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On July 27, 2008, Alan D. Joseph posted a video on YouTube featuring a motor that appears to spin with no batteries or other electrical input -- "just iridium magnets and copper wire". The video shows continuous rotation after it starts, a clock in the background, and a volt meter showing a small voltage.

In reviewing this video, our New Energy Congress advisor said: "This is a very interesting demo, even if of little value to produce power. (Could have saved Steorn's butt.)"

When PES Network CEO, Sterling D. Allan, phoned Joseph on July 29 to inquire about this motor and obtain information on its assembly components, run time, etc., Joseph replied, "I'll have to be honest with you. I'm an animation and video producer by trade. There are three separate videos involved:" the motor, clock, and meter. He combined those to come up with the visual effect seen in the video. "I think it's pretty funny," he said, and he asked to let the spoof run out a little longer before exposing it. He's quite entertained by the prolific response has generated.

This case does say something about the validation process -- a video alone is not adequate. That being said, a video showing a walk-around, with different angles and shadows cast by the videographer, would be much more difficult to contrive in a similar montage manner.



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(6.14 Minutes) Working zero-point energy magnet motor

  • It's just what you see. No batteries, no input at all. Just iridium magnets and copper wire. I can't explain how it works but it clearly does!!! (YouTube; July 27, 2008)


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