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Compiled by Sterling D. Allan (SilverThunder)
Pure Energy Systems News
Commenced September 22, 2013
Intro updated April 27, 2014

The purpose of this Blog here at PESWiki is for me to be able to post those amazing things that come into my inbox that usually end up eventually going to the Raw Free Energy News Hopper: Items I placed in my news hopper, intending to format them for inclusion in the news, but limitations of having only so many hours in a day prevented it. Rather than have them go unannounced altogether, I present them here in a raw format. There are many gems in the mix.

This way, I can post these gems as they come in, or at least within a day or two, rather than waiting sometimes 2-6 months to post them as I've been doing until now.

Don't confuse this page with our site: - which is more in story format, with each page having a free energy development, event or item featured. The PESWiki Blog is designed to be more rough and tumble, just posting links and a brief description and maybe an image.

We also will post links here to things we run in our regular news, stories we post, feature pages we post. That way, you could have this as your sole bookmark for the family of PES sites, and be updated on all the stuff we put out.



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DHL truck fitted with Hydrogen Fuel System mileage booster

Relevance: Fuel Efficiency > HHO > Best

Habibur Rahman posted this video of a television report about a hydrogen boost system to my Facebook page.

Units are built by - Hydrogen Power Systems

Said they are approved for installs in California (most strict in the US) on light- and medium-duty trucks (Model 2O2); large (heavy-duty) diesel trucks (Model 3O2).

The units, made in the USA (Escondido), achieve between a 15-20% improvement in mileage.

Fairly soon they may be added to the listing at

I called the company, and they said they are just coming out of R&D, and have sold 8 units so far. It is an HHO system, not just hydrogen. "We've just built a better better mousetrap."

-- SilverThunder 18:58, 16 September 2014 (UTC)

Navrattan QMoGen images

Here's a photo we shot last May when Himansh flew me to Vegas to update each other.
Here's a photo we shot last May when Himansh flew me to Vegas to update each other.

Electromagnetic > QMoGen' > Navrattan

Himansh Verma of Navrattan posted a couple of photos (shown below) to the Navrattan Facebook page.

Bear in mind that Himansh is the one who traveled from India to meet with me in SLC two years ago, and first brought the QMoGen concept to my attention, showing me a video of a running system that he said their engineers ran for 50 hours continuous at 5 kW, in self-looped mode, at which point a belt started smoking, so they turned it off.

The Facebook caption reads:

Here's introducing our product - the "Self Looped Motor Generator"



These were actually posted June 2, 2013 -- more than a year ago.

Since two years ago, they have become distracted with other technologies (Blue Crete and hundreds of kilowatt solid stated power system) and have kind of put their QMoGen project on the backburner.

I had a chat by Skype with Himansh yesterday. He said:

[9/14/2014 12:02:49 AM] himansh verma: Crete plant is near to completion
[9/14/2014 12:04:51 AM] himansh verma: It will b operational in next few months
[9/14/2014 12:05:10 AM] himansh verma: 2 plants for the beginning
[9/14/2014 12:05:28 AM] himansh verma: Every plant had 5 diff factories in it
[9/14/2014 12:05:31 AM] himansh verma: Pre cast
[9/14/2014 12:05:39 AM] himansh verma: Ready mix concrete
[9/14/2014 12:05:46 AM] himansh verma: Value added products
[9/14/2014 12:05:53 AM] himansh verma: Cement
[9/14/2014 12:06:04 AM] himansh verma: Specialty cement

-- SilverThunder 22:06, 15 September 2014 (UTC)

9/11 Firefighter Blows WTC 7 Cover-Up Wide Open

Relevance: Conspiracy > 9/11

This is the first video I've seen of a 9/11 firefighter who is on a mission to expose the 9/11 conspiracy.

  • Infowars reporter Lee Ann McAdoo talks to Rudy Dent, 32 year veteran of NYC fire department and the NYPD, about his incredible first hand experience of the lies surrounding WTC 7. (YouTube; September 11, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 23:21, 14 September 2014 (UTC)

Missionary Work = Sharing All Good Things

The relevance to free energy is that we should be "missionaries" of free energy, as a topic that is well within the range of goodness that needs to be promulgated.

-- SilverThunder 07:12, 14 September 2014 (UTC)

XPRIZE offers $20 Million for ‘Forbidden Energy’

Relevance: Directory:Contests and Challenges / Directory:Prizes

Bud Dodgson pointed us to this story over at

I'm surprised I didn't hear about this sooner (or pay attention to the many emails, so many of which fall out of my overflowing inbox).

This is huge for us. Surely at least one of the many technologies we are tracking could qualify. Let the leading inventors know.


XPRIZE is a nonprofit founded by futurist Peter Diamandis which offers prizes to incentivize innovation. Below is a video clip from this year’s XPRIZE “Visioneering Workshop” at which the conferencees voted that “Forbidden Energy” should be what the prize should be for this year.
XPRIZE board member Barry Thompson explains that today there is an ‘inquisition of scientific mindsets’ that is holding back breakthroughs in science. He mentions that scientists consider that energy sources like cold fusion, zero-point energy are possible, but that in reality no one can investigate it in academia because of blacklisting and a code of silence surrounding these unpopular topics.
This year XPRIZE is offering $20 million to the first team that can produce ‘substantive energy generation’ from an ‘entirely new method’ twice in two weeks.

In history, this is likely to be recognized as perhaps the most significant development in exotic free energy this year.

  • Each year, corporate leaders, philanthropists, heads of innovation and XPRIZE Trustees gather for a multi-day Visioneering meetup to brainstorm, debate, and prioritize which of the world's Grand Challenges might be solved through incentivized competition. (YouTube; June 2, 2014)

Here's the page on their site announcing this winning suggestion:

I'm looking into how people submit entries for this contest, what the criteria are, when the deadlines are, etc.

