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Page first featured April 4nd, 2009

Moe-Joe Cell
Image: Moe_Joe_Cell_Side_View_Slice_95x95.jpg

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Michael Riversong Holding the Moe-Joe Cell at the TeslaTech Conference Albuquerque, NM July 2008
Michael Riversong Holding the Moe-Joe Cell at the TeslaTech Conference Albuquerque, NM July 2008

An Open Source Project

The Moe-Joe cell is a Joe Cell with a spherical form. This is an index of research and development of the Moe-Joe cell and all of its surrounding applications (car handling and fuel mileage improvement, healing an consciousness) and technology.

The original Joe cell is made of concentric cylinders of stainless steel, one within the other, and employs a special method for applying electricity, which charges water, that is then connected to the intake of a car, enabling the cell to reduce the need for fuel, and some say, even remove the need for fossil fuels altogether, enabling the experimenter to drive solely on water.

A great amount of hearsay surrounds the Joe Cell technology. It is said that Joe Booker, the inventor of the Joe cell, was able to run a car strictly on water, that the water is not consumed, runs cold to the touch, and even with a *blind-plug connection, the cell was said to run the car without fuel.

*Blind plug - That is the connection between the Joe cell and the
engine was not open to allow for air flow or vacuum air flow

The inventor of the Moe-Joe cell has not seen first hand any engines operating on strictly a cell of the Joe cell technology, including the Moe-Joe cell, but believes it is possible, and there have been reports by other experimenters successfully "converting" a car to run strictly on the cell. Bill William's is one of those people who has had success and it is the ultimate goal of this project to reproduce the legendary results of Joe and others to enable a very low-cost, small and efficient energy system to provide an alternative to fossil fuels.

The Moe-Joe cell has already shown fuel-mileage improvements, as well as boost in engine performance and vehicle handling.

There is also a powerful energy field that is emitted by the Moe-Joe cell that is tangible and can be felt by most people, even from a distance, and even by those that have never felt "energy" before. Some call it orgone energy, a term coined by the late and great free and alternative energy research Wilhelm Reich. Some believe the cells create neutrinos, by balancing forces of the negative and positive electricity within a diamagnetic medium. Others believe the energy created by the Joe cell and Moe-Joe cell may be Scalar waves or Torsion fields. A proposed theory and philosophy of the Moe-Joe cell is discussed in this directory.

It may also be of interest to those pursuing advancements in their own consciousness and healing to hear about the special effects the Moe-Joe cell has on the human mind & body. See the testimonials page for more of such feedback and the theory page for possible explanations for how the Moe-Joe cell could have such an effect on the human energy field and consciousness.


Official Website

This PESWiki page set is supplemental to the official page at:

Other Aligned Websites

  • - Nutopia / EveryNationLand – Site of Forums for Support and Sharing of Moe-Joe Cell Experimentation

Origins of the Moe-Joe Cell

When Moshe Daniel, the inventor & designer of the Moe-Joe cell, first heard about the Joe Cell technology, he immediately envisioned a spherical design. After understanding the basic principles of the Joe Cell, Moshe knew instinctively the spherical design would be more powerful and efficient than the Joe Cell at achieving results, for instance, in attaining “Stage 3” water consistently, a term coined by Alex Schiffer, one of the world’s leading Joe Cell experts. Alex Schiffer, also author of “*Experimenters Guide to the Joe Cell ([1] stated "The spherical cells are far superior to the concentric cylindrical type cells." Many others have shared this notion and given their feedback that the Moe-Joe cell is indeed, an improvement over the Joe cell. Feedback and Testimonials

