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Cold Fusion in the News

News relating to Cold Fusion, also called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR).

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  • Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    Does Italian Demo Show Cold Fusion, or Snake Oil? - Today, is running a story, 'Cold fusion rears its head as "E-Cat" research promises to change the world.' It gives an overview of the technology that claims to fuse hydrogen and nickel into copper, with no radioactive by-products, to produce copious amounts of heat, inexpensively, with a 1 megawatt plant scheduled to come on line later this month. Apparently, Wired was not aware that today is a big test in Italy by scientists from around the world, who will be observing the technology in operation, including self-looped mode. (Slashdot; October 6, 2011)
  • Nuclear > Cold Fusion >
    World Wide Lab - Ruby Carat gives a review of the history of cold fusion and how the peer review process versus media coverage relationship has evolved in the past two decades from the vantage point of cold fusion. (Cold Fusion Now; September 18, 2011)
  • Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    The E-Cat Story: An Unusual Tale - Reflecting on the story of Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat that has been developing ... I cannot help but think about how unusual it has been (and continues to be). It really is an affair that seems to be without precedent in the modern technological age; here are some of the unusual aspects of the story that occur to me. (E-CatWorld; September 10, 2011)
  • Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    Rossi-Defkalion Still Divorced - In response to a Greek TV channel 6 report that portrays the Ross-Defkalion rift as being mended, Andrea Rossi responds: "It is totally false... Either Defkalion is playing the chocolate-faced child denying the obvious or they are in desperate hope that the issue can be resolved or they do indeed have a way of going forward with or without AR." (E-Cat News; August 12, 2011)
  • Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    eCat’s Global Spread - A common dream among optimistic Rossi watchers imagines home-bound eCats leaping from factories to purr warm and cozy under our stairs – someday soon. However, reality is likely to dictate that businesses and utilities be the first adopters, until the safety and reliability are well established. (E-Cat News; July 28, 2011)
  • Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    Andrea Rossi's eCat - Evidence For & Against - Considering the limits to non-insider info, after reviewing "for" and "against" factors, concludes: "I have to admit that the weight of circumstantial evidence 'against' is weak - most points easy to explain away should you wish to do so. When balancing this against the circumstantial evidence 'for' it appears to me that we would be foolish to bet against it being real." (E-Cat News; July 27, 2011)
  • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    The New Fire - Ruby Carat opines that the emergence of Rossi's E-Cat cold fusion reactor could mark as significant a turning point in human history as the harnessing of fire by early man. "Not having a definitive theory won’t stop this technology from materializing out of the Mystery Landscape, nor will it be stopped by the virtual silence of the mainstream scientific community and media." (Cold Fusion Now; July 15, 2011)
  • Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    Low Energy Nuclear Revolution (video) - Professional, 40-minute documentary reviews cold fusion history and the significance of the emergence of Rossi's energy catalyzer technology. Witnesses, primarily Professor Sergio Focardi of the University of Bologna, describe the experimental set-up of the E-Cat. (YouTube / MayerAmschelBauer; June 23, 2011)
  • Featured: Nuclear > Cold Fusion >
    Cold Fusion during the Cold War - During the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, Filimonenko Ivan Stepanovich developed and patented a cold fusion technology. Although it never reached commercialization, it is a reminder that cold fusion has a history that predates by more than 2x the 23 years since Pons and Fleishman. (PESN and BeforeItsNews; July 17, 2011)
  • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    Cold Fusion - For Real? - Last night on Coast to Coast AM, Linda Moulton Howe gave an excellent overview of cold fusion, interviewing MIT's Peter Hagelstein, who said regarding the energy crisis: "I think this cold fusion area could produce exactly the viable alternative that would make the biggest difference." The interview ended with a review of Rossi's E-Cat now emerging commercially. (EarthFiles; June 30, 2011)
  • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    Bologna professors discuss E-cat on Italian radio - Professors Giuseppe Levi and Loris Ferrari of the University of Bologna were recently interviewed on their research contract with Andrea Rossi. The contract is for €500,000 …, and Rossi will be providing the equipment necessary to run the experiments. The scope of the study that will last for at least a year will be to measure the energy efficiency and any emissions of radiation from the device Rossi provides. (Cold Fusion Now; June 29, 2011)
  • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    Cold Fusion #1 Claims NASA Chief - A Chief NASA scientist, Dennis Bushnell has came out in support of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat technology, but denies any type of nuclear fusion is taking place, saying it is probably beta decay per the Widom Larson Theory. Repackaging the terminology to avoid embarrassment will not erase over twenty years of suppression and the reality of cold fusion! (PESN and BeforeItsNews; May 31, 2011)
  • Events / Nuclear > Cold Fusion >
    Announcing the upcoming 2011 LANR/Cold Fusion Colloquium at MIT - The 2011 Lattice-assisted Nuclear Reactions (LANR)/CF Colloquium on the Science and Technology of Deuterated Metals, Engineering and Devices at MIT is a two-day event to be held this coming June 11 and 12, providing scientific discussion in a shared collaboration to develop further understanding of the science and engineering of lattice assisted nuclear reactions. (Cold Fusion Times; May 27, 2011)
  • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    Towards a nuclear (very) own? (translated) - On 14 January this year at the University of Bologna (Italy) held a demonstration of a device using the principle of the controversial cold fusion. The scientific community, for the most part, remains skeptical. The novelty in this case? Designers announce the launching of the first thermal power plant using the device by October 2011. (Agoravox; May 23, 2011)
  • Cold Fusion > Mallove >
    Police have 3rd suspect in Eugene Mallove killing - The New London County State’s Attorney’s Office has signed a warrant charging a former Taftville man, Mozzelle Brown, as the third person responsible in the 2004 slaying of Eugene Mallove. Defendant Schaffer alleges that It was Brown who started the fight with Mallove, hitting him and kicking him. (Norwich Bulletin ; May 20, 2011)
  • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    Cold fusion economy supported by Greek government - Spiegel Online has obtained information from German government sources knowledgeable of the situation in Athens indicating that Papandreou’s government is considering abandoning the euro and reintroducing its own currency... backed by profits of E-Cat manufacturing and licensing, estimated in the hundreds of trillions of dollars. (Cold Fusion Now; May 7, 2011)
  • Obituaries > Nuclear > Cold Fusion >
    Cold Fusion theorist, Scott Chubb, has passed away - Cold fusion theorist and Infinite Energy technical editor Dr. Scott Robinson Chubb, Sr. passed away at the age of 58 on March 25, 2011 after a long illness. Scott was born in 1953 in New York; received his B.A. degree in Physics from Princeton, and his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, also in physics, from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook. (Infinite Energy; April 18, 2011)
  • Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    Sergio Focardi, the father of “Ni-H Cold-Fusion" - A radio interview with Sergio Focardi, who had been doing pioneering work with nickle-hydrogen fusion, and was later joined by Andrea Rossi, who brought new and key ideas to the table. Forcardi plays the comedian here, so it's not easy to tell if/when he's talking straight. "He looked around and he saw a hole in the ceiling: it had flown upstairs." (22Passi; April 14, 2011)
  • Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    No fear of radiation from cold fusion - Today’s nuclear fission reactors are more than a poor choice for a primary energy source because of the growing risk of contamination by radioactive materials. Humans are not ready to take the responsibility for disaster that could last for geological time.... Why go down this path when there exists an alternative ultra-clean nuclear power? Low-energy nuclear reactions LENR.... (Cold Fusion Now; April 3, 2011)
  • Featured: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Mordkovitch >
    Zirconium Flavored Cold Fusion from the Ukraine - Ukranian inventor, Professor Bolotov, has developed a cold fusion reactor based on the transmutation of Zirconium to other elements. He claims a system could have an input of 5 kW and an output of 200 kW. This is from a system that only costs 10,000 euro to build. It was demonstrated for academic review on March 25. (PESN; March 30, 2011)
  • Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    Cold fusion predicted in 10 yrs - At the 14th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-14) in Chennai, India, a top US scientist, David J. Nagel of George Washington University, said that "The first commercial LENR device is imminent. It will become a commercial reality within 10 years;" in contrast to mainstream-supported ITER, which has cost 100 times as much and is still 40 years from practical implementation. (Deccan Chronicle; February 25, 2011)
  • Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    Cold Fusion: It May Not Be Madness - A handful of intrepid scientists are reigniting interest in work that was dismissed as junk science more than 20 years ago, claiming to have found a way to create more energy from less. The most recent excitement was generated by Italians Sergio Focardi and Andrea Rossi, who demonstrated a device that turned 400 watts of heat power into 12,400 watts. (TechNewsWorld; February 22, 2011)
  • Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    EXCELLENT >> Cold Fusion: 18 hour test excludes combustion - [Additional details and corrections on the 18-hour test we reported on yesterday.] “In my opinion, all chemical sources are now excluded,” physicist Giuseppe Levi told Ny Teknik. "At night we did a measurement and the device then worked very stable and produced 20 kilowatts." He had a peek inside the black box to see there were no batteries. (NyTeknik; February 23, 2011)
  • Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    Greek TV Runs Story on Italian Cold Fusion - National Greek television has run a story about Rossi's cold fusion technology. "The transition within the energy landscape is an indisputable global trend and an opportunity for Defkalion Green Technologies. Using Rossi's Energy Catalyzer invention we have produced an industrial applicable prototype." (Te Lefta; February 5, 2011) [This is the first TV coverage we've seen of this breakthrough since January 14 announcement.]
  • Featured: Events > COFE >
    4th International Conference on Future Energy (COFE) - Upcoming SPESIF conference at the University of Maryland on March 15-17, 2011 includes plenary session organized by Tom Valone. Topics include: emerging energy, field propulsion, fission & fusion, space tech, energy medicine, tidal, hydrogen, solar power, magnetic motor, zero-point energy, space power, astrosociology, space settlement topics. (PESWiki; February 6, 2011)
  • Events / Cold Fusion >
    Cold fusion turns hot, city to host meet - The 16th cold fusion research conference will be held in the city from February 6 to 11. Called the International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, the meet is being organised for the first time in India. Nearly 100 international and 50 Indian scientists are expected to take part. (Times of India; January 25, 2011)
  • Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    Italian scientists claim to invent cold fusion - (A fairly decent overview of the main points, but leans heavy on the skeptical tone, and exhibits an obvious lack of appreciation of the extensive science behind the field in general. But at least they covered it -- something very few news agencies are doing, yet; the previous one being Discovery two days ago.) (; January , 2011)
  • Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion > Rossi >
    Cold Fusion Claims Resurface - Discovery's coverage of the Italian breakthrough is even more pathetic that Popular Science, saying "Pons and Fleischmann ... remain adamant that their research was valid, though no one has been able to reproduce their findings"; when it has been reproduced roughly 17,000 times. Mainstream publications are digging their grave by such ridiculous idiocy. (Discovery; January 21, 2011)
  • Featured / Best Exotic FE: Nuclear > Cold Fusion >
    Directory: Andrea A. Rossi Cold Fusion Generator - Feature page at PESWiki for collecting material from around the web regarding Italian inventor, Andrea Rossi's energy amplifier, which produces useful power from the apparent fusion of hydrogen and nickel into copper at relatively low temperatures and pressures. They claim to be going into production with a 10 kW industrial product that is reliable, safe, and cheap. (PESWiki; January 17, 2011)
  • Free Energy > Videos >
    The new FreeEnergy.TV site is live! - It's ready for you good folks to start posting your favourite Free Energy clips to. It's easy to add your favourite YouTube clips: just login, post the URL, a short description, etc and new clips will appear on the front page in date order. Or upload a never-before-seen clip. (FreeEnergyTruth; January 8, 2011)

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