-- SilverThunder 06:30, 14 September 2014 (UTC)

David Allan says his UFT experiments show existence of free energy field



Regarding exotic free energy, at time stamp 36:43, he makes this very relevant statement to the work we are engaged in here. This was said in reference to Emeritus Professor, Chauncey Riddle, who wrote the foreword to the book.
"He, along with several others, has been very touched by the unified field theory section of our book, because it talks about the work that Sterling is doing; because we show evidence, direct evidence that there is a field in the universe that one can tap into which will supply, basically, free energy. We've shown the existence of this field, some of its properties; that it has quantum states; and we have two or three papers on our website which describe in some detail about the seven experiments we've done to validate the existence of this field and some of its properties. 

-- SilverThunder 23:56, 13 September 2014 (UTC)

Write Letter to Editor about SHT

Relevance: LENR > Hydrogen > Production > SHT

Google News alerts brought this editorial in the Recorder in Greenfield Massachusetts to my attention. I was just going to post it on the SHT page, but then I thought I might as well encourage you to do the same with your local paper. You could use this one as a boiler plate. Spread the good news.

I should note that I've seen a number of "outside the box" articles from this news service, so John Ingress may have had an advantage there.

  • Letter: Hydrogen power - Today, the test results from an independent lab confirm that the energy output from one barrel of water is equal to that of three barrels of oil, using the LENR process developed by Solar Hydrogen Trends Inc. (Recorder; September 11, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 23:35, 12 September 2014 (UTC)

A working hypothesis about the destruction of the WTC buildings on 9/11/2001

Relevance: Conspiracy > 9/11

From: Douglas Zork
Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2014 11:08 PM
Subject: A working hypothesis about the destruction of the WTC buildings on 9/11/2001

I wrote this a couple of years ago. It's along the same lines as your analysis.
I'm looking forward to your interview with Nancy Lazaryan.
Douglas Zork

- - - -

From: Douglas Zork
To: Kevin Barrett
Sent: Tue, October 30, 2012 6:34:10 PM

I would like to contact Clare Kuehn about the article "Mini-Neutron Bombs: A Major Piece of the 9/11 Puzzle" by Don Fox, Clare Kuehn, and others, posted yesterday (Oct 29, 2012) on Veterans Today.
Dr. Ronald Richter apparently coined the term "zero point energy" to describe the source of large amounts of unpredicted extra energy released by highly compressed electron gas (i.e. plasma) in thermonuclear fission and fusion reactions. In 1956 he was out of work in Argentina after President Juan Peron prematurely announced in 1952 that Dr. Richter's nuclear physics research project on Huemul Island, funded by the Peron government of Argentina, had successfully carried out shock-wave controlled exponential nuclear fusion reactions in the laboratory. A concerted international effort ensued to publicly discredit his nuclear research, apparently with his own cooperation, perhaps coerced by the Nazi International operating in Peron's Argentina after the war.
In 1956 Dr. Richter, an experimental applied physicist who directed a variety of important research projects in Nazi Germany, was applying to work in the United States under Operation Paperclip. He described his work in Nazi Germany during WW II, and in Peron's Argentina from 1948 to 1954, in a series of US Air Intelligence Information Reports (declassified in 1999):
Dr. Richter's reported methods of controlling exponential fusion reactions are similar to the promising "focus fusion" approach that is being developed today by nuclear physicists in Iran, and in the USA at Lawrenceville Plasma Physics (LPP).
The Nazi Bell project involved counter-rotating plasma containers in which the rotating plasma was subjected to electrically-generated shock waves. Materials in the vicinity of the Nazi Bell experiment were reported to undergo a progressive molecular disintegration, as well as nuclear transmutation of elements. Prisoners were used to wash down the equipment and laboratory surfaces with large quantities of water after each experimental operation of the Bell.
Hypothetically, nuclear weapons could be designed to use controlled fusion reactions to spin and shock plasma, and possibly create physical effects similar to those reported for the Nazi Bell. Exotic states of matter resulting in progressive molecular disintegration (Dr. Judy Wood's"dustification" and "cold fuming"), may be related to unusual high spin states of protons, neutrons and electrons that are generated by specially engineered nuclear reactions. Steel, concrete, ceramic, and other materials may be induced into the exotic high spin state by molecularly and nuclearly-specific resonance effects. The energy contained in the exotic high spin states is transmitted to ordinary matter by specific resonant coupling, and can result in molecular disintegration (dustification, fuming), nuclear transmutation, and exotic luminescence (cold fire).
Some phenomena noted by Dr. Judy Wood do seem to be better explained by something like the Hutchison effect, hypothetically caused by a perpendicularly directed energy beam interfering with a powerful electric field in the target space. Cylindrical cutouts in WTC Buildings 6 and Building 5, and especially the holes into the basement levels next to Liberty St., and the hole in Vesey St. are hard to explain by "mini-neutron bombs".
The directed explosive effect of "mini-neutron bombs" create a cone of destruction, not a cylinder. How did "mini-neutron bombs" cause the holes next to Liberty St., only a few feet from the slurry wall of the bathtub. How did "mini-neutron bombs" cause the hole in Vesey St.?
The steady rain of hundreds of "jumpers" shocked firemen. Burning jetfuel doesn't account for such behavior, nor does the burning of office furnishings. Some bodies seem to have become dismembered before landing, the condition of some bodies showed alterations in body tissues that seemed inconsistent with burn injuries or the force of impact.
The misnamed "pyroclastic" dust clouds that rolled out immediately after the buildings' destruction were not hot enough to justify being described as "pyroclastic": vegetation and sheets of paper, and skin of people enveloped by the dust cloud were not burned.
There are many pictures of persistent "fuming" rising from the surface of debris that is not burning, and far removed from any gaps in the debris allowing smoke from hot underground fires to escape to the surface.
"Mini-neutron bombs" do not explain the pattern of destruction of "toasted cars": missing door handles, the selectively "melted" engine blocks. These phenomena are hypothetically explained by Hutchison-like effets, by exotic high-spin state of matter, resonant coupling of high spin energy to specific elements, metal alloys, and molecular compounds. "Mini-neutron bombs" do not explain the disappearance of the decorative stone facing on the WFC building without adjacent window glass being broken.
I think Clare Kuehn is on the right track to admit that advanced small nuclear explosives may have been used as part of the technology of destruction of the WTC. Dr. Judy Wood has not made a serious case for ruling them out.
Jeff Prager's and Don Fox's bombastic loose talk accusing Dr. Judy Wood of being a disinformation agent would be downright silly, were it not arguably libelous. Ditto for Dr. Judy Wood's loose talk accusing her detractors of being disinformation agents.
Dr. Judy Wood goes wrong when she rules out the use of any types of explosive or incendiary devices in the technology of destruction of the WTC.
Don Fox and Jeff Prager go wrong when they make the ad hominem argument that because they have alleged she is a disinformation agent, they don't have to deal with her evidence, and with her primary hypothesis that some kind of DEW was used to generate Hutchison-like effects, including exotic states of matter that resulted in dustification without heating steel and other materials to their vaporization temperatures.
It is interesting to note that nuclear fusion/fission devices could hypothetically be engineered to induce an exotic high-spin state of matter that resulted in progressive molecular disintegration over a period of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months. But clearly many phenomena are better explained by some kind of DEW, than by "mini-neutron bombs" alone, or in combination with conventional explosives, or even nano-engineered thermite or thermate.
Douglas Zork

