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Page received major update June 20, 2009

Megalomaniac Award Winner

George Soukup Nachbauer claims to have come up with a working all-magnet motor (Magnetmotorenbauer) of the "V-gate" variety, for which he has filed for a patent, after which he will make it accessible. He presents what he calls the V-Track Rotary Magnet Motor. It appears to embody the V-track magnet acceleration model into rotating motion.

"[The motor] accelerated up to destruction, therefore the rotor must be built better. But the size which it is did not create a problem. Only if I did the same with larger magnets would it becomes a problem. But this is accessible at the moment only for the German patent office. During disclosure it will become visible for everyone. I plan also its own web page. I have German investors already." -- Soukup (Response to Sterling D. Allan; June 15, 2009; slightly edited)

Once engineered for production, the promise of an all-magnet motor is that it would present a clean, reliable, portable, and hopefully affordable energy source that could make electric motors and fuel-powered generators obsolete.

Conclusion: Egomaniac with no Evidence Yet
"George keeps posting videos showing the same old images, with no new evidence, while singing his own praises about how he is 'The Best Scientist of All Time.' [1] After a year of this (we first featured this technology on Sept. 15, 2009), it's tempting to conclude that George Soukup is an egomaniac with no actual working technology with useful energy output. I've sent him a lot of personal emails recommending that he tone down his self-applause, and let the technology speak for itself, but he continues to boast while supplying no evidence. He apparently is waiting for issuance of a German patent on 06.05.2010 before disclosing to the public." -- Sterling D. Allan (Sept. 22, 2009)



Official Website



Magnetmotor - DE

George shows his plastic motor version. Near the end of the video it is seen spinning rapidly and noisily. Acceleration is not shown. That the noise corresponds to the rotor rotation is not established.

  • George Magnet Motor - (YouTube; June 22, 2009)

- - - -

Magnetmotor Deutschland

A series of still and rotating shots from different angles, primarily showing the version with the wood stator. One image shows a propeller attached to the shaft. Whether the rotating views show acceleration or not has yet to be determined (analysis pending).

  • George Magnet Motor Magnetmotorenbauer aus Deutschland Inventor George Soukup - (YouTube; June 17, 2009)

- - - -

Freie Energie

A series of still shots showing various phases of the developement and perspectives. No rotation shown.

  • George Magnet Motor - (YouTube; June 13, 2009)

- - - -

George Magnet Motor

Sitting in front of a wedcam, Soukup introduces a couple of his magnet motors (wooden and plastic stators). He doesn't show it spinning. (speaking in German?)

  • George Magnet Motor - (YouTube; June 4, 2009)

- - - -

Magnetmotor Soukup Nachbauer

Here he shows what looks like a brass V-gate motor, from different angles, still shot. The moving video footage shows it decelerating to a stop, not accelerating, given a spin by hand.

  • George Magnet Motor - (YouTube; June 18, 2009)

- - - -


He still hasn't answered the question: 'Does it work?'

- - - -

Other Videos

Broken Video Links



Image:SoukupNachbauer Magnet-Motor drawings collage 600.jpg

Brass Assembly

Image:SoukupNachbauer Magnet-Motor brass 600.jpg

Plastic Stator

Image:SoukupNachbauer Magnet-Motor plastic collage 600.jpg

Wood Stator

Image:SoukupNachbauer Magnet-Motor wood collage 600.jpg

Independent Testing

not yet?


German patent number request: 10 2008 056 399,4; Publication date is 06.05.2010


Inventor: Soukup Nachbauer

A man who makes a huge difference?
A man who makes a huge difference?

Though presently residing in German, self-described "magnet master", George Soukup Nachbauer is apparently Brazilian. [2] As of Oct. 2008, he was 53 years old.

Image:George Soukup 250.jpg

geb. in Sao Paulo -Deutsch-Brasilianischer Staatsbürger und Kraftfahrzeugmechaniker, Vater aus Prag - Deutsch-Teschischer Staatsbürger und Kraftfahrzeugklempner verstorben vor 10 Jahren.

Liebe Leute ich habe weder was mit Robert Calloway zu tun noch mit anderen ich vollendene nur die Arbeit meines Vaters der schon vor 30Jahren mit V-System Magnetmotor arbeitete.Modelle werde ich in Grafik darstellen Ich habe mehrere Patente angemeldet und am laufen.Ich bin Kraftfahrzeugmechaniker und wollte schon immer einen Motor herrausbringen der selbstständig läuft.


Sean CLaNZeR

Here is a video of some testing.


In the News

  • Featured: Magnet Motors > V-track >
    Update on George Soukup's V-Track Rotary Magnet Motor - German inventor claims that an earlier all-magnet motor accelerated to destruction. He has filed for a German patent and plans to later openly disclose the motor. He says investors have been secured. (PESWiki; June 20, 2009) (Comment at
  • Featured: Magnet Motors > V-Track
    George Soukup's V-Track Rotary Magnet Motor - German inventor presents what appears to embody the V-track magnet accelleration model into rotating motion -- something that many have unsuccessfully attempted. What is not clear is whether his model achieves acceleration, or even constant speed. Can it handle a load? (PESWiki; Sept 15, 2008)

Other Coverage


See Discussion page


George "magnetmotor" Parody

On March 13, 2010, django4444 (Stephan) wrote:

In order to stop the megalomaniac George Soukup, I've decided to parody him and his videos to give this crazy person some humoristic respect.

Maybe you don't understand the spoken words, but I think the pictures and the style speeks for itself!


George Soukup

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