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ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference • Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

July 30 - August 3, 2014

This is a highlight event of the year.

Conference covers such topics as...

Tesla Technology • Magnetic Motors • Zero-Point Energy • Energy Saving Devices • Cosmic/Radiant Energy • Brown's Gas • Low Temperature Plasma • GEET • ElectroGravitation • ElectroMedicine • Magnetic Healing


Official Website

Preregistration Special

On September 23, 2013, Steve Elswick wrote:

Preregistration Opens! - 2014 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference

SAVE 40% Now! PreRegister Today! Note that we added 1 day to the conference!

Preregistration for the 2014 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference (Jul 30-Aug 3/ Albuquerque, NM) is ongoing. However, in order to receive the 40% discount, members must sign up before October 15, 2013!!!

Bring the family as well! It is a great time to share your ideas with those you love... who knows, you may be opening a door into their lives you never knew existed! Even if the Conference is not their cup of tea, Albuquerque itself is an interesting place to visit. Old Town is just down the street from the conference and gives you the flavor of the Old West. There's the famous tramway up Sandia Mountain, and other attractions nearby. You can stay a few extra days and make Albuquerque your hub to explore New Mexico. It's a great opportunity to expand your personal horizons... just beware of aliens if you travel to Roswell!

Save an additional 5% during the month of October with our Companion Special. Simply preregister TWO people at once to qualify. It can be yourself and your spouse, family member or a just a friend. Instead of a 40% discount... you will receive a 45% discount!

Those wishing to save and preregister now, please go to:

You can also call (520) 463-1994 or email

Speaker selection is ongoing ... If you know anyone who would be a good candidate for speaking, have them contact me immediately.

This year's conference will be held at the Embassy Suites Spa & Resort near downtown Albuqerque. Hotel registration has also begun. The hotel registration information is located at:

ExtraOrdinarily LOW Hotel Rates!... The conference site is at the Albuquerque Embassy Suites... with room rates at an eye-popping $94 per night which includes a suite, breakfast and internet! This combined with the extremely discounted registration fee makes this the most affordable alternative energy conference I've ever attended. Act today!

This year was a great conference and this one promises to be even better!!

See you next July! Bring a friend or two... or three! Thanks

PREREGISTER TODAY!!! CALL (520) 463-1994

or go to

We are also seeking sponsors and vendors at this time. If you are interested in being a sponsor or vendor, please contact Terry at (520) 463-1994 or

Call for Papers

Abstract Deadline: November 30, 2013

Speaker selection has started for the 2014 Extraordinary Technology Conference (July 30-Aug 3 ... Albuquerque, NM). ) This year's conference will be held at the Embassy Suites near downtown Albuqerque. We are seeking presentations on research and devices in the fields of:

  • Tesla Technology
  • Magnetic Motors
  • Zero-Point Energy
  • Energy Saving Devices
  • Cosmic/Radiant Energy
  • Brown's Gas/HHO
  • Low Temperature Plasma/GEET,
  • ElectroGravitation
  • ElectroMedicine
  • Health Supplements
  • Magnetic Healing
  • Extreme physics
  • Antigravity
  • and other extraordinary topics.

Presentations are selected on the basis of an ~250 word abstract. Abstracts should be clear, brief descriptions of investigations and conclusions. There will be a maximum of 16 sponsored speakers. Working devices always have priority. Papers must be original and unpublished as of the conference date.

A speaker kit with guidelines will be sent out upon selection of the speakers. Speakers selected are required to sign the appropriate copyright forms, complete the travel arrangement forms and submit a short bio with photos.

This is an excellent opportunity for speakers to meet others who share your interests, and attract possible funding. In addition to speaking, speakers are also encouraged to submit articles for potential publication in our membership magazine (ExtraOrdinary Science &Technology).

If you are remotely interested in speaking or even just submitting an article for our magazine, contact Steve Elswick immediately at (520) 252-0374 or .

Deadline: Abstracts must be submitted by November 30, 2013.

In the News

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    Preregistration Special / Call for Papers for ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 2014 - Steve Elswick writes: "Speaker selection has started for the 2014 ... Conference (July 30 - August 3). We are seeking presentations on research and devices in the fields of: Tesla Technology • Magnetic Motors • ZPE • Energy Saving Devices • Cosmic/Radiant Energy • ElectroGravitation, [ect.]." (PESWiki; September 24, 2013)


Publisher/Editor - ExtraOrdinary Technology
TeslaTech,Inc, 296 East Donna Drive, Queen Valley, AZ 85218
Order Hotline: (520) 463-1994


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