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Magnet Motors

Category > Mylow

Videos by Mylow relating to the Mylow Magnet Motor open source project.

Please list the most significant first, and the more historic ones lower, preceded by instructional segments.

This page is a supplement to Mylow's YouTube user page: which listed his videos as they were posted by him chronologically. He deleted that account (back-ups below) on around Apr. 5. Then, on April 9, he started a new user account at



High-Res. Video Download

  • pre MIB high-res videos - One of the files is the "my lab" video from March 17, and the other is the March 22 video just prior to the glass table video. (Mylow_Magmo; May 26, 2009 9:47 pm Mountain)


On the evening of March 20, 2009, Mylow took down all his videos from YouTube due to a perceived threat against his family. Sterling spoke with him the next morning to help him realize that it was just some forum members being obnoxious, or even urging him to be cautions, not as a threat, but as a favor. Mylow began reposting the videos that evening, and had re-posted them all by the end of the next day. However, the video numbers will be different, and the first posting video links will be dead.

Then again, on the evening April 4, 2009, he took down all but one of his videos. [1] On April 9, he came back as projectmagma, but then deleted the material in protest on May 2, 2009. [2] On May 2, 2009 he came back as, posting his motor running on a glass table. He then deleted that account on May 17, in protest over TinselKoala's allegations of having proven his fraud. A screenshot of his parting statement can be seen here. On May 21, he came back as magmapowered for a day or two, posting a video admitting to and apologizing for the fish string fakery.

  • MYLOW121363 User Videos Archive - Mylow deleted all but the Howard Johnson photos video from his account later in the day on April 4, 2005. Then he deleted his user account entirely later in the day on April 5, 2009. This page is an archive of one of two pages from YouTube of his videos as they existed before he deleted his account. (PESN; Apr. 6, 2009)

Back-up Locations

Fish-line Fakery Admitted

On May 21, Mylow admitted that he had faked many of his videos. He said he was under durress. He also showed his progress on the "cupcake" video. See story. YouTube : bad video ID !

  • M2U00207 – video # 4 part 5. 6 bar magnet configuration (working smot device ) ???? next video will show all magnets on the rotor disk remember gaps are not the same on the rotor magnets. (YouTube by magneticmotor1; May 13, 2000)
  • Back-up by PES Network, Inc.

Version 2.0

Glass Table Demo; May 3, 2009

Glass Table Demo; May 2, 2009

  • In this demo, Mylow shows his all-magnet motor sitting on a glass-top table, starting from zero then slowly accelerating through nearly the duration of the video. He also shows a top view as well as a view under the motor. He also shows his face. His wife is heard in the video as well, witnessing the motor and concurring that there are no hidden wires or other contraptions, but that the spinning motion is just from magnets repelling magnets.
  • Originally posted by Mylow at
  • Backup copy by PESNetwork at

Spinning Counter-Clockwise

(9:58 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - turning the other way reversed the stator magnets to see if it tunrs the other way and it runs good the stator assimbly is more sterty no shakeing and motor seams to run faster. (YouTube by projectmagma; April 30, 2009)
  • Back-up by PESNetwork

- - - -

Spinning Clockwise

(9:58 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - video # 3 up to speed listen to the stator assembly rocking.thanks for letting me down will not be doing this anymore diffenitly will be my last video.i promess you. (YouTube by projectmagma; April 29, 2009)
  • Back-up by PESNetwork

- - - -

Assembly Instructions / Sequence

- - - -

(8:32 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - evullotion of a self starting all magnet motor part 1 .my next video will show the spaceing of rotor magnets.thank you all for pushing me to make this posible. (YouTube by projectmagma; April 28, 2009)

- - - -

(0:27 minutes)

  • M2U00152howard johnso magnetic motor - is it video # 2 (YouTube by projectmagma; April 29, 2009)
  • did he upload the wrong take?

- - - -

(6:43 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - bearing with a small motor in it i wish. (YouTube by projectmagma; April 30, 2009)
  • Backup by PESNetwork
  • He methodically pulled the assembly apart and described each part, showing that there is not room for a hidden motor inside the fairly large bearing assembly -- that it is mostly solid aluminum.

- - - -

Version 1.0

Full, Continuous Rotation Achieved

Spins When Horseshoe Magnet Gets Close Enough

(9:42 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - change the u shape magnet from small ones to the big one that i had at first remagnitzied the old u shape magnet and it works real good. now it is time for measurements from this working model and will refine it better. (YouTube]; reposted by another user March 21, 2009) [Originally gqavYG6beSo by MYLOW12136; March 17, 2009]

- - - -

March 22 Repeat

(9:43 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - new stator suport beam. (YouTube] by MYLOW12136, March 22, 2009)

- - - -

April 3 Repeat

(7:47 minutes)

