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Information to Include in Replication Reports

Suggested by Ted on Apr 22, 2006.[1] tomboceaser PESWiki role

  • Precisely itemize the materials you chose to use.
  • Precisely describe how you built your cell
  • Identify what kind of water you used and what if anything you put in it
  • Precisely describe how you chose to charge your water
  • Describe time frames needed to achieve Stages 1,2, and 3 and what you saw at each stage
  • Describe your results or lack thereof at every step.
  • Describe any modifications you made along the way and exactly how they differed from the original configuration.
  • Include photographs of every component, finished prototype, water charging equipment, modification, power supply,
  • Document any installation with specs on the vehicle or other device you attached the cell to.
  • Create a log to document performance of the installed, operational cell.

Other reporting tools:

List of Replications

Functional in Car

"Peter and John are doing such an exceptional and selfless job at supporting replication" -- JoesCell2 list member (Apr 20, 2006) [2]


Bill Williams

  • Bill Williams replication (separate page) - Bill had his truck running on a Joe Cell, with tremendous power in the first part of April, 2006. He was visited on April 11 by two men who told him to stop all alt energy activities. He complied, destroying his lab notes, etc. See story at This page aims to restore what information was available about his specific replication.

Image:Bill Williams cell tubes 95x95.jpg

Peter Stevens

John Carter said he took a ride the other day in a Ford Econovan that Peter Stevens converted to run on a Joe Cell (not exclusive, but in assist mode). He said the car "rocketed up the hill" it had so much power. (Ref.)

See OS:Joe Cell:Validation - for updates on validation process of Stevens' claim to having installed Joe cells on cars, with fuel line disconnected. (Not yet validated as of June 18, 2006)

  • Diesel Trucks and Buses - I have run a couple of Cells on different deisel trucks and Buses and can only report on One at this moment 600 KM range increased to 930 km for the same tank the unit continues to use Deisel and functions with more power and torque dyno test results showed a <10% power increase other have stated more power on hills etc. normal shutdown cooler cleaner exhaust O2 increase as well cheers and Goodnight. (Apr 16, 2006)

Alex Schiffer

Read his manual "Experimenters Guide to the Joe Cell" at
(see the update in the file section)
see the "3 stages video" as well. -- David [3]


  • European runs engine on Joe Cell - Joe Cell list member, Zsolooo announced yesterday that he was able to get his 1985 Mazda 626 engine to run on nothing but the Joe Cell input for an hour after disconnected his fuel line. Turned out to be a hoax. He just wanted to see how easy it would be to make a claim and have people believe it.

Stefano Hourmouzis

  • Stefano Hourmouzis Energy Research - Page includes section about his Joe Cell replication work. Also: "I have purchased and am in possession of the original Rover vehicle that was converted to run on the Joe Cell by Australian researcher Alex Schiffer." "To this date, I have only achieved a partially successful conversion."


Image:James Wildman cell c 95x95.jpg


I have a system that I just installed on a 2003 chevy P/U and I am going to get it running today but, I don't have it hooked up to the vacuum port. I have it just past the air filter infront of the throttle body. (Apr 19, 2006) [4] [5]


Functional, not yet in car


Gaetan Masse

I am just trying a few things till I get the proper far I get large bubbles which form mostly after the power is tuned off, they stay there ( days )until you pop them with a flame. (Apr 23, 2006) [6]

JB Bob

I have a test cell running but weak stage 3 i thank to many sizes of ss tubes. (Apr 23, 2006) [7]

Functional, Joe Cell Related


Image:Hotsabi Joe Cell electrolysis collage 95x95.jpg

Inserted by a discerning viewer: Please keep in mind that electralosys is not the process under which a 'Joe Cell' operates. In general electralosys is a function of electricity traveling from and anode to cathode and breaking the water molecules as a result. Within a properly aligned 'Joe Cell' the water is not used or consumed by any means but is a catalyst by which another unknown energy source is drawn upon.

Replications Being Built

Andrew Gardiner

(January 1, 2007) No success with the previous Joe Cell. Although I'm now looking towards BJ's Proton Cell design. I now have a 1989 Daihatsu Charade carburettor car (1 litre capacity 3 cylinder, 5 speed manual, good condition, almost ready to register) to play with. Very simple parts under the bonnett and plenty of room to play.
I am now starting to play with a negative power supply (positive terminal at ground potential, negative below ground. Will see how that progresses. Could work. Will go back to the old cell along with playing with a BJ Proton Cell replication.

