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OS:Russian replications of Kapanadze solid state circuit

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Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
March 6, 2014

Deggory brought my attention to a group of Russian replicators who have been posting videos of their seemingly successful replications of Tariel Kapanadze's solid state free energy generator technology. One of the ring leaders is "Akula0083" [Shark] .

Deggory also sent me a clean copy of Akula0083's circuit, which is below.


Official Websites

See Directory:Kapanadze Free Energy Generator


Ruslan Kulabuhov: Generator CE

  • [Google translation of description] Just say, it is only the initial stage. He's not ready! Schemes do not give, do not shake my reel. Experiment itself and wish everyone to find a solution for this phenomenon. Before you start search [?] in comments, do something for yourself. 2 months without the carotid nights and searching, and the main study and the desire to make something of this kind led to the results. Ps Thank you separate the person who facilitated the work of this unit. His name has not been disclosed. (YouTube / Ruslan Kulabuhov; March 4, 2014)

Evgeny from Russia gave the following explanation of the contents of this video:

The input needs to be only for the start (battery or accumulator). Then he takes off the wires and the system runs by itself, but probably not for too long - the diodes and maybe something else gets too hot. The output is something less than 300W - I judge by the light bulbs, each is 100W, they are not at full brightness, so one could estimate it is 100 -200W output - that's my guess. He says specifically about the Voltage - 170 V.
He says that it took him a couple of months to make it work, until now with a few glitches, needs some more time to make it better. Put it into box etc.
He says, that his system includes:
1) some impulse powerblock- 24V/10A
2) some kind of catcher block {I think this is the word in English, but not sure} high voltage 15KW
3) some block of automatics and control
4) generator of square impulse
5) transformer high voltage with ferrite core
6] Then it all goes to a diode bridge and condensators to make it smoother and then to some Tesla-like coils/catcher
He shows that to start the system - he connects the accumulator and then disconnects - [and] the system keeps running.
He says that it took a month or so to tune the system - make the right coils etc.
The key, he says, is resonance,
He says that light bulbs are 100W, they are not fully lit, and the voltage is just 172V, not 220V as he would wish. He is working on it.
Some known problem for now - he needs to change diodes - current ones are becoming too hot and the system cannot work long, needs the higher voltage diodes or lower the frequency.
At the end, he suggests that others try and make something similar.

The above video could be a variant of this build: which gives credit to

Ruslan Kulabuhov also "likes" which appears to be another variant.

XNAME41: Eternally burning torch without batteries

  • (YouTube / XNAME41; February 27, 2014)

Note: The Kapanadze tubes seem to be buried in what appears to be a pile of left-over scrap material. It isn't clear if they are actively hooked into the circuit.



Click here for full-size.

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  • (The hyperlink is missing because this points to the present page)
    Featured / OS: Electromagnetic > Kapanadze >
    Russian replications of Kapanadze solid state circuit - A group of Russian replicators have been posting videos of their seemingly successful replications of Tariel Kapanadze's solid state free energy generator technology. (PESWiki; March 6, 2014)


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