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Open Source Project Discussion Lists

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Project Lists

Index of various open source energy project discussion lists.

If you know of an alt. energy technology project discussion list not listed here, please feel free to add it. Just click on the "edit" button next to the pertinent section.


  • minatowheel - The mission for this group is to design and build a highly effective permanent magnet motor, like the Self-running Wheel of mr. Minato, that was shown at The First International New Science Symposium in Korea, 1997. (Project site (Project director: Eric Vogels) (image)


  • PES_HealthVortex] - Bio-Energetics. Pertaining to human health from a perspective of interactions with externally applied electro-magnetic stimuli, either as a matter of intentional modalities or environmentally-imposed factors. (Project site PESWiki) (Project director: Mary-Sue Haliburton)


  • PES_carb - Carburetor open sourcing project. Seeking the most efficient carburetor enhancement systems. (Project site PESWiki) (Project director: Andy Pears)
  • Adamsmotor - experimenting with the Adams Motor designs. "We did it, and now are concentrating on bringing to market, so list is inactive. If the MIB try to take us out, we'll let the plans out for everyone." (paraphrase) (Project director: Tim Harwood)


  • pes_stirling - Stirling engine open source discussion list. LOOKING FOR AN AMBITIOUS PROJECT DIRECTOR TO BREATH LIFE INTO THE PROJECT. ([ Project site])


  • mw_device - Marcus Wagner device, variant of Bedini SG. (project site PESWiki) (Project director: Jim Siwek)


  • pes_gmeg - Permanent Magnet / Pulsed DC Electromagnet Motor - Generator. (Project site PES) (Project director: Gary Magratten)


  • klimator - This machine is the least complicated of Schaubergers machines. The idea is to get this machine working proving that Schauberger's method of implosion works. (project site PESWiki) (Project director: Setori)
  • PES_BMM - Bowman Magnet Motor project discussion. Mulitiple replications; none successful.(Project site) (Project director: Doug Mann)


  • pes_telesis - Telesis Magnet motor with superconducting shield. No working prototype. (Project page PESWiki) (Project director: Richard Timko)

Projects Discredited

  • pes_mxlo - MXLO trianular Magnet Motor; multiple replications, none successful, significant contradictions in instructions supplied. (Project site PES)


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