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OS:Aluminum Paper Steel Electrostatic Energy Generator

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Screen shot showing the simple set-up: paper wrapped around an aluminum tube, then wrapped with steel wire.  That's it.
Screen shot showing the simple set-up: paper wrapped around an aluminum tube, then wrapped with steel wire. That's it.

On Aug. 14, 2007, YouTube user singerxyz posted videos showing two different set-ups that he came up with that appear to extract energy from the ambient environment. In one, he wrapped an aluminum tube from a lawn chair with paper (insulator), and then wound that with non-galvanized steel wire. A voltage potential of about 150 millivolts was measured across the two ends of the wire. After connecting the meter, the voltage drops off quickly then more slowly.

In the second set-up, he has a flat metal plate of aluminum, on which he places a piece of paper, then on top of that he places an iron washer with a Zinc coating. Underneath the aluminum plate he places a magnet to draw the water tight against the paper. He measures a votage potential of 1.9 millivolts between the aluminum plate and the washer.

Could the voltage be dumped into a capacitor, disconnected, (recharged), dumped, disconnected, (recharged) etc.? Would the switching aparatus consume more energy than is gained in the capacitor? Could this system be optimized and designed into a practical configuration?

This phenomenon is newly reported and has not yet been replicated or otherwise validated. The phenomenon is most likely due to a chemical battery effect. See discussion.



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We offer the present page as a project page to report replications, characterizations, optimizations, improvements, and practical applications, if they are to be found.

Latest Developments


Aluminum Rods

  • Free Energy Rod - Very simple free energy using an aluminum tube from an old lawn chair, a piece of paper (insulator), steel wire (not galvanized). (YouTube; Aug. 15, 2007)

An aluminum tube from an old lawn chair is first wrapped with paper. Next, non-galvanized steel wire is wrapped around the paper. A multimeter put accross the two leads from the wire (beginning of the coil and end of coil) at first show around 150 milivolts (amps not measured), which drop off rapidly as the meter is attached. It is said to stablize at around 80 volts, from which point it drops very slowly.

Aluminum Plate

  • Very Simple Free Energy - "Aluminum + Paper + Zinc/Iron = Energy" (YouTube; Aug. 15, 2007)

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Inventor: singerxyz - YouTube profile page


Need to rule out chemical reactions as being the source of the voltage. Need to try different insulative materials, and types of metal and configurations.


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