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Magnet Motors

Category > Mylow

Variations proposed for the Mylow Magnet Motor, as part of the open source project.


Variants to Try

  • If you the rotor was changed out from aluminum to plastic or brass, then the braking effect of the eddy currents between the stator magnet and the aluminum rotor might go away. (But then again, the aluminum eddy currents could be part of what is making this work.)
  • An aluminum piece could be introduced and removed as a way to brake or control the rotation.
  • Multiple stator magnets positioned around the stator that can be slid into position and back to govern the torque of the motor.
  • Attach shaft of rotor to a belt or direct-drive to a generator.
  • Stronger magnets, e.g. neodymium or sumerium cobalt
  • motor variables - Hi Mylow, One thing that would be very interesting would be to show what happens when you adjust different things on the motor. For example, how far can you...

Variations by Mylow

Stator Magnet Adjustment Aparatus

(1:29 minutes)

  • howard johnson magnetic motor - New stator speed control. Very cool. Let's see if it will work. (YouTube; March 31, 2009)

Variation Proposals by Others

Nearly every replication typically has at least one departure from the device proposed by Mylow. Here are some proposals for how to do it easier, cheaper, better, etc.

Magnet Alterations

Banana-shaped Neos

  • OS:MYLOW:Howard Johnson Magnets - Rickoff talks about Mylow Rotor Magnet Spacing and Howard Johnson Stator Magnets. Shows source for banana-shape neo magnets (can be shaped however through NeoForm bonding).

Rotor channel magnets via Neo+Steel

Image:Alnico-v-Neo 500.jpg
alnico 5 vs neo40 + 1006 steel

Steel Sources

McMaster-Carr is one of the few, easy sources for 1006 steel. It is reasonable priced and comes in many dimensions. If you go with 1018 steel etc., there are many more sources.

other 1018 steel online suppliers in order of preference but McMaster is good too:)

Remagnetizing Iron Magnets

(Note: It turns out the Mylow's stator magnet is alnico, not iron.)



On March 20, 2009, regarding the tendency for the stator magnet to demagnetize, Paul Lowrance wrote:

He only needs two NdFeB magnets to remagnetize alnico and hard iron magnets. Place the south end of the NdFeB on one pole of the iron PM, and the north end of the other NdFeB on the other pole of the iron PM. For best results, leave it like that for at least a few minutes.

This idea about about expensive equipment to remagnetize alnico & iron PM's doesn't make sense to me because they have extremely low coercivity, which is the reason why they're demagnetizing so easily. In the video it's very clear the PM's internal alignments are flexing & changing during each revolution. What do you expect from such PM's.

I've remagnetized all kinds of PM's countless times just by using NdFeB. No big deal.

Iron horseshoe & neos w/ bicycle wheel

On March 24, 2009 5:16 PM Mountain, Mart Hale wrote:

Why could one not take iron and put neos on the end of a u piece of iron to make a horseshoe magnet?

So… one could take a bicycle wheel and clamp the iron horseshoe magnets to it and then see if the same effect would happen as shown on the video…

Creating C-Shaped Neos

On April 9, 2009, wim van den elshout wrote:

So far I have never seen NIB C-shaped magnets; the set up below would be a "close hybrid".

From a previous life I ordered a couple of hunderds small NIB magnets, disc shape 1/16 thick 1/4 in diameter. What if we attach to each pole of the rotor magnets such a small NIB magnet. It will only add a little additional magnetic froce and the magnetic field will hardly be influenced, however it might be that in this set up the demagnifying effect is continuosly "recharged" by the NIB magnets at each revolution not being in the vincinty of the stator magnet.

What's your feeling about the concept? If you like it and think it might be feasible, feel free to publish it on Peswiki (although I think it might be patentable (I have about 45 on my name); I do not care, we just bring it directly to the open public domain (my IP attorney will kill me for this one :-), this time we are here to move the world !)

Multiple Rotor Discs, Multiple Stator Sets

Three stators at an angle

On May 12, 2009, Dan Jonsson proposed this layout:

Image:DanJonsson angled-stator 300.jpg

Sterling's comment: "I doubt this will work. The 90-degree principle is probably a key element of the function of Mylow & Howard Johnson's design. Also, the symmetrical placement of additional stators is probably problematic as well. Non-symmetry (non-precise placement) seems to be an important element of Mylow's design." -- May 12, 2009

Magnet-Rotor Disc Assembly

Appears to propose fastening the middle of the rotor magnets to the perimiter edge. This might not interact properly with the aluminum, but it would be worth a try. -- Sterling

(0:53 minutes) (YouTube; April 27, 2009)

Make Rotor the Stator and Vice Versa

On April 30, 3009, Von Ives wrote:

I wonder if [Mylow] has considered letting the 'stator' be the rotor and the 'rotor' be the stator. That would involve a simpler arrangement, since relative motion is - well - relative anyway, there would be less rotational mass involved that way. Also, it would appear that being that it functions with the one stator magnet as is, that several would increase the torque and out-put power.

Electromagnetic Variant Ideas

Dan Jonsson

  • OS:MYLOW:Drawings:Dan Jonsson - In addition to providing some good-looking graphics of Mylow's design, Dan Jonsson proposes and electromagnetic variant. "The whole idea is that you could implement the Bedini principle in order to convert the magnetic flux to electricity and boost the opposit magnetic field to speed up the rotation, spin up the electrons and thus minimizing the demagnetization." (PESWiki; April 23, 2009)

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