  • Posted by Sterling on April 5, after Mylow removed it on April 4. (YouTube)
  • Posted by Sterling on April 4, 2009 11:45 pm, after Mylow removed the following video. (YouTube; Apr. 4, 2009)
  • howard johnson magnetic motor - new stator magnet set up LAST VIDEO I WILL POST. (YouTube] by MYLOW12136, April 04, 2009)
  • Previous Description (previous video removed because of a glitch in the recording)
    howard johnsom magnetic motor - "NOT A SELF STARTER .new stator setup sorry no glass table will not continue this project i am not responsible what others do to make some thing like this i am not asking for any credet or any other thing.if you can make this work better then i i wish you luck this want easy for me and my wife to my brother you are they must sciptcal person in the world and i repsect your comments and advice if it wasnt for you i would of gave up.thank you everyone for opening up my eyes to the real world.have fun all and be responsible. " (YouTube] by MYLOW12136, April 03, 2009)

- - - -

Glass table (brief due to rotor magnets crashing into stator magnet)

(3:49 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - glass table demo magnets smaches together stators is weak . (YouTube] by MYLOW12136, March 22, 2009)
  • The video was turned off as you hear the rotor magnets begin hitting the stator magnet because the aluminum base of the stator holding rack was slipping too easily against the glass surface, even though he had tape to try to hold it in place. This resulted in rotor magnets being dislodged from the aluminum rotor disc.
  • Mylow plans to post another video of the device on a glass table, panned back so you can see the entire aparatus as he starts it up, and then holding the camera still for like three minutes, then moving the camera to another angle, and holding it still, etc.

- - - -

The Lab

(1:04 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - checking in on my device and lab . (YouTube) [Originally at d-ZtSiEHmUU by MYLOW12136; March 17, 2009]
  • Says the device ran through the night, maintaining the same speed (does not document with a tachometer).

- - - -

Set of Seven Magnets with Permeability Plate

In process of shooting some videos about his replication process, Mylow has taken some time to demonstrate one set of seven rotor magnets going by the stator magnet. He's added what he calls a "permeability plate" that Howard Johnson appeared to have used in his Stonehenge motor.

Disc Leveled

(9:19 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - Table not level; disk is now level with spacer. Watch the rotors and how they react. (YouTube by MYLOW12136; March 29, 2009]

On an Incline

(9:29 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - disk level or tilted ? (YouTube by MYLOW12136; March 29, 2009]

No Hands

(4:15 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - look mom no hands! Disk reacts like a linear motor; no magnetic sticky point plates added; and becomes strounger. (YouTube by MYLOW12136; March 29, 2009]


Magnet Sets Overview

(9:54 minutes)

  • magnetic motor - combination magnets for a working motor diffrent magnet will require a diffrent setup. (YouTube; April 15, 2009)
  • Mylow Describes the Magnets Used in His Varios Magnet Motors - This is a back-up copy with notations of a video Mylow posted on April 15, 2009. It's the last video he posted since getting spooked again by another visit of some government bully types. (YouTube; April 21, 2009)
  • This video provides an important overview of the different magnet combinations that Mylow has used in his various working systems, which have included at least four iterations, the latest being very different from the first three. He has not posted a video of the latest working motor, but describes it here in this video near the end. The most recent video he posted of his preliminary work for this new configuration can be seen at Since that video, he put the bar magnets all the way around the rotor and used a different stator magnet.

Notes about Howard Johnson's Stonehenge Motor

Mylow says that his "ahah" moment was when he noticed that the photos of Howard Johnson's motor were not the same as the patent drawings. He chose to go with the picture. In this video he points out elements in the picture that he thinks are key, including the channel-shaped stator magnet and the large gaps between rotor magnet sets, as well as the small gaps between magnets in each set.

(6:09 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - pictures of the magazine. (YouTube by MYLOW12136; March 23, 2009)

- - - -

Device Description

(6:34 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - stone henge model that howard worked on in the early 80.s final stages of his working motor . (YouTube) [Originally at y6n-GpMybBk by MYLOW121363; March 14, 2009)
  • Describes the device (doesn't give dimensions).
  • Says the device ran, but slowed down as the stator magnet lost its magnetism.

- - - -

Parts Description

(7:23 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - checking in on my lab and motor (YouTube) [Originally JevKJ18pZQQ by MYLOW12136; March 17, 2009]
  • Describes the stator holder on two upright stands, the high-precision bearing assembly, rotor, magnets
  • Another YouTube Description - progress report, talks about magnets, including U-shaped stator magnet that stopped working. (March 13, 2009) [Originally at cHc1DMjniDI]

- - - -

(7:29 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - parts on the table.. (YouTube by MYLOW121363; March 23, 2009)
  • Shows & describes all the components of his motor.

- - - -



(5:22 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - here are the magnets as they are replicate and have fun everone. (YouTube) [Originally xeijLKkuj_c by MYLOW12136; March 19, 2009]
  • shows rotor and stator magnets next to an standard and and metric ruler.

