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News regarding John Rohner / Inteligentry's noble gas engine.

In the News

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    Technologies for Energy Systems -- Conference in Germany, May 11-12 - Adolf and Inge Schneider are hosting a two-day conference that will include lectures and demonstrations. Topics include LENR, noble gas engines, Coler generator, and "clock energy converter as an open-source system - with demo!" Presentations will be made by Dr. hc Josef Gruber, Prof. Dr-Ing. Konstantin Meyl, Dr. Thorsten Ludwig, ... (PESWiki; May 6, 2013)
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    Updates from John Rohner Regarding FBI Raid - I should point out that his statements regarding me are almost completely groundless. I am not in league with his brother Bob, nor with Heinz Klosterman. I have not violated any contracts with Inteligentry. I didn't have a contract with Inteligentry. John Rohner gave me the names of some of his manufacturers and gave me permission to talk to them and report on what I learned. (PureEnergyBlog; March 9, 2013)
  • Noble Gas Engines > Plasmerg >
    Blog: Inteligentry Raided by FBI - On March 6, 2013, more than a dozen FBI agents raided John Rohner's Inteligentry office complex in Vegas, taking documents, equipment, machines and freezing their bank account. Rohner claims his group was ready to give the long-awaited demonstration of a working engine [highly improbable] at the Stockholder's meeting this month, but now, thanks to the raid, their company is closed until further notice. (PESWiki / PureEnergyBlog; March 7, 2013)
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    Sterling's Weekly Free Energy Review on SmartScarecrow Show: November 22, 2012 - DOD Analysis of MYT Engine Published • LENR Weekly • Steven Jones replica: not fusion • Infinite Energy: ZPE and Charged Water • Bushnell threatens Martinez • Breakthrough Energy Conf. Exceeds Expectations • Dansie Demonstrates Solid-State Chip and Water Flashlight • Inteligentry • Thrive Movement 1 year later • Ventura on Death Ray • Hutchison • Eric Dollard • Keshe Space-USB recipient countries • Alt. Explanation for Newman Machine • Urine-Powered Generator • GMO (FreeEnergyNews)
    • One of the manufacturer licensees spent two months in Vegas with John Rohner trying to get a system running, but was unsuccessful.
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    Russ Gries runs Bob Rohner's Noble Gas Popper replication on Hydrogen - Hydrogen is not a noble gas, yet it appears to provide significant work in the plasma-based piston that Russ Gries has built. Gary Hendershot reminds us that hydrogen gas is easy to heat and expands readily, and that could be what is causing this effect, not plasma. (PESN; October 2, 2012)
    • In other noble gas engine news, on September 18, 2012 the U.S. Patent Office issued a non-final rejection of Inteligentry's one and only published patent application. The associated rejection letter explaining the rejection has not posted yet.
  • Featured / Buyer Beware: Noble Gas Engines > PlasmERG >
    Part I: My Concerns About Inteligentry - Here I enumerate several concerns, including the perpetual postponement of manufacturers being shown how to run their engines; encouraging people to buy stock to get their license so the money doesn't go in escrow; John's ignoring great suggestions for the technology and the company; a timeline that evinces a lack of understanding of the steps involved in taking something to market. (PESN; August 21, 2012)
  • The Peak Oil Crisis: Another Disruptive Technology? - This time it is not anomalous heat observed when hydrogen is loaded into nickel, but is an updated incarnation of a technology that has been around for 45 years --- the noble gas engine. (Falls Church Press; August 15 2012)
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    A Visit to Inteligentry - An acquaintance recently visited the Inteligentry lab in Las Vegas. Though he was not permitted to see a working noble gas engine, he describes his experience as being above his expectations, though he is proceeding cautiously. The next training session for licensees will be in 5 weeks, when they will allegedly be able to take a unit home with them. (PESN; June 19, 2012)
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    New Energy Systems Trust (NEST) update: June 12, 2012 - We've been busy at NEST reviewing and assisting the best exotic free energy technologies get closer to market. Here is a brief report of our recent activities. Highlights include vetting a 2.5 kW solid state generator in Uganda, discovering that Magnacoaster is shipping back-orders, and Zydro gearing up for licensees. (PESN; June 12, 2012)
  • Best Exotic FE > Top 5 >
    Sterling and Gary on Jeff Rense' WideAwake News Hour - Gary Hendershot interviews Sterling Allan on the WideAwake program, which is part of Jeff Rense' news network. They discuss emerging exotic free energy technologies that are likely to make it to market within a year, including Inteligentry's noble gas engine, various LENR technologies; a quick peek at an AA replacement technology using an Mg bar, copper wire in water; and the postage-stamp size device to power a cell phone. (SmartScarecrow; June 4, 2012)
  • Best Exotic FE: Noble Gas Engines > Inteligentry >
    Inteligentry Update: "Production Unit Proven" (no link, quick briefing) - In recent correspondence, John Rohner told me that the production unit (noble gas engine) "has been proven". He also reports: "We have moved from our 2500 square foot shop to a 10,000 ft2 shop so we will have "training" classrooms and electronics production space. We have also hired 5 more people. The new building is 2 blocks away and we will get fully moved about the 18th." (Sterling D. Allan; June 2, 2012)
  • Best Exotic FE: Noble Gas Engines > PlasmERG >
    PlasmERG Meetings (no link; just quick f.y.i.) - I'm in the middle of a move, so I'm not going to the March 22-25 PlasmERG meetings, but I am scheduled to interview John Rohner on March 27, which we'll be posting shortly after that. I also plan on driving down to Henderson, NV maybe a couple of weeks after that. (Sterling D. Allan; March 21, 2012)
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    Cheat Sheet for January 21, 2012 Coast to Coast Show - Hank Mills pulled together this listing of talking points as a briefing about the Top 5 Free Energy Technologies and runners up, to assist me in my interview with John B. Wells last night on Coast to Coast AM last night. There is a lot more information here than I was able to get to on air. -- Sterling Allan (PESN; January 22, 2012)
  • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Noble Gas Engines > PlasmERG > Anomoly >
    Video Part I of PlasmERG's Anomaly - Oops, I inadvertently posted Part II twice in the story we posted the other day about John Rohner's test device that appears to produce an anomalous heat, and electrical power producing effect. In this interview at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference, he describes the device and anomaly it produces. (YouTube / PESNetwork; July 30, 2011)
  • Best Exotic FE / Zeitgeist > Trends >
    Trends Research predictions for 2011 -- Teaser (pdf) - In the midst of some dire predictions, the much-revered Gerald Celente's upcoming journal teaser says: "In laboratories and workshops unnoticed by mainstream analysts, scientific visionaries and entrepreneurs are forging a new physics incorporating principles once thought impossible, working to create devices that liberate more energy than they consume...." (Trends Research; December 2010)
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    Top 10 Clean Energy Lists by Others - When I proposed my short list for top 10 consideration last month, several other free energy industry experts, including Jim Dunn, David Yurth, Joel Garbon, and Ken Rauen, chimed in with their own lists of favorites. What about you? Do you know of one that should be listed? (Examiner; Jan. 16, 2010)
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    Noble gas motor update - John Rohner provides an update on their motor, which would cost about as much as a regular motor, but would use virtually no fuel. They're in process of preparing manufacturing lines for when they're ready to begin mass producing, though they're still early in the testing phase. (PESN; Sept. 21, 2009) (Comment)

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