-- SilverThunder 14:05, 12 September 2014 (UTC)

Undeniable Footage of Jet Aircraft Spraying

Relevance: Conspiracy > Geoengineering > Chemtrails

    The extremely compelling footage in this 3 minute video should be yet another powerful tool to be used in the battle to awaken the sleeping masses to what is occurring over their heads day in and day out. The sprayed disbursements that are clearly occurring behind this jet tanker can not be rationally denied. All of us must help with the challenge of bringing awareness to this dire issue. My most sincere thanks to Tom Anderson and Anubis 420 for catching this very valuable film footage.
    Dane Wigington (YouTube; September 10, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 12:03, 12 September 2014 (UTC)

TWIFE™ 9/11/14 -- Featuring Nancy Lazaryan on Subatomic Hutchison Effect


-- SilverThunder 11:57, 12 September 2014 (UTC)

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-- SilverThunder 21:03, 11 September 2014 (UTC)

Brillouin ~100x OU

Fran Tanzella jokes with Mike McKubre about the shut-off button for the Brillouin test apparatus at SRI International in Menlo Park, California.Photo by Sterling
Fran Tanzella jokes with Mike McKubre about the shut-off button for the Brillouin test apparatus at SRI International in Menlo Park, California.
Photo by Sterling

Relevance: LENR > Brillouin

Posted with permission of Brillouin:

From: Dan Kuang
To: sterlingda
Sent: Friday, September 05, 2014 11:32 AM
Subject: Question about the actual power gain in Brillouin Hydrogen Hot Tube boiler

I have read that the COP of the Brillouin HHT (hydrogen hot tube) boiler is expected to be 100, where the input power is 300 W and the output is 30 kW of thermal power. Do you know the actual power gain in the HHT system?

- - - -

From: reg [of]
To: Sterling Allan
Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2014 9:29 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Question about the actual power gain in Brillouin Hydrogen Hot Tube boiler

Not sure if the system will be stable at a gain of 100 yet. We are still solving other problems in that product / process design.

- - - -

From: Sterling Allan
To: reg
Sent: Sunday, September 7, 2014 9:12 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Question about the actual power gain in Brillouin Hydrogen Hot Tube boiler

Okay if I post this brief dialogue. We've not heard any Brillouin news for quite a few months.
Anything else you can tell us?

- - - -

From: Robert Godes
To: Sterling Allan
Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2014 6:05 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Question about the actual power gain in Brillouin Hydrogen Hot Tube boiler

Sorry. It took so long to respond. Lots going on and we just got to discussing this. The answer is YES
Best regards,
Robert E. Godes
President and Chief Technology Officer
Brillouin Energy Corp.

Postscript. Inasmuch as the post prior to this pertains to 9/11, I should mention a conversation I had with Mike McKubre as we were walking back to the SRI International lobby after the tour of the Brillouin test set-up a few months ago. He remarked that because NIST prostituted themselves in covering up for the government in their report explaining how building 7 could come down by office fires alone; that they have taken a huge hit in credibility among the scientific community. They are no longer viewed as the pillar of metrology that they were set up to be and for decades were revered to be. Scientists are looking elsewhere.

Meanwhile, NIST (in Boulder, according to my Dad, who still lectures there at an annual meeting) got a major facelift with a huge influx of funds (aka payoff). It's all a facade.

-- SilverThunder 04:14, 10 September 2014 (UTC)

Looking for 9/11 guest: both "dustification" and "demolition"

Look at this ambulance on the sidewalk, after two 110-story buildings have been destroyed. It's higher than the rubble around it. There is no way that the domolition-only model could be true, even if it drove in after the collapse of the first building. How could it drive in after a 110 story building collapsed 30 feet away? That rubble had to have been from the building it's parked next to; and it should be several stories deep, if demolition was the only method for bringing the building down. [1]
Look at this ambulance on the sidewalk, after two 110-story buildings have been destroyed. It's higher than the rubble around it. There is no way that the domolition-only model could be true, even if it drove in after the collapse of the first building. How could it drive in after a 110 story building collapsed 30 feet away? That rubble had to have been from the building it's parked next to; and it should be several stories deep, if demolition was the only method for bringing the building down. [1]

Relevance: Conspiracy > 9/11

For my radio show on September 11, I've been looking for a guest who is knowledgeable about both the demolition and the dustification models. Unfortunately, these two camps usually are at odds with one another, calling each other names -- disinformation agents, etc. Who would be a good spokesman to address both of these well?

In particular, I would like to find someone who has a good rebuttal to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth FAQ #3: What’s Your Assessment of the Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) Hypothesis?.