- - - -

Rotor Disc

(6:51 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - disc. (YouTube; by MYLOW12136; March 23, 2009]
  • shows rotor disc dimensions

- - - -

Stator Holder Rack

(3:31 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - parts discription (YouTube; by MYLOW12136; March 23, 2009]
  • shows square tube aluminum rack dimensions
  • bought from Home Depot

- - - -

Rotor Bearing Aparatus

(2:55 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - parts (YouTube; by MYLOW12136; March 23, 2009]

- - - -

Stator Magnet Adjustment Aparatus

(1:29 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - New stator speed control. Very cool. Let's see if it will work. (YouTube; March 31, 2009)
  • Shows new stator manget adjustment mechanism. Magnets glued to rotor in different arrangement. (I predict it won't work. -- Sterling)

Magnet Polarities

MARCH 22 NOTE: The diagram Mylow posted on March 18 turns out to be incorrect when it comes to the channel alnico magnets. The compass video he just uploaded shows that they are similar to the stator crescent magnets. He said the orientation of the rotor magnets around the perimeter of the rotor wheel is "North up". Before he realized the true polarity via the compass, he used a bar magnet to make sure all the magnets were of the same polarity when he installed them. After he had them on, he went around the wheel with the bar magnet in repulse mode to double check that they were all on in the same polarity.

(6:26 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - compass readings very interesting (YouTube by MYLOW121363; March 22, 2009)

- - - -

(10:15 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - better compass overview (YouTube by MYLOW121363; March 23, 2009)
  • Runs compass around rotor magnet to show polarity.

Image:Horseshoe-magnet-compass-readings 300.jpg
Thanks xee2 over at

- - - -

(2:56 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - nearly dead stator magnets still have some wired movements (YouTube by MYLOW121363; March 28, 2009)

(archive) Magnet Polarities [incorrect]

Image:Mylow-magnet-polarity-sketch 450.jpg

(2:13 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - magnets and their field lines (YouTube / by MYLOW12136; March 18, 2009)

- - - -

Version 1.0 Assembly Instructions / Sequence

Aluminum Disc with No Magnets

(1:41 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - Video shows the aluminum disk spinning and its flatness, with no magnets attached. (YouTube; by MYLOW12136; March 28, 2009)

- - - -

First Set of 3 Rotor Magnets

(5:49 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - rebuild of the magnet motor; placement of the first three magnets. Dowell used for spacing. Not exact is "okay". (YouTube by MYLOW12136; March 28, 2009)

- - - -

One Set of 7 Motor Magnets with Permeability Plate

(2:53 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - permeability plate added to one set of seven equally-spaced rotor magnets, "just like Howard Johnson has in his motor". (YouTube by MYLOW12136; March 28, 2009)
  • NOTE: The permeability plate is being added here for the first time. It did not appear in previous videos and builds posted by Mylow.

- - - -

Historic Development

One set of 7 rotor magnets

(6:46 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - this is an old video showing the evolution of my howard johnson motor. (YouTube) [Originally PTtNV7YBQfc by MYLOW12136; posted March 18, 2009)
  • (Ditto) - essentially the same footage posted March 10, 2009.

- - - -

First Video

(3:46 minutes)

  • Howard Johnson's Magnetic Motor Repleca - My 1st attempt at the magnetic motor (YouTube / by MYLOW12136; January 21, 2009)
  • gives info on the parts and assembly, including magnet polarity orientation (N/S not known, but gives direction)
  • Here he's using bar magnets in the rotor, rather than the U-shaped magnets later used.

Magnetic Spinning Device


  • magnetic spinning device - simple magnet spinning device. YouTube by Mylow on April 9, 2009)

- - - -


  • magnetic spinning device - rased the stator up per a youtube viewer advice and i discoverd something new. YouTube by Mylow on April 10, 2009)

- - - -


  • magnetic spinning device - very close to a howard johnson magntic motor not yet but getting there. YouTube by Mylow on April 13, 2009)

- - - -


  • magnetic spinning device - working on a self stater # 2 YouTube by Mylow on April 13, 2009)


Mylow's Previous Drawings


  • A review of Mylow's drawings from when he was in highschool back in the 1980s. Shows some nice-looking drawings he made, including of how the Johnson motor could be integrated into an engine block of a vehicle. (YouTube) [originally MzGAMUZCZZo; March 19, 2009)

Bird and Cat


  • cat and bird - my cat trying to get along with my bird. (YouTube by Mylow on April 10, 2009)
  • A nice metaphor. Bird = Mylow; Cat = MIB. "Cat gave up; Bird wins; tadaaa." A new day coming? (Sterling)

Data / Analysis of Video Footage

  • Magnet Motors > Mylow > Data / Videos >
    RPM Data of Mylow's All-Magnet Motor - LightRider has programmed some software that works with an external sensor to automatically perform an acceleration analysis of any of Mylow's videos. Analysis of his glass table video from May 2 shows rapid acceleration at first, then reaching an equilibrium speed at around 5 minutes, which is maintained to the end of the ~10-minute video. (PESWiki; May 12, 2009)
  • Magnet Motors > Mylow > Videos >
    The Force IV - castles in the sky - The fourth and "definitely last" part of The Force trilogy by toukoqouko, the documentary series investigating the Mylow's Magnetic Motor phenomenon. This one includes footage of some early (2007, 2008) Mylow devices. (YouTube; May 22, 2009)

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