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PESWiki News -- November 2009 Archive

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Monday, November 30, 2009

  • Batteries / Nuclear > BetaVoltaics >
    A 25-Year Battery - A NY company, Widetronix is developing batteries that could potentially power electrical circuits that protect military planes and missiles. The company is also working with medical-device makers to develop batteries that could last decades for implantable medical devices. The technology has been tested by Lockheed Martin. (MIT Technology Review)
  • Hydro > Tidal > Atlantis >
    Atlantis To Test World's Biggest Tidal Turbine - Atlantis Resources Corp is to test the world's biggest tidal turbine in the rough waters off the Orkney Islands next year in preparation for Scotland's plan to use ocean energy for half a million homes by 2020. The AK-1000 turbine has rotors that are 18 meters in diameter, the height of five storey building and has a capacity of 1 megawatt. (Planet Ark; Dec. 1, 2009)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

  • Zero Point Energy / Vibrations >
    David Sereda - Zero Point Energy (video) - Discusses his research on differentials, Zero Point Energy, and the hidden harmonic codes of the universe, including prototyping. "There are actual precise harmonic codes which are multiple frequencies working in tandem together," he said. "...It can lead to anything from antigravity to infinite energy." (Coast to Coast; March 12, 2009)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

  • U.S. Government and Energy / Efficiency / Conservation >
    Cap & Trade - A License Required For Your Home - Beginning 1 year after enactment of the Cap and Trade Act, you won't be able to sell your home unless you retrofit it to comply with the energy and water efficiency standards of this Act. H.R. 2454. Passed by the House of Representatives, if also passed by the Senate, this act will be the largest tax increase any of us has ever experienced. (VegHaven; Nov. 19, 2009)

Friday, November 27, 2009

  • Plastic and Energy >
    Simpler, cheaper, biodegradable plastic without using fossil fuels - Polylactic acid (PLA) is growing into wide use as a replacement for petroleum-based plastics. It is made from corn-starch, or other starch-rich substances like maize, sugar or wheat, and is biodegradable. It is used as a material for compost bags, food packaging, and disposable tableware, and also for a number of biomedical applications. Now a team of researchers in South Korea has simplified the production of PLA, making the process much cheaper. (GizMag; November 22, 2009)

Thursday, November 26, 2009 (US: Happy Thanksgiving)

  • Humor / Health >
    Wild Turkeys visit vegan's solar home - We had about 15 wild turkeys come visit the guest solar home we are renting while we build our sustainable home here in Sanpete Valley, Utah. We figure in this valley full of factory turkey facilities, these wild guys felt safe coming by our place this time of year because we are vegan. (YouTube; Nov. 24, 2009)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

  • Building > Earth Bag > Sterling's Home > Blog >
    Dome-vault; "high tunnel" for winter building - Update on our home plans: "The earth bag walls go straight up with periodic buttresses along the horizontal length. At 8 feet up will be the floor joists, then the straight earth bag walls will end up another two feet. At that point will start the 10-foot radius concrete dome, which will have insulation around it." (Allan's Sustainable Home; Nov. 23, 2009)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

  • Electromagnetic >
    Basic Principles of Over Unity Electro Machines (pdf) - In this work author analyzed several patented electromagnetic machines with over unity behaviour and explained basic principles behind their work. Author found four basic principles for construction over unity electromagnetic machines and one for increasing energy of the river. (; November 23, 2009)

Monday, November 23, 2009

  • Piezoelectric >
    Generating electricity from air flow - A group of researchers at the City College of New York are developing a piezoelectric device, which when placed in the wake of a cylinder -- such as on the back of a truck -- the flow of air will cause the devices to vibrate in resonance. On the roof of car, they will shake in a much more unsteady flow known as a turbulent boundary layer. (EScienceNews; Nov. 22, 2009)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

  • Tools >
    The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology - At TEDIndia, Pranav Mistry demos several tools that help the physical world interact with the world of data. His prototypes bring futuristic, science fiction computer technology into the present. In an onstage Q&A, Mistry says he'll open-source the software behind SixthSense, to open its possibilities to all. (TED; Nov. 2009)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

  • Fuel Efficiency > Wind Resistance >
    Europe Testing "Road Trains" to Cut Fuel Use - In the Safe Road Trains for the Environment (SARTRE) system up to 8 vehicles (cars, busses, trucks) would travel as one "train," linked by wireless sensors, cutting fuel use by 20%. The lead "train", driven by a professional, would enable the trailing vehicles' drivers to become "passengers", able to take their hands off the wheel -- and they could come and go as they please . (EcoGeek; Nov. 11, 2009)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

  • Fuel Efficiency > Hydroxy >
    Hydrogen power or just hot air? - Bill Jenner, a lifetime auto mechanic from Australia, claims to have reduced his fuel consumption by up to 75% by an on-board electrolysis unit that he put together from plans downloaded online. The unit ducts hydroxy gas (hydrogen-oxygen mixture) into the air intake of his vehicle catalyzing a more efficient burn of the fuel. (EchoNews au; Nov. 19, 2009)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

  • Suppression >
    China quietly introduces new financial system - "China has stealthily introduced a new financial system based on the renminbi which is well on its way to becoming fully convertible, according to a high-level Chinese source. In addition, China is purchasing 10,000 tons of gold to back up a new fund designed to develop and market heretofore forbidden and suppressed technologies." (Benjamin Fulford; Nov. 17, 2009)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

