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Free Energy Blog posts from Saturday, August 2, 2014



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Free Energy Blog:2014:08:03

Chance to win ER50 electrolyzer (value $800.00)

GridPlate ER50
GridPlate ER50
George Wiseman taking the ER50 into the lecture hall, Aug. 2, 2014
George Wiseman taking the ER50 into the lecture hall, Aug. 2, 2014

Relevance: Brown's Gas > George Wiseman

George Wiseman is sitting here next to me at the TeslaTech conference in Albuquerque, in queue to speak in an hour from now.

He sent me an email this morning announcing that he has a drawing to win an ER50 electrolyzer, worth $800.00. You can read about it and enter for a chince to win at:


R50 Draw Entry
A chance to WIN a unique demonstration quality ER50 electrolyzer (value $800.00)
1. Brand new, (fully assembled by George Wiseman)
2. TRANSPARENT (see everything inside)
3. State of art, (Grid Plates and Pressure Relief Tubes)
4. Operational as a WaterTorch (includes mini-torch upgrades AND a torch handle)
on Tuesday August 26th 2014!
Rules & Conditions:
1. One entry per person (only email address is required to win).
People who entered the 'in person' conference draw may also enter this draw.
2. Unit is Not redeemable for Cash.
3. By entering an ER50 draw, winner agrees to
Eagle-Research using Name, State and Country for promotional purposes.
4. Winner is chosen from people in this er50 list, using a randomized program.
5. This draw promotion also includes time limited DISCOUNT CODES. The 20% discount code will require that the order total exceed $400 and needs to include an ER50 Basic Kit.
6. The ER50 WaterTorch 'Grid-Plate' option (that you may win here) is not yet available to the public. People who join our eNewsletter list will be informed when the 'Grid-Plate' option becomes available.
Subscribe to Eagle-Research eNewsletter by entering your email in the left sidebar.
7. This (and ALL) information given to Eagle-Research is covered by our Privacy Policies.
8. People who already have an eagle-research user account (and are logged in) will just see an (Add Me) button below, to add them to this ER50 draw.

-- SilverThunder 23:09, 2 August 2014 (UTC)

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