A couple of weeks ago, I tried to see if my friend, Steven E. Jones, would do the 9/11 interview with me on this subject, but he backed out, citing the above AE911Truth article as what he prefers to cite in response to questions about the "dustification" line of thought put forth by Dr. Judy Woods, who pegs Steve as a disinfo agent [wrongfully, and unfortunately, I think]. For example, the footage she shows of him taking a vote about not calling LENR "cold fusion" was actually a sentiment adopted by Martin Fleishmann himself near the end of his life, preferring "LENR", saying it probably isn't "fusion" after all, but some other anomalous heat (still significant) phenomenon.

Then, I tried to get Jeremy Rys to come on the show with me to talk about this, but he also backed out, not seeing the hard evidence for the dustification model compared to the demolition model [not willing to consider the possibility that both might be in play], also emotionally upset because of death threats he received when he came out against Dr. Judy Wood's model.

I was threatened with a lawsuit by Dr. Judy Woods, herself, when I posted my arguments in favor of her model, because she wants to be the sole spokesperson of her model. [2]

Crazy political stuff that has nothing to do with science. Own worst enemy stuff.

In my view, the evidence points solidly to both phenomenon having been in play: demolition and dustification. Nether model alone satisfies all the data.

The demolition (not dustification) camp ignores things like:

  • It wasn't just buildings 1, 2 and 7 that went down that day. Building 3 was completely down to the ground level; most of Building 4 was gone down to the ground; at least half of 6 -- in an oval shape through the middle of it was gone, down to the ground.
  • The ambulance seen in front of WTC 1 or 2 on the sidewalk, covered in dust, not smashed, not buried in rubble from two 110 story buildings that just "fell" in its vicinity, with sidewalk visible (covered in dust). [3]
  • You can see the chunks of material going to dust as they fall.
  • Misshapen beams that resemble the Hutchison effect.
  • The category 3 hurricane Irene offshore that the news all but ignored.
  • The correlating Magnetometer readings.
  • The toasted metal effect.

The dustification (not demolition) camp ignores things like:

  • The squibs you can see ejecting from the building in advance of its fall.
  • The many explosions that were heard by hundreds of witnesses.
  • The sliced beams that match cutter charge work.

It seems to me that it was both, not one or the other. And we should stop squabbling and join together to more effectively expose this crime of the millennium.

(Sept. 10, 3:30 pm MDT)

I talked to Nancy Lazaryan, John Hutchison's wife, and she agreed to come on my show tomorrow with me to talk about this. She said John has shied away from talking about 9/11 because he doesn't like how awake people tend to want to blame him for what happened.

Be sure to tune in. Nancy brings a fresh perspective to this that explains how the buildings turned to dust. Has to do with resonance on the subatomic level. And the black ops have been playing with this stuff much longer than John has. See, for example, Preston Nickols -- predated John.

-- SilverThunder

Giant Russian Tesla Tower operational again

Relevance: Tesla > Directory:Giant Russian Tesla Tower Array

My question regarding this announcement is what "operational" means. What was the full purpose of this huge array? Is it achieving that full output? Is it just for show/entertainment, or does it have a practical purpose? [answer below]

EastGhost brought this to our attention:

Giant Russian Tesla Tower fully operational again — Cold War v2.0 - (dutchsinse; September 8, 2014)


The Russians built a giant “Tesla Tower” during the cold war. They now have reactivated the program, renovated the equipment, and fired up the facility for operational use.
The towers stand 57meters high (187 feet). The public tests show almost 200 foot long lightning bolts generated.

Image:Teslacoil-7_350.jpg Image:Teslacoil-11_350.jpg

- - - -


According to this report by RT, the array could power two cities the size of Moscow, but that is not its purpose. It was built to test the effect of lighting on various apparatus, such as planes, to make sure they are ready to meet lightning in the real world.

  • Thunder and lightning: For centuries mankind's been amazed as well as terrified at the threatening beauty of nature's fury. But these days it's actually been domesticated, and now we can even throw a thunderbolt at the push of a button, as Ilya Petrenko reports. (YouTube / RT; August 24, 2014)

Thanks to Yvonne Hanna for giving us that link.

-- SilverThunder 12:45, 9 September 2014 (UTC)

MES50 QMoGen appears to be for sale in Russia


  • Featured: Electromagnetic > QMoGen >
    MES50 QMoGen appears to be for sale in Russia - "The developer and the inventor of the electric power station, MES, have the ability to privately and at the expense of the customer, to build a demonstration model of the electric power station MES, which is 50kW, 400V, 50Hz for testing in production and living conditions of the customer." (PESWiki; September 8, 2014)

  • (YouTube / PESNetwork; September 5, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 15:27, 8 September 2014 (UTC)

Chrysler bought then blocked magnet fuel improvement technology


Relevance: Fuel Efficiency > Retrofits

Magnets attached to fuel lines have been claimed to improve fuel economy. This email from Rey I received today tells an interesting story about this.

From: "rey"
To: "sterling Allan"
Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2014 12:46 PM

Sept 7th 2014
1-Also could you put a sort of DIRECT link just above your BLOG re -- your Sunday classes
3-Also links for extended interviews (outside your radio shows)(extended interview with your father etc..)
Yep, many do not like your spiritual approach, but you know what? You are doing just fine! Those that are just nuts n' bolts will never get any results if they do not incorporate the GOD factor into their research. Scientists in the past had zero problems with that approach..
5-Magnets-get this- Yes, it did work on cars, if put on the fuel/injector' engine line that was made of metal. A chap figured this out -- got great results; sold his invention to Chrysler/Detroit and next year their new motors no longer had such lines where to put the magnets..
Go here to listen to this fascinating interview (1 hr). You could have her on one of your programs as well(they were selling magnets for water pipes,etc.. and were forced to close down by State of Wisconsin)
It is the radio show dated Aug 14th with Jackie Lyon* (click on Radio shows- archives)(1 hr)
Their website is here:
Yours, rey.....

