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Free Energy Blog:2014:06:20

Ultimate Cell hydroxy story in EuroNews

Relevance: Fuel Efficiency > HHO Injection

This is definitely one of the more professional news story about a company that seems to be the furthest along in their rate of sales. HHO is maturing, making it into the mainstream without looking crazy any more.

From: Diarmaid Flynn
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2014 4:16 PM
Subject: Growing hho craze in Europe

Check out this Portuguese company going mass market using HHO to help engine efficiency

Here's an excerpt of this mainstream news report:

A small Portuguese company is launching a new, affordable device which it says will reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption and benefit the environment. [...]
The device, called “Ultimate Cell”, is connected to the car’s electrical system and uses the energy produced by the battery. Manufacturers claim that using it can lead to a drop in fuel consumption of up to 30% and reduce exhaust emissions by up to 65%. Moreover, it is compatible with almost every kind of engine, including diesel, gasoline, biodiesel and GPL.
How does it work?[...]
“With this kind of technology – these small bubbles of hydrogen injected into the inlet – the combustion process is much more complete, giving the car more power, so it can go further with the same amount of fuel, which means users consume up to 30% less fuel,” says electrical engineer Jose Tribolet, who has studied the system.
All the units are tested before being put onto the market.
“This technological approach is based on hydrogen. Hydrogen technology has been explored over many years, but always using hydrogen as fuel. That’s not the idea here. This device is simple. It does not require pressurized tanks, storing large amounts of hydrogen, or large investments. This is a small investment for the consumer,” says Professor Tribolet.
A number of fishing boats, which normally have very high fuel costs, have also been equipped with the device. An average fishing vessel uses an estimated 140 litres of diesel per hour. Those using the Ultimate Cell device have noted a 20 per cent drop in fuel consumption.
And lorry drivers using the device say they, too, have noticed an improvement in engine performance and efficiency, leading to a smoother and quieter driving experience.
After the device hit the market early this year, some 5,000 units have so far been sold at a cost of around 300 euros a piece. Each unit will last about 70,000 km, after which it will need to be recharged.

This is the official website:

Following up, Diarmaid Flynn added:

It's quite a new story here so very little background noise yet. I ran a company search on the owner so it is a legit business. He also has a Car Dealership and a Cab company so his bona fides should be easy to validate.
They are actually an Irish company but our government funding agency would n’t give them money so they moved the production to Portugal. Our Loss. Anyway they are actually selling the units based from a building close to my work so I’ll call around and get more information and send on to you. Hopefully I can meet some of the head people and see if it all adds up.

-- SilverThunder 00:31, 19 June 2014 (UTC)

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