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On March 30, 2008, Mike x (username: evyllinc) posted a video to YouTube showing a CD with magnets attached on its surface, spinning with just one rotating stator magnet to keep it going. This is an all-magnet motor, with no electrical input. He's presently working on repeating the effect, with some improvements for greater stability.



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Official Website

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  • Free energy 1 magnet disk - As you can see, there are a few flaws in the placement of the magnets. There are also magnets on the other side of the disc. This is my first prototype, wich is why it was not done very well. It spins (and shakes/bounces) constantly. I stopped it today (Sunday march 30th 2:14pm) and it was started on friday march 28th at aprox. 11:00pm. I am going to begin work on a better model. The construction of the device and the placement of the magnets will be exact. (note) NO EXTERNAL ENERGY WAS USED TO POWER THE DEVICE. ONLY THE POWER OF THE MAGNETS WAS USED. ON THE NEXT MODEL I WILL BE RUNNING POWER FROM THE DEVICE. (YouTube; March 30, 2008)

Video Critique

Too short; needs to show more angles; needs to show starting & stopping; needs rpm measurement. But to his credit, at least he's working on something, and is willing to share his progress, rudimentary as it is.

Correspondence Regarding Video

On March 31, 2008, Mike wrote:

[...] That was the only video I took of it and most of it was played by ear. I am trying to recreate it. After I stopped it, I ended up dismounting some of the magnets trying to start it again. I don't know if it has something to do with that or not. I am working on another model now. I'll keep ya updated. [...]

I will draft up the basic design and e-mail it. I say basic because I was constantly adjusting parts around to make it work and to move past gates.

- - - -

On April 1, 2008, Mike wrote:

It ran continuosly, although it did kind of a speed up then slow down effect. It would be at top speed for only a few seconds and then for about twice as long it would slow down. After that it would gain the momentum back up to top speed. I had nothing to measure speed with it was more just eyeballing it. It was perpetual (basically) As that it was constantly moving. Just the amount of motion was changing.

You working on anything as well? I'd love to share ideas. Maybe if all of us got together in one place we could figure this damn thing out. Lol.

Drawing up the original design, I'll e-mail it as soon as i'm done.






we'll see when it's more stable

Independent Testing

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probably will open source


Company: not yet

Inventor: Mike x


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Mike x

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