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Free Energy Blog:2013:November 27 - December 3

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Free Energy Blog posts from November 27 - December 3, 2013



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Free Energy Blog:2013:December:4-10

Three more QMoGens

just posted

  • Featured: Electromagnetic > QMoGen >
    Prakash Kumar Arumugam 350 kVA QMoGen from India - "The fuelless, pollution-free Hydraulic Power Generator is powered by three phase motor, which can be powered by external source of any kind for initial running of the system. When the system starts its production, a grid connected panel will automatically switch the power source for external power to the self-created power..." (PESWiki; December 3, 2013)

-- SilverThunder 23:04, 3 December 2013 (UTC)

Vitaly Shilov QMoGen


  • Featured: Electromagnetic > QMoGen >
    Vitaly Shilov QMoGen - Here's another QmoGen (self-looped motor-generator with energy left over). This one is from Russia. They appear to be in production and for sale. They list a 2 kW system for sale for 60,000 Rubles (~$1,806 USD); and a 5 kW system for sale for 100,000 Rubles (~$3,010 USD). (PESWiki; December 2, 2013)

-- SilverThunder 14:23, 3 December 2013 (UTC)

Technical proof that Scalar Waves exist

Relevance: Directory:Konstantin_Meyl

Rich Berry of NEST brought this to our attention.

Summer 2011 White TV got the hint from the Swedish Secret Service, that scalar waves are used in mind control. The victims, targeted individuals (t i) complain, that nothing is shielding against the radiation attacks (tin foiled hats) and that they can be targeted in high altitudes ore far beneath the ground in caves. This already indicates, that they are not targeted with electromagnetic waves, but another kind of wave.
Soon the contact was made to the leading scalar wave researcher, Prof. Konstantin Meyl, teacher and researcher in physics at a university in southern Germany. Because of the more than 100 years on-going cover up against scalar waves, he decided 1999 to construct an experimental kit, that shows how Nicola Tesla worked in the late 1890-ies to detect scalar waves, which are longitudinal waves, not transversal, as the electromagnetic waves.
This kit has been sold to more than 1 000 researchers all over the world, opening their eyes, that other interesting types of waves exist.
Prof. Meyl, the Nikola Tesla of today, shows not only the difference between the electromagnetic waves (Heinrich Hertz 1888) and the scalar waves (Nikola Tesla 1897), but also different and more convenient ways to apply them.
1. scalar waves propagate with different speed, sometimes much quicker than the speed of light,
2. scalar waves can transport wireless electricity
3. scalar waves can have huge over unity effect by collecting neutrinos (free energy)
4. a scalar wave transmitter realizes directly, if the receiver is in resonance
5. no shields against scalar wave
6. scalar waves do not decay in the distance, you can send them through the earth to the other side
Technical and medical improvements:
1. cell phones only using scalar waves do not emit electro smog and have one dimension more to modulate information both on the frequency and the wavelength; computers run by scalar waves have much better efficiency than even quantum computers
2. wireless transportation of electric energy without losses; cell phones, electric cars, motors etc. need no battery, they can be charged through the air while running without pollution
3. scalar waves are able to transmit medical information to the body in a positive context (bio resonance/frequency medicine, ie. Bicom, Oberon, Scio) or negative: mind control and remote killing
4. DNA and cell communications can be physically explained
5. free energy devices collecting neutrinos can be built
6. bees, butterflies and other animals will recover
Finally it has to be noticed, that Prof. Meyl detected a third kind of wave, the magnetic scalar wave, which is biological relevant. So there are three different kind of waves: the electromagnetic (Hertz), the electric scalar wave (Tesla) and the magnetic scalar wave (Meyl).

-- SilverThunder 17:34, 2 December 2013 (UTC)

Chukanov's Ball Lightning Quantum Cannon

Relevance: Plasma > Directory:Chukanov Quantum Energy LLC

Kiril Chukanov notified me about this new 23-second video he posted on his [ home page].

-- SilverThunder 14:04, 2 December 2013 (UTC)

E-Cat to sell portable cold fusion plant deliverable next year

Relevance: LENR > Directory:Andrea_A._Rossi_Cold_Fusion_Generator_(E-Cat)

Physorg has posted a story about the 1 MW E-Cat being for sale -- something that has been the case since the demonstration I attended in Bologna November 2011.

Here's an excerpt:

( —Italian company Energy Catalyzer (shortened to ECAT) has announced that it is right now taking preorders for its ECAT 1MW portable cold fusion plant. Founded by Italian scientist Andrea Rossi, the plant has the scientific community shaking its collective head—it's never been peer reviewed and neither Rossi nor anyone else at ECAT has ever published a single paper regarding cold fusion or describing how the plant works.
Cold fusion, is of course, a theoretical means of harnessing enormous amounts of energy by fusing atoms together. Normal fusion is what powers the sun, but it of course, is very hot. Scientists have been working for years to come up with a way to cause fusion to come about in a way that doesn't require a huge amount of heat—thus the name cold fusion. Unfortunately, to date, no one has been able to figure out a way to do it—no one but Rossi, that is, if his claims turn out to be true.
Rumors of how ECAT's plant works suggest it's little more than a simple tube that utilizes an unknown nano-sized nickel type catalyst. When hydrogen is added, heat and perhaps copper, is produced. According to ECAT, the plant does nothing more than produce heated water and/or steam. Those that purchase the plant are free to attach it to a turbine to create electricity. The plant is small—just 20x20x1 centimeters, but each unit can be stacked. The company has put 106 of the units in a shipping container and all together they make up the ECAT 1MW Plant, selling for a cost of $1.5 million to anyone that wants and can afford one.


