant bio/resume info. Note your ability with PESWiki, editing, human interactions, writing, image management, web editing, etc.. Bear in mind that at the beginning, before things grow, wages will be very modest. Until this project matures enough to warrant a hire, those who have demonstrated their interest and ability with the project through their voluntary participation will have an advantage when it comes time to hire someone.


In the News

See: OS:MYLOW:In the News - more complete listing. The following is just a sampling.

  • Featured: Free Energy > Spirituality >
    Free Energy Psychosis - A directory of resources, information, and an examination of the sometimes strange psychological 'landscape of the mind' which some have, who seek exotic 'free energy'. Also, cautions about jumping to quickly to such a conclusion about someone, since legitimate geniuses through history have possessed similar appearance. Every healthy nut has a tree latent inside. (PESWiki; May 9, 2013)
  • Featured: Magnet Motors > Mylow > In the News >
    Mylow Magnet Motor Saga - A simple inventor in Chicago is stirring the imagination of many magnet motor enthusiasts around the world with the myriad of videos he's posted, open sourcing the design to bypass suppression and facilitate rapid development. (Examiner; April 22, 2009)

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