The Moe-Joe Cell Slice View
The Moe-Joe Cell Slice View
History of the Moe-Joe Cell
Moshe first began creating the Moe-Joe cell on July 2004 when he ordered his first set of stainless steel hemispheres (that were magnetic at the time). For years, Moshe worked on improving the design, which went through several stages, each providing a simpler and solider method of assembling the cell. History and Archives The big improvement in results for attaining Stage 3 water Moe-Joe Cell Pictures and the creation of powerful, physically perceptible Scalar Fields came when the Moe Joes began to be made of completely non-magnetic 316 stainless steel. Another jump in the design happened when the holes were punched during their manufacturing, lending to a perfectly aligned cell.
Launch of Moe-Joe Working
Moshe was an active member of the Joe Cell Free Energy Discussion Group on Yahoo and was posting his results through pictures and Youtube videos on his unofficial website, and he began to get many emails every week from enthusiastic Joe Cell experimenters, requesting if and where they could buy these stainless steel hemispheres. It was then, in November of 2007, that Moshe decided to found |Moe Joe Working to provide these experimenters with the cells, at lowered cost, since the cells were manufactured in quantity. To this day, Moe-Joe Working still offers very reasonable prices for Moe-Joe and Joe Cell enthusiasts, including full kits with all spacers necessary, bismuth cores, connectors and transfer tubes, as well as instructions for those purchasing the kits.
Exploded view instructions
Exploded view instructions
The Bismuth Core
An optional special feature of the Moe-Joe Cell is another of Moshe Daniel’s inventions – The Bismuth core. By understanding the theory of how the Moe-Joe cell operates, having a bismuth core really amplifies its overall efficiency and power. Here is the Video on youtube demonstrating how the Bismuth cores are created. [2]
Bismuth Core – non-coated
Bismuth Core – non-coated
Origins of the Name Moe-Joe Cell
Moshe named the spherical cell the Moe-Joe Cell in honour of the basis of the technology coming from Joe and also after his first name - Moshe aka ‘Moe.’
About the Inventor
Moshe Daniel Block is a naturopathic doctor specializing in homeopathy, an author, a singer/songwriter, inventor of the Sphinx Sphere (an alchemically enhanced Moe-Joe cell , founder of Nutopia / EveryNationLand and an avid student of the mystery schools - alchemy, kabbalah, and astrology. For his global website, where you can visit some of his other work, see David House Productions.


Open Source Caveat 
In open sourcing this design, we only request that if you go commercial with it (selling plans, kits, or finished units in volumes of 5 or more), that you include a 5% royalty to be split between Moshe Daniel (who is also coordinating this project here), and PES Network, Inc.. There is no patent, and there is no copyright on the contents of these PESWiki pages, so this request is one that is not enforceable. But out of an appeal to ethics, we expect that you honor the request. The royalty percentage is purposely low so that you will not be placed under an unreasonable burden when honouring this request. Contact PES Network, Inc. to work out reasonable licensing arrangements. See OS:Moe-Joe_Cell:Legal.

Theory of Operation

The Moe-Joe cell operates under the same principles of the technology of the Joe Cell with only a few exceptions, which are outlined here in the theory and philosophy page as well as under the various articles, pages, and videos under this directory.

Results of Experiments with the Moe-Joe Cells

There has been a mixture of positive results, whereby Moe-Joe cell users have gotten unmistakable fuel mileage improvements, as well as improvements in performance and vehicle handling, both with regular fuel and diesel engine vehicles. See the testimonials and fuel mileage results pages. Some experimenters got no results. A limitations on the Moe-Joe cells technology has a lot to do with the heavy control the ECU (car’s computer) has on the regulation of the fuel-air ratio. More research and experimentation needs to be done, and this remains one of the biggest weaknesses of this technology. An ideal car is carburated, with water cooling system and an aluminum head and block on the engine. The less electronics in the vehicles system, the better.

Exploded view Animated
Exploded view Animated

Pictures of the Moe-Joe Cell

Located at OS:Moe-Joe_Cell:Pictures

Videos of the Moe-Joe Cell

Located at OS:Moe-Joe_Cell:Videos

Community - Forums for Ongoing Discussion and Support

The official forums for the ongoing discussions of the Moe-Joe Cell are held at also known as EveryNationLand


  • The Moe-Joe cell project is grateful for the excellent work by Nada | (His YouTube channel) creating and rendering the videos for the Car Installation Exploded View of the Moe-Joe cell.
  • Special thanks go out to David Jacques and David Sesartik of Montreal, Chris Felton from Florida, Topher Gardner from Costa Rica, and Pepi from Croatia for their help in developing the Moe-Joe cell and their continual support of the project.
  • The Moe-Joe cell project is grateful to Joe Booker, Peter Stevens, Alex Schiffer, Bernie Heere, Adrian M. and all of the great minds on the Joe cell group that have shared so much knowledge and expertise in this field.
  • Other special thanks go out to Sterling Allen for initiating this PESwiki project and for Steve and Terry at | and others like them for tirelessly working, and sometimes paying out of their own pockets, to bring forward vital information for the sake of mankind. You are all treasures and deserve a big salutation for your altruistic efforts.
    • A big shout-out of recognition and gratitude goes out to Nichola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, John Keely, Viktor Schauberger, and the other genius minds that have given their lives to lay the foundations that we now can stand upon.


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