-- SilverThunder 23:52, 1 December 2013 (UTC)

Happy Birthday to Me: Contest Announced for Free Energy House/Car at Evolve Expo


Thanks for all the Birthday wishes.

I always have amazing birthdays, and this one -- the big 50 -- is turning out extraordinarily well too, beginning with a great chat with my wife past midnight last night; then being woken this morning with a huge ahah, which will probably be the topic of a story I plan to write up for Sunday: "So, the Inventor Took His Technology to the Grave with Him? Doesn't Mean You Can't Download it Yourself"

That will be fun to write up.

This morning I had breakfast at Guru's with my family, including Cheri and our kids, my parents and three siblings who were able make it: Karie, McKaylee, and Nathan.

My goal today, was to finish posting this story that has been percolating for a couple of weeks.

-- SilverThunder 03:11, 1 December 2013 (UTC)

QMoGen by MrTurboturbine

Relevance: QMoGen > MrTurboturbine

BOGUS: See notes

After watching, again, the WITTS' Self Running 40kW 40,000 Watt Fuelless Generator Full Video, one of the many interesting video suggestions that YouTube gave me was a video titled "Perpetual motion magnet machine DIY", which appears to be a QMoGen by a MrTurboturbine.

  • producing about 75 volts without a cap bank. (YouTube; Mar 6, 2011)

The set-up is similar to the QMoGen arrangement we've seen so many times now (this is the 33rd) in which a smaller motor powers a larger generator, with enough power left over to loop back to keep the motor running, while producing excess power for practical use. (Theoretically, somehow this arrangement sets up some kind of harmonic/resonance with the surroundings that enables the system to harness the wheelwork of nature.)

In MrTurboturbine's set-up, he doesn't appear to self-loop the system, but the title of his video implies that he's getting a lot more energy out than what he's putting in. - MrTurboturbine has a bunch of very interesting videos, as you can see from this edited screengrab from his YouTubeChannel.


-- SilverThunder 13:59, 29 November 2013 (UTC)

Romero's QMoGen Replica Progress

Relevance: Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over

"This is my version of a generator powered by a motor."

-- SilverThunder 00:55, 29 November 2013 (UTC)

Free Atmospheric Electricity Powers Small Motor - Tesla Radiant Energy

Relevance: Directory:Radiant Energy

I have always wanted to test a radiant energy motor. This little motor is the beginning of my research in that direction. In the near future I will be making larger more powerful motors. The precision required will probably require my 3D printer. Stay tuned for future updates.
Links to books and website:

-- SilverThunder 23:46, 28 November 2013 (UTC)

Jurgen Parysek's Free Energy for Electric Vehicles

Just posted

-- SilverThunder 16:51, 28 November 2013 (UTC)

31st QMoGen (Looking for True Maker)

Relevance: Electromagnetic > QMoGens

Updated Nov. 29, 1 AM GMT
FOUND: MegaStargate22 in the comments pointed to Sohail Anjum's YouTube chanel, and this video he posted on July 4, 2012. "Chas Chambell Free Energy Generator Replica - Generating 2340 Watts consuming only 750."

As of November 27, 2013, we don't know who originally posted this video. It is the 31st (actually 32nd) QMoGen we have encountered. It is not by the people at as claimed at the bottom. That is a scam. They pirated this video. On March 17, 2012 at PESN, we exposed this scam. See They pirated some of our material too. We're looking for the actual person/group who originally posted this video so we can add their legitimate video link to our directory: (at PESWiki).

By way of victory, I should mention that I first saw this video at and I reported the video to YouTube as a violation of their terms of service, and they removed the video "as a violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content". But before I reported it, I first had Gary Hendershot grab the video and send me a copy so I would have it. And now I'm looking for the true source.

-- SilverThunder 23:37, 27 November 2013 (UTC)

ExtremeTech: 1-megawatt cold fusion power plant now available

Relevance: LENR > E-Cat

This isn't new news, but it is worth mention as it comes from a fairly popular meadia.

Believe it or not, the first cold fusion power plant is now available to pre-order. The E-Cat 1MW Plant, which comes in a standard shipping container, can produce one megawatt of thermal energy, using low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR) — a process, often known as cold fusion, that fuses nickel and hydrogen into copper, producing energy 100,000 times more efficiently than combustion. It sounds like E-Cat is now taking orders for delivery in early 2014, priced fairly reasonably at $1.5 million. Has cold fusion — the answer to all our energy needs — finally made its way to market?
E-Cat, or Energy Catalyzer to give its full name, is a technology (and company of the same name) developed by Andrea Rossi — an Italian scientist who claims he’s finally harnessed cold fusion. Due to a lack of published papers, and thus peer review, and a dearth of protective patents — which you would really expect if Rossi had actually discovered cold fusion — the scientific community in general remains very wary of Rossi’s claims.


Also posted at

-- SilverThunder 03:50, 27 November 2013 (UTC)

Mehran Keshe Announces Spaceship Institute

Finally got the write-up done.

  • Featured: Plasma > Anti-Gravity / Keshe >
    Mehran Keshe Announces Spaceship Institute - Beginning January 14, the Keshe Foundation will be launching a 1-3-year long course for scientists from around the world who wish to collaborate in the development of knowledge required to build a fully functional space craft, complete with propulsion, energy generation, healing capability, food and water production. (PESN; November 26, 2013)

-- SilverThunder 01:29, 27 November 2013 (UTC)


Free Energy Blog:2013:November:20-26

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