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On Sept. 9, 2010, the following article regarding Mike Brady and the Perendev magnet motor appeared at The translation from German into English below is by Google."

merkur -online > Local > News > Process: Fraudulent inventor sold "magnetic motor"

He runs and runs and runs

Munich - The idea seems brilliant: an engine that generates its energy through the magnets themselves, the manner of a Perpetuum Mobile. On the latter have countless nut to crack - it is against the law of dynamics.

The engine recognized the European Patent Office does not accept. Nevertheless, the inventor , Michael B. (61) the magnetic motor (Permanent Magnet Machine) marketed from 2006. Before the court yesterday he has the charge of serious fraud, particularly vehemently cursed, and then silence.

The technician from South Africa, with residence in Switzerland was in Munich Perendev EnergyPower Ltd., in the business he led. The company advertised on the Internet for the magnet motor, as described in the interview NetJournals, a magazine for new energy technologies, his invention. He aroused the indictment the impression that the engine was ready for production, started production. He had offered the exclusive license contracts for the "Permanent Magnet Machine ". He had already loaded for presentation to the Sheraton, but said from the short term. Apparently he felt threatened by the power companies.

The indictment lists 40 candidates, paid the down payments or royalties from a total of 617 826.50 euros, without ever getting an engine to face. In addition, 21 takes the prosecutor attempted fraud action on a possible loss of 388 243.50 euros. Some customers demanded their money back in vain, and showed to the inventor.

It may be the tip of the iceberg, because according to many prospective Verteidigernfühlen not injured, they wanted to wait for the development of " a few years. " Richter Joachim Eckert told the defendant's conscience : "The idea may be revolutionary. Another story is, however, to go public and something to show what may not correspond to the truth when it is claimed, for example, 60 motors would be ongoing, in Spain had begun production.

Charged are 70 witnesses from home and abroad, lawyer Christph Knerr, "There may be more. " The judge offered a sentence of four years and nine months in the case of a confession from the accused declined with vigorous shaking.

Michael B. has been designated for a different case from Germany. His adopted home of Switzerland him over because of the fraud investigation in Germany. After his sentence he Vebüßugn the deportation threat to South Africa. There, the accused will in no case, the reason - a potential threat of prosecution - one can only guess. The trial continues.

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