  • Organizations > Orion Project >
    New energy ideas are under study - Recently, The Orion Project, submitted an important energy research and development proposal to President Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress. The document provides background information about energy-producing technologies that are outside the awareness and attention of most mainstream scientists and engineers. (Columbia Tribune; Nov. 16, 2009)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

  • Featured: Solar / Storage >
    Magnesium Energy Cycle for fossil fuel replacement - Professor Yabe of Tokyo Tech is heading the development of a process that combines magnesium and water to produce high energy steam and hydrogen, which is burned to produce additional high energy steam to power an engine with no harmful emissions. The magnesium oxide by-product is reduced back to magnesium through a solar powered laser process to be reused. (PESWiki; Nov. 10, 2009)
  • Featured: Building > Earth Bag > Sterling's Home > Blog >
    Revised House Plans & "Hot Dog House" Sketch - Energy status update. New floor plan posted with "phase I" and "phase II" to focus on a more doable portion within the budget and time frame we have to follow. The catenary vault portion is arched to withstand the back-fill forces. The sketch of the home, at least this version, resembles a hot dog. (Allan's Sustainable Home; Nov. 10, 2009)

Monday, November 9, 2009

  • Featured: Hydro >
    Are Capillary Action Engines Possible? - For a few hundred years, many people have attempted to devise a way to come out ahead with capillary action. Yes, a dry cloth can lift water and essentially do work - but the energy it then takes to get the water out of the capillary tight spaces is considered by physics to be more than you can ever get from the absorption stage. (PESWiki; Nov. 9, 2009) (Comment)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

  • Solar > PV / Nanotechnology >
    3-D photovoltaic systems go where the sun don’t shine - Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a new type of three-dimensional PV system using optical fiber that promises solar generators that are foldable, concealed and mobile, meaning they could be hidden from view and leave rooftops panel-free. Sunlight entering the optical fiber passes into the nanowires, where it interacts with the dye molecules to produce electrical current. (GizMag; Nov. 2, 2009)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

  • Hydro > Mixing Sea and River Water >
    Osmotic Power Plant Set To Open - Norway has announced the opening of the world’s first osmotic power plant, due to begin operations on November 24, 2009. This prototype plant by Statkraft will demonstrate the potential commercial feasibility of the technology the uses the differential between the incoming fresh water and the salt water to cause water to climb against an osmotic gradiant then turn a turbine.. (Alt Energy News; Nov. 4, 2009)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

  • Vibrations > Piezoelectric >
    Harvesting Energy from Natural Motion - A team at Duke University has come up with at device that is basically a small cantilever with an end magnet that interacts with nearby magnets. The cantilever base is piezoelectric, releasing electrical voltage when strained. By changing the distance of the magnets, the researchers "tune" the interactions of the system with its environment. (Duke University; Oct. 28, 2009)
  • Solar > Concentrated / Storage >
    Solar power generation around the clock - SolarReserve is developing a solar power system that can store seven hours' worth of solar energy by focusing mirrors onto millions of gallons of molten salt, allowing the plant to provide electricity 24 hours a day. The 150-megawatt plant will include 4.4 million gallons of molten salt. (PhysOrg; Nov. 5, 2009)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

  • Batteries > Zinc Air >
    New rechargeable zinc-air batteries coming soon - A new breed of rechargeable zinc-air batteries by Swiss company, ReVolt, is soon to be available, and may replace lithium-ion batteries in cell phones, laptops and other consumer items. Lithium-ion batteries store only a third of the energy and cost around twice as much as the new batteries. (PhysOrg; Oct. 29, 2009)
  • U.S. Government and Energ / Geothermal >
    DOE Awards $338M For Geothermal Energy - Up to US $338 million in Recovery Act funding will go to the exploration and development of new geothermal fields and research into advanced geothermal technologies, supporting 123 projects in 39 states, with recipients including private industry, academic institutions, tribal entities, local governments, and DOE's national laboratories. (Renewable Energy World; Nov. 2, 2009)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

  • Wind >
    Barros & Pereira's cross-wind_bridge - As vehicles cruise down the road, they kick up a wind that designers Barros & Pereira propose to harness via a from a network of 2,188 light-weight rotating panels on a pedestrian bridge to power the bridge lights at night -- a sort of wind tax on the passing vehicles. (Design Boom; Oct. 26, 2009; thanks Alt Energy News)

Monday, November 2, 2009

  • Water > Desalination >
    A fresh way to take the salt out of water - Saltworks uses solar energy or waste heat to concentrate sea water. They then use the ionic gradient between the concentrated brine and two sea-water streams to pull ions from from a 3rd sea-water stream, apparently trading the reduced entropy of the desalinated water against the increased entropy of 'mixing' the brine and the other sea-water streams. (Economist; Oct. 29, 2009)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

  • Grand Unified Theories > Anti-Gravity > Dan Winter >
    New Science and Art of Gravity with Dan Winter - "When charge or plasma becomes centripetal... that is called life -- and that is precisely what golden ratio fractality accomplishes!" Site also addresses such exotic subjects as phase conjugate magnetics, how fractality causes gravity, sacred geometry as a therapeutic tool, ormus - high spin state superconducting matter, holographic research. (


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