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Doug Furr's replica of Scott Hall's replica of paddyboytube's gravity wheel.
Doug Furr's replica of Scott Hall's replica of paddyboytube's gravity wheel.

On Aug. 10, 2007, Douglass K. Furr, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer, with PES Network, Inc built a highly precise replica of the second Gravity Wheel built by Scott F. Hall on Aug. 8, 2007.

Furr's replica does not self-roll across a flat surface, as appeared to be the case in Hall's demo video. Apparently Hall's garage floor -- as most garage floors -- is slightly inclined.

Report by Sterling D. Allan, August 10, 2007.


PES Network Video

Published on Aug. 11, 2007 at YouTube by PES Network:

Replica by Douglass K. Furr
Video by Joseph Riso
Voiceover by Bill Levine
Script by Sterling D. Allan

Background Context

On Aug. 6, 2007, Scott F. Hall built a gravity wheel based on his research on the subject. He then posted a video of it rolling along a floor, seemingly of its own power. Then on Aug. 8, he built another gravity wheel, this time a replica of one done by another researcher. His video showed that one accelerating along his floor as well.

Had Scott cracked the code that seemed to have been lost with the death of Bessler, who died in 1745, taking his technology to grave with him?

It looked to be so.

But Scott's video was not complete. He did not show the wheel rolling both directions on the same surface, to rule out an incline in the surface. He's an Art teacher, not a scientist; and with the barrage of skeptical comments, rather than show a follow-up video of the wheel going both directions, his next video showed his two gravity wheels in a heap on fire.

Meanwhile, we had our Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer, Douglass K. Furr, replicate the design. Unfortunately, for the optimist in us that wanted this to be a working design, Furr's replication shows that the design does not work, but decelerates as the physicist would predict.

About Douglass K. Furr

Doug is PES Network, Inc's mechanical engineer.[1] He is a demonstrated friend of unconventional energy technology pursuits.

Doug is a first-class machinist with a professional shop in Orem, Utah; whose products include release bindings for snowboards.

He's presently involved in engineering a MUCH more efficient engine design (Gun Engine).

He built the 1/4-scale Perendev magnet motor replica a few years ago for PerenTech, a precursor to PES Network, Inc.

Description of Furr's Replication

I asked him to build the very simple, second gravity wheel that Scott Hall built, which was a replica of a unit designed by YouTube user paddyboytube.

In Scott's video, the device appears to accelerate forward as it rolls along, but Scott did not roll it the other direction to show that the surface he was on was flat or not inclined. Neither is he a scientist, he's an art teacher, so what do you expect. Wanting to believe he had something, I still needed to confirm it scientifically.

I wanted to take one with me to present at the Gnomedex conference tomorrow -- if it does work.

He used his lathe to build the two wheels. He programmed a CNC machine to precision-drill the three holes in the wheels. He also lathed the dowels and weighed them. The perpendicular dowels pivot with very little friction.

It is about as precise a build as is possible given today's technology.


So, does it work? Does it propel itself across a flat surface via the power of static gravity?

No. It rolls along and decelerates as the mass and friction would predict by standard laws of physics.

Doug removed the perpendicular dowels and rolled it, and it performed the same way.

No joy.


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