Here's some follow-up correspondence:

From: "rey"
Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2014 6:40 PM
Subject: Re: No urban legend-deliberate collusion by car industry to squash magnet fuel efficiency

2-The MAGNET TO IMPROVE EFFICIENCY--not an urban legend. As per Jackie Lyon in her radio interview (18:40 mins onwards till 20:25)- people using fuel magnet for their cars years ago were getting up to 10,15 +30% more mileage;even some EPA reports(re Missouri) that cars had zero carbon monoxide emission. see interview Aug 14th - Jackie Lyon
Years ago, a guy (that was manufacturing these magnets for them) went to see the Detroit manufacturers to explain this technology-these magnets were put on the car fuel line just before it went into the carburator/fuel injector;then next year the auto industry all had changed their engines designs where there were no open lines to put on these magnets.
3-Go here to read the FAQ amongst other things as to why some magnets will or will not work.What to do and NOT TO DO. (successors of the Albert Roy Davis Lab(Davis passed away in 1984 and Rawls in 2009)-the real fathers of biomagnetism, based on real experimental science not just new age hype.

-- SilverThunder 19:58, 7 September 2014 (UTC)

35 kW QMoGen Photo?

This is the photo Steve posted to the forum. (Click on image for enlargement.) He said: "That's only the output section."
This is the photo Steve posted to the forum. (Click on image for enlargement.) He said: "That's only the output section."

Relevance: Electromagnetic > QMoGen

Yesterday, I posted Rob's video showing his unsuccessful attempt to build a QMoGen based on what he's seen. When he posted that to the Q-Mo-Gen Yahoo!Group discussion forum, almost immediately, Steven Spacik chimed in.

I have to give you just a bit of background.

Steven is the first one who presented to us what I later coined the term "QMoGen" to describe, where the shape of the letter Q symbolizes "self-looped with energy left over". Being one who likes to give ideas a fair shake, I looked into his claim, but when he didn't provide any evidence, I shrugged it off as most likely bogus. This photo he posted yesterday is more than he provided before (nothing), and it appears to show a set-up that is quite dated. It's been outside where birds can poop on it, for more than a few weeks. There's no evidence that it actually ran, with more energy out than in, only his word that is was a net 35 kW system. It appears like a non-functional carcass of an experiment that didn't work right.

I have to say that now, after more than 58 separate inventors/groups have come up with a QMoGen design -- nearly every one of them seemingly independent of anyone else, acting as though they came up with the idea -- even though I have yet to see one working for myself, it seems to me like the genre is pretty solid.

That said, I don't know if I believe the claims of Steven about two or three houses having been powered continuously for some 20 years by units of this ilk that that he built. He says they (a 35 kW system) are for sale, that it takes him seven weeks to build one, costing $9000, and that he has a backlog of more than 600 orders. Here are some of the other things he said:

  • Many units built
  • No louder then drill at 1900 rpm
  • I have 25 years in this and 250k$
  • 35kw 250 amp is most popular system takes 48 volt 50 amp dc to run at load looper makes 72v 50 amp dc from 15% of the output
  • DC motor, AC generator. My circuit that takes AC power and makes [converts?] DC 220 volt, 30 amp AC, to 74v 50 amp DC.

He doesn't come across as a rational person, but as an extremely temperamental one. It's easy to say the wrong thing to him and set him off, true to the "eccentric inventor" stereotype.

Maybe this kind of eccentricity is one way of buffering the arrival of these technologies from the world until we stop deserving the tyranny we're getting and start deserving freedom, which FE devices engender. Or, Steve could just be full of B.S., as one of the forum members accused him.

-- SilverThunder 03:21, 7 September 2014 (UTC)

Ozbeau1968's unsuccessful QMoGen attempt

Relevance: Electromagnetic > QMoGen

Here's a brave soul who made a QMoGen attempt, but was unable to get it to work; yet he published a video anyway.

One observation I would make about possible reason is that the generator needs to be substantially larger than the motor. But maybe I'm assuming wrong. If the green unit is the motor, then the proportions are similar to what we've seen before.

To Rob, I'd say: "I realize this must be frustrating, but don't throw in the towel on experimenting. Remember Edison's hundreds of failures before he achieved Eureka. If you were driven to give this a try, you probably have a mission in this regard, and shouldn't give up so easily. Some day, someone is going to figure this out AND open source it."

  • My experiment in building a QMOGEN ,using 2x 8000/32000 watt LF 24 volt d/c power inverters connected to 2 x 10 x Maxwell 3000 farad 2.7 volt D/C Capacitors as a power storage. The PMA is a Dual Output unit built in the USA by Tony at Hurricane Wind Power and it was built for Micro Hydro use. As a self-educated on You-Tube "inventor" or Dreamer at present I have decided to stop my research and pursue other interests. My experiment didn't work! But I thought this video might inspire you to follow your dreams as well. Cheers, Rob
    P.s the system is 24 volt D/C (YouTube; August 25, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 13:30, 6 September 2014 (UTC)

United Precious Metals Association Conference

Relevance: Directory:Conspiracy


The UPMA has been providing cutting-edge leadership in using gold and silver as legal tender, having introduced legislation that has been adopted in Utah (UPMA started as "Utah...") and Oklahoma. UPMA enables customers and businesses to start using gold and silver in their day-to-day transactions now, not just holding onto it for when everything falls apart and society is forced into a barter situation. A couple of months ago, I recorded an introduction presentation Larry Hilton, the founder; and I hope to get that up soon.

They have developed a credit card for such transactions.

Today, I'm at a congress taking place in Salt Lake City, and was delighted to see three guys from the Global BEM (Breakthrough Energy Movement) conference in Boulder who had traveled to attend this conference: James Martinez, from LA; Darek Zurek, who hosted the Boulder Conference, opening his Days Inn to the event at the last minute; and Todd Kirchner, from Denver.

I thought I might as well broadcast/record the event. Apparently, my microphone is inadequate for properly picking up the audio, but you'll have to turn your speakers up all the way.

There are some great speakers lined up, including Sheriff Richard Mack. The keynote address at 6 pm will be by Utah Attorney General, Sean Reyes, Esq.

(They gave great presentations. Glad I went. Sean Reyes said, "I've got your back.")

Recording: My recording is very inadequate. Audio is awful (too low, most of the time, and with packet breaks). I've changed the viewing status to "unlisted". If you really want to check it out, here are the two links; but hopefully the videos done by a couple of other people with proper equipment will be publicly available, probably from the website.

