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Free Energy Blog posts from Monday, May 5, 2014



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QEG: "If you can build a QEG here you can build one anywhere."

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[3:10:57 PM] Sterling D. Allan: Hi Hope. Has anyone been able to prove OU in the QEG yet, that you know of?
[3:14:59 PM] Hope Moore: Hi Sterling! It's Val - the guys here are working on it - they're very close. We have very little internet so hard to keep everyone updated. Measurements and other data are coming - you will be happy to see it. Really doing the best we can in an underdeveloped country but....if you can build a QEG here you can build one anywhere!! Watch for the whole story as soon as we can get it out there.

-- SilverThunder 22:55, 5 May 2014 (UTC)

15-Year Crystal Cell Light

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Received this by Skype at 6:23:54 AM [MDT] from Charles Fraser

Namaste Sterling, Marcus and I are working on a manufacturing lab for the crystal cell and buying in bulk we are able to significantly reduce the cost of manufacture. Please see the side bar on the right for the new product offerings and soon for more products
Not bad for a power source that lasts for at least 15 years (and most likely a lot longer too!
We are working on our open-source wiki following the example of co-op member Jacub who founded here we are having build parties with the QEG team, working on self looping their claims of over-unity working with co-op member Joe Justice and the wikispeed 'extreme engineering' approach Watch this space
Thanks for all you are doing
Our very best

-- SilverThunder 17:41, 5 May 2014 (UTC)

This Week in Free Energy: May 4, 2014


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    This Week in Free Energy™: May 4, 2014 - Interview: Solar Hydrogen Trends 577 x overunity • YMNEE Resume • H-Cat: output gas goes to zero; flashback creates suction in exhaust; theoretical explanation from Purdue professor; Heat-Loss Accounting Improves the Efficiency Number in First H-Cat Experiment • Mike Waters: Breakthrough Energy and the Basic Physics of Global Recovery • Morocco Achieves QEG Resonance (FreeEnergyNews)

-- SilverThunder 13:27, 5 May 2014 (UTC)

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