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Alternative Energy Events Over > 2006

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  • Summer 2006 > IX International Scientific Conference "Space, Time, Gravitation" in St. Petersburg, Russia. More information on this page. Contact: Sergei Arteha sergey.arteha - at -
  • Oct. 16-19 > Solar Power Conference (.com) - San Jose, CA. The largest business-to-business solar event in the U.S. Topics to include Nanosolar, Concentrating photovoltaics, Polymer solar water heating systems, Roof-integrated shingles, High efficiency cells, "Smart" inverters; Extension to the U.S. Federal tax credits, Green building standards, Carbon credits.
  • May 7-10 > Clean Cities Congress and Expo 2006 - Phoenix, AZ, USA. "Fueling Economic Solutions" is both the theme and focal point for this year's Congress and Expo, as our presenters and exhibitors drive home the business case for alternative fuels.
  • June 16-18 > Renewable Energy Conference in Norther Michigan, by Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association.
  • June 21 – 23, 2006 > EnergyOcean 2006 Registration and Call For Papers - California, USA. Now accepting abstracts for this year’s conference and exhibition. An opportunity to be recognized as a technology leader in the emerging renewable ocean energy market – offshore wind, tidal & current, wave, OTEC, hydrates & biomass, and solar.
  • June 27-28 > Photovoltaics Summit 2006 - San Diego, CA USA. Designed for CEOs, chief technology officers, business development managers, R&D specialists, technology planners, engineers, sales and marketing executives and those from the finance community who are involved in the development, design, manufacture, application or promotion of photovoltaic technologies.
  • July 30 Joe Cell Seminar; Salt Lake City - Peter Stevens, from Australia, will give a five-hour workshop showing how to build a Joe cell, how to install it on a car, and how to run the car on the Joe cell -- with the car's fuel line disconnected (hopefully!). (PES Network; NEC)
    • NEC Announces Substitute Presentation for Joe Cell Seminar - Due to the lack of a validation of Peter Stevens' claims to run a vehicle on a Joe Cell with fuel line disconnected, substitute presentations on clean fuel conversions and the Proell effect are now planned for the July 30 seminar in Salt Lake City. (PESN; June 30, 2006)
  • March 5-10, 2006 > Bioenergy - I: From concept to commercial processes - This international conference to be held in Tomar, Portugal, will address challenges toward the production of bioenergy, and the research being conducted to solve the technical, scientific, and economical barriers to widespread adoption.
  • Feb. 15-16 Third International German Hydrogen Energy Congress - Essen, Germany. "We know that for the introduction of a new energy carrier, a time frame of about 50 years is needed in order to reach market penetration of about 10 %. After 30 years of basic research we are now at the threshold towards a market penetration of hydrogen."
  • Feb. 10-11 > Concept to Commerce: Emerging Energy Technologies Summit - Two-day event in Santa Barbara, CA, will bring together the greatest scholars, business leaders, financiers, engineers, and policy makers to discuss the development and creation of profitable and practical energy technology solutions.


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