Watch Live (over)

Invitation Letter
Dear UPMA Member,
We are excited to have many wonderful guest speakers, including Sheriff Richard Mack and Dr. Brian Domitrovic. Please note that our speakers will begin at 1:00 pm on the 5th.
As the event is free to the public, we would encourage you to invite your family and friends to attend as well.
For complete details please visit:
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the 5th.

Misc. Notes

-- SilverThunder 19:07, 5 September 2014 (UTC)

CDC Whistleblower Admits Vaccine-Autism Link: Mainstream Media Ignores

Relevance: Health > Conspiracy

A CDC whistleblower -- Dr. William Thompson, an author on a key article cited as a case for vaccines -- has come forward to say that some key data was knowingly (by all the authors and the CDC) omitted from the paper, which gives the opposite conclusion. Yet the mainstream media are ignoring this bombshell development (also complicit in the coverup, and should be held morally culpable).

Dr. William Thompson says there is a connection between mercury (thimerosal) in vaccines and autism. The CDC knew this and covered it up. And now the media propaganda machine patsies are culpable in propagating that coverup.

The most recent estimate states that in the US, up to 1 out of every 68 children, or 14.7 per 1,000, have some form of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). [4]

ACTION ITEM: Send a link about this to your local major media; get on the phone; ask why they are not covering it. Melt the phone lines.

  • Alex Jones is joined by Jon Rappoport about the latest vaccine scandal. (YouTube; September 4, 2014)

- - - -

  • Mike Adams interviews investigative journalist Jon Rappoport. (YouTube; Aug 29, 2014)


  • Nearly two dozen medical studies prove that vaccines can cause autism - Mainstream doctors and media pundits are notorious for claiming that the vaccine-autism debate is over and that no legitimate scientific evidence exists to suggest even a possible link between vaccinations and autism spectrum disorders (ASD): case closed. But a thoroughly-researched report recently published by Arjun Walia over at Activist Post reveals that there are at least 22 published scientific studies that show a link between vaccines and autism and that there are many more out there with similar findings. (Natural News; October 1, 2013)

-- SilverThunder 15:15, 5 September 2014 (UTC)

TWIFE™ -- Featuring David Puchta's Blew-Me Fuels from Saltwater


  • Featured: News > This Week in Free Energy™ / Puchta >
    TWIFE™ -- Featuring David Puchta's Blew-Me Fuels from Saltwater - Gaia-Energy team manufacturing Rosch buoyancy home power unit • FE News Disappears • HHO bubbled into drinking water for health • Best FE Aps • Hoverbike • Quant e-Sportlimousine approved for EU roads. Puchta announces the pending completion of his first customer contract of the Blew Me system that will produce fuel on-demand, on-board from algae and saltwater via a unit about the size of a long briefcase. (FreeEnergyNews; September 4, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 15:15, 5 September 2014 (UTC)

Gaia-Energy -- Global Association for Independent Energy & Altruism


  • What we do in the club GAIA? Our goal is to explore "free energy" technologies and harness. Do you also with and support us! Become a member and bring your skills actively. (YouTube; June 26, 2013)

-- SilverThunder 20:27, 4 September 2014 (UTC)

Demo tour schedule for Rosch buoyancy power system; home power units available for purchase?

Relevance: Buoyancy > Rosch

Be sure your read the content at the end of this post, announcing home power units available for purchase.

From: "New Energy Germany" <info (at)>
Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2014 6:38 AM
Subject: kinetic power plant

Hi Sterling,
Here [is some] news from the new kinetic power plant from company ROSCH and GAIA , a prototyp is built and it is possible to show it from 6.9.2014.
This device is small 2m high, but it is self-running and produce 300 W overunity.
Here are the link in German, you can translate it to English with Google translator.

Here is the Google translation of three of their most recent posts. I couldn't see a permalink for these.

RELEASE LIVE TOURS for AuKW (buoyancy power plant)
On 09/02/2014 in Announcements energy posted.
gaia-rosh-boost power plant-invitation-sightseeing-newsletter THE WAIT HAS WORTH!
We can finally give the green light for the dates for the inspections of the functional model of AuKW (buoyancy power plant).
Lt. current information from ROSCH is the 2m high functional model of the buoyant power plant about 300 watts excess produzieren.Das function pattern is started using a battery and then disconnected from that to sustain itself. Measurements can be followed live on site and also be tapped on the built measurement points even in case of need.
For some periods there are still places left.
The reservation options can be found under the description of each event

NO release LIVE TOUR / extension deadline
On 8/28/2014 in Announcements energy posted.
Our Last Newsletter containing information on signing up for LIVE TOURS a functional model of the AuKW (buoyancy power plant). We have also pointed out that our technical director, Christoph Beiser, at 27.08. will measure and examine the feature pattern in Belgrade.
gaia-rosh-boost power plant-invitation-sightseeing-newsletter All details of the test:
The functional model was launched with the help of a battery and then successfully disconnected from this order to get even. Then a halogen lamp with 50W was parallel connected successfully as a consumer. After a short duration, but before actual measurements were started, the compressor overheated because they are undersized for our functional prototype. Planned for continuous use specially designed diaphragm pumps were not yet delivered. Therefore, we could not successfully complete the test function. Conventional trade goods, such as the compressors used here hold the permanent load was not.
After intensive joint coordination is therefore clear to us:
We are aware of the responsibility over to our members and interested parties aware of any. We want to demonstrate a functioning model with security technology. This can not deliver ROSCH until tomorrow. Therefore, we need to take place on 30 and 31.08. be set Appointments unfortunately cancel. In return, we have the number of participants of all events from 06:09. increased to 25 and extend the registration deadline of 30.09.2014.
We cancel all reservations of 30 and 31.08. by email to everyone who had pre-booked a place.
We apologize for this decision. Since this is a feature pattern which also each visitor to show clearly that it produces more than used up, it is important that this function is exactly also ensured. Since the performance of the system is directly connected to their height, we move with this 2m high functional pattern on the border of the excess production.
Alternative Events:

