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Alternative Energy Events Over > 2004

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  • Oct. 22-24 > Energy Technologies for the Future - Kisslegg, Germany, sponsored by Alolf Schneider. Approx. 20 speakers will address topics ranging from Vacuum Field Energy to electromagnetic and gravitative effects of UFOs as well as practical energy solutions.
  • Sept. 25 . . . Oct. 21 > Wind Power Workshops (Workshop Site) - Introductory and hands-on wind turbine installation courses to be held in North Carolina for all levels of interest, home, farm, and business applications. (Kinston Free Press)
  • Oct. 20 > Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference - Worcester, Mass, USA. The purpose of the summit is to showcase Massachusetts companies and organizations engaged in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell related activities, targeting government and congressional representatives, large corporate players, and the financial community.
  • Oct. 18-21 > Solar Power 2004 - San Francisco, CA. "Premier U.S. Conference and Expo."
  • (See Conference Report by PESN) Sept. 25-26 > New Energy Movement Conference: Courage to Change - Portland, Oregon, USA; How to overcome the political oppositions to new energy. Discussion of promising technologies on the horizon that will provide clean, inexpensive, decentralized and safe energy. Speakers include Greer, Valone, Nick Cook.
  • Sept. 22 > Biodiesel to be focus of Vermont conference - Biodiesel will be the main subject Sept. 22 during a nine-hour session jointly sponsored by several state agencies and departments along with private programs and associations. (Times Argus; Sept. 19)
  • August 28 - September 3, 2004 > World Renewable Energy Congress - Denver, Colorado
    • U.S. lags on renewable energy - 1,000 people from 90 countries gathered last week in Denver for 8th annual World Renewable Energy Conference, with its emphasis on practical solutions. Participants demonstrated that renewable energy is no longer pie-in-the-sky but a practical answer to many energy problems. More could have been accomplished already if the U.S. government had embraced efforts as extensive and consistent as in Asia and Europe. (Denver Post; Sept. 6, 2004)
  • Aug. 27 > International Conference on Materials for Hydrogen Energy - Sidney, Australia. Delegates will include the inventors of the solar hydrogen process, Professors Akira Fujishima and Kenichi Honda. Both are frontrunners for the Nobel Prize in chemistry. Sponsored by the University of New South Whales.
  • August 21 > Ridgestock 2004 Music and Sustainability Expo - Sat. Aug. 21, Grass Valley, CA, USA, will include lecture at 12:45 pm by Brian O'Leary on "the 'Free Energy Movement,' to inspire people to become more proactive and educated about alternative energy sources such as cold fusion." (The Union; Aug. 20, 2004)
  • June 23-24 > Renewable Energy Finance Forum - Wall Street - to document the opportunities that exist in the RE finance market in the US and worldwide, inform the financial community about the key aspects of successful deals and risks to be avoided, and bridge the gap between the US and European RE finance.
  • June 28 - July 1 > World Hydrogen Conference - Tokyo Japan promoting the use of hydrogen as a new energy source and the full-fledged commercialization of vehicles running on hydrogen-based fuel cells.
  • March 24-25 > (mainstream) GlobalCon 2004 - Boston, MA, USA. "Decision makers from business, industry and government must now seek integrated energy solutions — solutions which assure both a secure and affordable power supply, and effective management of both energy and overall operational costs."


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