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Free Energy Blog posts from Saturday, May 24, 2014



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Interview with Kerry Cassidy on Whistleblower Radio


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    Interview with Kerry Cassidy on Whistleblower Radio - Kerry, Matt Pulver, and I had a great chat last night on her 2-hour show. We talked about QEG, QMoGens, H-Cat, LENR, Keshe, suppression, open sourcing; and she spoke generally about some whistleblowers she has talked to who say the black budget projects and even some utilities have had FE for years. Announcing new program. (PESN; May 24, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 00:39, 25 May 2014 (UTC)

GreaterThings / Free Energy Quest

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See also: - forwards to new page built today

-- SilverThunder 00:39, 25 May 2014 (UTC)

Aneutronic fusion initiative


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    Directory:Aneutronic Fusion - "Possibly the cleanest form of energy, which, if successful, could replace nuclear fission and fossil fuels with energy that does not pollute the air, add to greenhouse warming, or make radioactive waste." (PESWiki; March 24, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 22:59, 24 May 2014 (UTC)

Spitzauer in more hot water

Relevance: Waste to Energy > GPI

My take on Spitzauer is not that he's a fraud, but that he is extremely sloppy, which has gotten him into a lot of trouble. He means well.

  • CEO of Pasco biofuels company in more hot water - Federal prosecutors recently amended the indictment against Spitzauer to add bank fraud, filing a false tax return and additional instances of wire fraud. He was already charged with wire fraud, aggravated identity theft and money laundering. (TheNewsTribune; May 23, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 15:56, 24 May 2014 (UTC)

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