LIVE TOUR - model buoyancy power plant
On 8/21/2014 in Announcements energy posted.
gaia-rosh-boost power plant-invitation-sightseeing-newsletter Within the framework of the joint project "lift power plant" provides us ROSCH provides a pattern of the power plant for tours.
It is a technically more advanced gläsernenes function model with easily transportable height of two meters. A predecessor of which was shown to the public in June for Congress in Munich for the first time.
The current model is optimized to run in island mode and leave an excess of power even at this height.
Of these, our techn. Conductor, Christoph Beiser personally convince the 08/27/2014 and release the function for pattern inspection.
ATTENTION: Just with positive measurements carried the seat confirmation of all viewings. We also inform parallel email newsletters and online!
Come Kuchl in Salzburg and see for yourself! Find all dates - subject to approval at 27.08. - For tours online on our website. The interest is high! Reserve your space NOW:
Saturday, 30/8/2014 10:00 to 21:00 clock
Sunday, 8/31/2014 10:00 to 21:00 clock
Saturday, 06.09.2014 10:00 to 21:00 clock
Sunday, 7/9/2014 10:00 to 21:00 clock
Monday, 9/8/2014 10:00 to 21:00 clock
Tuesday, 09/09/2014 10:00 to 21:00 clock
Wednesday, 10/9/2014 10:00 to 21:00 clock
Follow this link for more details and ordering your power plant:
PS: Unannounced visits may not have a chance to visit the feature pattern. We ask necessarily reservations of places offered.

If you click on that link at the end [English Translation by Google], note the wording:

This technology allows you to supply your household extensively and independently with sufficient electrical energy. Basis of the system is the consistent use of the physical laws of buoyancy in a meaningful control in conjunction with a special generator. No perpetual motion machine, but the consistent use of energy differences between two systems.
The authorization is valid only for a limited time and a limited number! We have created a unique opportunity to make now with your own little power plant in one or two family house electrically independent!

-- SilverThunder 23:10, 3 September 2014 (UTC)

Free Energy News Disappears


  • Featured: PES Newtork > Donate >
    Free Energy News Disappears - How would you feel if you were confronted with that headline? Or what if there were no headline, only the disappearance of our free energy news service because funds were insufficient to maintain it? Even as we are so close to the free energy quest finally materializing. (PESN; September 3, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 23:10, 3 September 2014 (UTC)

Quant e-Sportlimousine approved for EU roads

Relevance: Directory:QUANT e-Sportlimousine with nanoFLOWCELL drive

The DailyMail has posted an interesting article about the Quant e-Sportlimousine.

The sports car that runs on SALTWATER: Vehicle goes from 0 to 60mph in 2.8 seconds - and has just been approved for EU roads
  • Quant e-Sportlimousine's top speed is 217mph - equal to a McLaren P1
  • The car uses a saltwater flow cell system to power four electric motors
  • Water passes through membrane in tanks creating an electric charge
  • Two 200-litre water tanks can provide a range of 373 miles (600km)
  • The four-seater is 5.25 metres (0.4ft) long and 2.2 metres wide (7.2ft)
  • Price and sale date yet to be confirmed, but may cost more than £1m


Sports cars may not have the best reputation for being environmentally-friendly, but this sleek machine has been designed to reach 217.5 mph (350 km/h) – using nothing but saltwater.
Its radical drive system allows the 5,070lbs (2,300kg) Quant e-Sportlimousine to reach 0-60 mph (100 km/h) in 2.8 seconds, making it as fast as the McLaren P1.
After making its debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show in March, the saltwater technology has now been certified for use on European roads.
The 920 horsepower (680 kW) Quant e-Sportlimousine uses something known as an electrolyte flow cell power system to power four electric motors within the car.
It works in a similar way to a hydrogen fuel cell, however, the liquid used for storing energy is saltwater.
The liquid passes through a membrane in between the two tanks, creating an electric charge. This electricity is then stored and distributed by super capacitors.
The car carries the water in two 200-litre tanks, which in one sitting will allow drivers to travel up to 373 miles (600km).
NanoFlowcell AG, a Lichtenstein-based company behind the drive, is now planning to test the car on public roads in Germany and elsewhere in Europe as the company prepares for series production.
It claims the technology offers five times the energy capacity of lithium-ion batteries of the same weight.
'We've got major plans, and not just within the automobile industry,' says NanoFlowcell AG Chairman of the Board Professor Jens-Peter Ellermann.
'The potential of the NanoFlowcell is much greater, especially in terms of domestic energy supplies as well as in maritime, rail and aviation technology.'


-- SilverThunder 03:16, 2 September 2014 (UTC)

OT: Honesty

Relevance: Directory:Spirituality

I finally got this video up from last week.

  • Honesty - Homer Workman joins me for a chat about honesty, government, what to say when the wife asks "do I look fat in this?", going with a higher principle of acknowledging the amazing person she is. In looking up "honest" in the lexicons, we discover the amazing coincidence that "homer" is right before it in the concordance, and my SSN is right before it in the NT lexicon. (August 24, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 18:31, 1 September 2014 (UTC)

Rainmaker in the Ridge

Rainmaker at Lightning Ridge NSW, 15 August 2014Photo from Peter Stevens. Click for enlargement.
Rainmaker at Lightning Ridge NSW, 15 August 2014
Photo from Peter Stevens. Click for enlargement.