Andrew Gardiner
andrew {at}

Greg Watson

  • Re: Heat treat question? - "I'm working with my metal spinning partner and it looks like I will be able to get 316 spun from a flat sheet into a cup and tubes and polished as well!. No welds. Watch this space for more info." (May 14, 2006)
  • Re:Greg at OH- - "I'm still building the power supply (with variable voltage, pulse width and frequency), the cells and building the data collection / monitoring system. One cell is like the Peter Steven's cell, one is like Bernie's cell and one is like Kanarev's cell. The automatic monitoring system will record time & date, pulse voltage, pulse current during On and Off periods (measured in the negative lead), pulse width, pulse frequency, cell weight, anode temp, water temp, air temp, water Redox, water PH, cell back EMF at no load & at a fixed load and an cell top image capture every second." (May 23, 2006)

John Smith

Russell D Hebert

  • Want to see video - "I have a system that I just installed on a 2003 chevy P/U and I am going to get it running today but, I don't have it hooked up to the vacuum port. I have it just past the air filter infront of the throttle body." (Apr 18, 2006)
  • need to reverse the current? (Apr 20, 2006)

Bernie Heere

Michael Couch

Damien Holyoak

  • Re: Interesting day with Joe - My centre tube that you recomended to use is being welded withe the plate and bolt to it like you recommended on both cells. (Apr 19, 2006)


  • Brad - considering buying tubes from NuTech (Apr 6, 2006) [9]
I'm just messing around right now with what I have till I get some stainless tubes. These pics are of my 5 plate 304 magnetic stainless plates with negative in the center with neutrals on both sides and pos on the ends. All the power is coming through the top of the plates. I'm using some old TeleCom power supply that I really know nothing about, but it works good and goes to 40V and 15amps. I'm using rainwater with some lemon juice as electrolyte, cause the straight rainwater would only get me 230 mA so I added the lemon juice to get 1amp and as soon as I did that I was getting good bubbles, but they were small ones and the foaming on the top happened right away and I haven't gotten any brown scum build up (YET). Here are some pics. If that link doesn't work for anyone, then goto the files section of this group and click on the Brads Stuff folder. (Apr 19, 2006) Peter's Tips [10]
  • RE: Got my Engine test stand built - I got to get it running on something first before I ween it off gas and go to the cell and I need to make sure it'll run. It ran perfect when I took it out of my Camaro but it's fuel infected so I need to swap distributor and pull all the smog BS off. There's a ton of smog crap on there. I might get real lucky and be able to bring the carb back to life myself, hopefully. (Apr 23, 2006)

Adrian Sykes

Carl Lyon

  • On their way - "My 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5" tubes are on their way from Verrocious." Comments on what motivated him to pursue Joe Cell. (Apr 19, 2006) [12] [13]

Long Boat Roz

  • Shauberger's repulsine and Joe Cell - my amatur Joe Cell ( vessels of different metals, 9 volt battery) oxidize to rust a small hole in the tin vessel "extremely " aggressively (Apr 23, 2006)

IPCtec research labs


  • John Carter: "I have not built a cell myself and the reason is that I am still building my workshop after buying a 5 acre farm in the area near Peter" (Apr 21, 2006) [14]
  • Nick - mostly built (Apr 5, 2006) [15] [16]
  • Rob Combis "I am in the process of getting the parts for the joe cell" (Apr 21, 2006)
  • Brendon - intends to build (Apr 5, 2006)
  • JB Bob - Awaiting tubes. (Apr 6, 2006)
  • Pat - intention (Apr 14, 2006)
  • Gary Vesperman - assembling talent from electric car club in Vegas to do the replication. (Apr 14, 2006) [19]
  • Joe - "i'm currently an aircraft mechanic, but have some auto experience, and would love to make/try a joe's coil" (Apr 18, 2006)

Variants Being Built

Andy Graham

Image:Andy Graham Joe Cell.jpg

Kosol Ouch


Joe Cell is magnetically charged

  • Joe Cell is magnetically charged - Video from Jack Handy shows a compass needle being effected by a cell. Needle goes 33 degrees off true north as the compass is situated directly over the cell.


  • failures that actually succeeded - Patrick Vessey comments: "how many of these failed experiments actually succeeded (a la Joe cell), but nobody noticed because they were only looking at gas production?" (Apr 18, 2006) [22]

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Hi everyone,

I'm really interested in this. I have a question though. The spacers that are being used to seperate the steel rings are made of ebonite, right? Has anyone tested the effect of electrolysis upon ebonite just to be sure that its not this producing the fuel? Presumably, ebonite being a by-product of a fossil fuel might give off a flammable gas when exposed to an electric current...Please let me know if anyone has looked into this. Best wishes.

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