Relevance: Weather Control > Peter Stevens

Our friend, Peter Stevens, from Australia, who has been working on rainmaking technologies for the decade I've known him, got some favorable press last week:

Rainmaker in the Ridge
Aug. 24, 2014, 1 a.m.
If you happened to drive past the Lightning Ridge Outback Resort last week you were probably wondering what the big mirror dish with bright lights on the front lawn was.
It was not a UFO but something far more exciting to a region crippled by drought.
What you saw was Peter Steven’s rainmaker, which he believes brought about that lovely rain on the weekend.
Peter has been working perfecting his machine ever since he was introduced to the technology by a fellow inventor Jack Toyer.
After Jack passed away his family handed the machine on to Peter.
They explained Peter was the only person who understood and encouraged old Jack when others just scoffed and laughed.
Thirty years on Peter says he is now making rain with 100 per cent accuracy.
Peter says when he predicts rain, working in conjunction with the machine, rain is what you get. Just as he did last week.
Now Peter thinks Jack is getting the last laugh.
The machine works by reflecting sun rays during the day, heating lights at night.
With the aid of magnets this forms a vortex of negatively charged ions in the atmosphere.
This causes clouds to build up resulting in rain.
The vortex takes up to 28 days to unwind during which time it continues to cause rainfall.
There is always plenty of moisture in the air even when skies are blue.
Last week, Peter was in Lightning Ridge to help a farm 150 kilometres away.
The farmer commissioned him to save his crop, rain fell at Lightning Ridge within 36 hours.
Many of you will remember when Peter was here last time August 2009 when he flooded the place giving welcome relief from the drought.
Peter also used the rainmaker from Bourke in January 2013 to welcome more rain.
Peter is genuine in his concerns for our struggling farmers.
He only asks a fee to cover expenses and a donation for rain received.

-- SilverThunder 13:42, 1 September 2014 (UTC)

Role of Free Energy in Empowering Society

Relevance: Directory:Spirituality

Those of you who don't get into spiritual things will want to pass on this one. It's my (Graduate program for the remnant) presentation from August 31.

  • A look at the words around "tithing" in the lexicons. Ramifications for wealth, tyranny, good works, thought as a creative process. Giving 10% is a good start, but what about giving 100% to the cause of bringing about good on Earth? Discussion about role of exotic free energy technology to facilitate the metamorphosis of society.

-- SilverThunder 04:44, 1 September 2014 (UTC)

HHO bubbled into your drinking water for health/healing

An HHO generator adds oxyhydrogen to the drinking water in the large carafe, left, using the black hose and a small pump. This process is approved by the FDA.
An HHO generator adds oxyhydrogen to the drinking water in the large carafe, left, using the black hose and a small pump. This process is approved by the FDA.

Relevance: HHO > Health

Brother Andrew of sent this:

Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2014 1:46 PM
Subject: [Hydroxy] Hydroxy Gas bubbled into your drinking water

The same Hydroxy Gas used to save you gas, or run engines 100% in the future also can be bubbled into our drinking water creates micro clustered structured water for healing all cells in your body!
Interesting videos and reading on how drinking hydrogen and oxygen bubbled drinking water cleanses your blood and heals your cells. Same as the high ph Kangan water drinking machines work. Healing Kangen Water
Healing Kangen Water - MiraCule Water System, contains ORME gold (monoatomic gold) Known to reverse the aging process! ON SALE $1,600 BUY NOW! Enjoy A ORME Te...

Hydrogen Charged water 2 years now.Helping people in every WAY!!!!!
  • Google Hydrogen charged water Special !! Thanks to (Spodie Odie) I got in to this 3 years ago. (YouTube; August 20, 2014)

and George Wiseman talking about it :
Brown's Gas for Health 1 of 5 ~ Intro
Video 1 ~ Introduction to the quick and dirty Brown's Gas for Health video series.
Posted by:

- - - -

In looking for an image to go with this post, I came across this text by Joe Shea who does HHO Games. This text should accompany the image shown here, but it was too long to include in the caption.

May 17, 2009 - Because of our focus on HHO for cars and trucks, we often forget that it offers great promise as a new way to heal our planet - and ourselves. At a meeting with HHO pioneer Bill Lang in Clearwater over the weekend, I finally got my hands on one of his water hydrogenators, which are HHO kits that pump only the gas from the kit into a vessel for drinking water and other uses. Ever since I tasted electrolyzed water, which has been approved for human use by the FDA, at the Feb. 7-9 HHO Winter Games; I've been hoping to have one of my own at home. Now I do, and I'm happy to tell you that it is great stuff - I went to bed with a very happy stomach for the first time in a while! The technology caused quite a stir on the West Coast, when the Los Angeles Times wrote a huge front-page story for its Business section telling how maids at Santa Monica's posh Sheraton Delfina are using it to wash floors, guests are using it to drink, and doctors are using it to slow infections on human wounds. Meanwhile, by reducing acidity it helps plants grow, and we think that using it in water with algae blooms may help restore the water to its ideal state. It has a rich full taste, and a guest who had a throat problem remarked that it felt much better than the stuff he usually drinks. The technology they use at the hotel uses a membrane and a rheostat to alter the acidity of the water their machine produces, so that one with lower current at the negative anode is more acid - for floors and dishes washed without soap - and the other uses more current to produce more hydrogen to cut acidity and raise ph factor, for drinking and treatments of wounds. You can contact Bill at

-- SilverThunder 21:20, 31 August 2014 (UTC)

American Visionary Art Museum to feature Tesla, Pond, others

Photo I took of Dale Pond's device at the TeslaTech 2014 conference.
Photo I took of Dale Pond's device at the TeslaTech 2014 conference.

Relevance: Events / Directory:Nikola Tesla / PowerPedia:Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

From: Pond Dale
Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2014 12:37 PM
Subject: Dynaspheres as art

Dynaspheres as art - American Visionary Art Museum
We are very proud to announce one of our Musical Dynaspheres will be featured on display at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. The exhibit opens in October 4th, 2014 and runs through August 30th, 2015. Click to download the press release (pdf):
Life, Light, Love & Laughter,
Dale Pond
Pond Science Institute

-- SilverThunder 19:11, 31 August 2014 (UTC)

Best Free Energy Applications


  • Featured: Best Exotic FE >
    Best Free Energy Applications - A listing, in a prioritized, strategic way, of the best applications for exotic free energy technologies, when they become available. Criteria include: To promote freedom and independence from the corrupt powers-that-be; To support emergency preparedness; To empower the individual; To support societal infrastructure (PESWiki; August 30, 2014)

-- SilverThunder 03:46, 31 August 2014 (UTC)


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