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ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference

Albuquerque, New Mexico • July 31-August 3, 2008

Conference reports, photo gallery and followups. Some of our New Energy Congress members who attended have also posted their thoughts and feelings on this year's Conference activities.

There were around 400 people that attended this years' Conference sessions.

"The 2008 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference is finally over, and it was great! Everyone had a great time, and it was apparent that between the speakers and networking, sleep deprivation ran rampant. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to go, DVDs are available.
A lot of effort went into video production this year. We had a five camera shoot for most of the segments, and a professional AV team who did live editing. As a result, we now have a set of high quality DVDs available of some of the most cutting edge technology available!
Finally, we have set the date for next year’s conference for July 30-August 2, 2009.
See you then!
-- Steve Elswick
Publisher/Editor - ExtraOrdinary Technology
520-463-1904 -

Miss the 2008 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference in Albuquerque New Mexico?

DVDs are available here
Members get an additional $50 Discount on Conference DVD sets until August 31, 2008


Official Website

ExtraOrdinary Topics Featured

Tesla Technology • Magnetic Motors • Zero-Point Energy • Energy Saving Devices • Cosmic/Radiant Energy • Brown's Gas • Low Temperature Plasma • GEET • ElectroGravitation • ElectroMedicine • Magnetic Healing

Photo Gallery

New Energy Congress Member, Michael Riversong served as MC and played both the harp and flute during opening of each day and during the evening socials.

2008 Presentations

An ExtraOrdinary Expedition

Brooks Agnew is preparing to lead a team of scientists to explore the Arctic Ocean and attempt to penetrate the earth.

Magnetic Plasma bullets and the Aurora Borial Stupa and 4th dimensional stargates. Toroidal earth magnetism. Find secrets behind the Aurora Borealis and X2 Radio Greenstar USA

References: Gaia-ometry

ExtraOrdinary Health Issues

Frequency generators, EMEM and Electro devices - Electrokinetics Electrokinetic Mechanisms

_ _ _ _

We all have parasites.
Wash vegetables for 15 minutes in mix of 2 caps vinegar or chloride bleach in water before eating.
Have loss of memory and neurological function? Test and treat for Tapeworms.
Don't kiss pets, unless you want transferred parasites!
Don't lie on a beach naked, unless you want to be infected by parasites.
Don't eat unclooked (pink) meat of any kind.
Don't eat Sushi or thick fish fillets that have not been thoroughly cooked.


_ _ _ _

3, 6, 9 s

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, to educate people around the world on matters of extreme public importance. For more than a quarter century, their growing list of offerings have endorsed taking personal responsibility for health choices, achieving optimal wellness, assuring disease prevention through positive lifestyles and risk avoidance, and keeping abreast of controversial social, economic, environmental, and political issues that pose myriad threats during this fascinating and challenging age.

The "Perfect Circle of Sound"


Note: We have been invited to work with Dr. Leonard Horowitz in producing his next video in Sandpoint Idaho.

ExtraOrdinary Research

  • Ron Nott - Lightning... Its Nature and Prevention
  • Ron Nott - Ron Nott is a noted RF Engineer and designer of lightning protection systems. EBS is proud to be a distributor of Nott LTD products including "Gila-Stat" Models.
  • Nott, Ltd. - Lightning and static electricity have been costly nuisances to the broadcast industry since it began. Lightning arresters, ball gaps and lightning rods have all been installed with the assumption that, sooner or later, one will have to take a strike, and with the hope that these devices will somehow protect the station's equipment.

The study of atmospheric physics shows that it is not necessary that a station ever be struck by lightning. Proper application of scientific principles can prevent a strike altogether by discharging the high voltage electric field that occurs during thunderstorms and other atmospheric disturbances.

Although enormous voltages develop, often exceeding 100,000 V, they can be discharged below the point where lightning occurs, thereby providing protection for a broadcast or communications facility.

The units dissipate the electricity and ionize the air and when they are working a blue glow appears around the unit. Ron has made these for 29 years and is getting out of the business and said we can make our own. None of these units ever failed to function.


_ _ _ _

"The speed of gravity is probably instantaneous."
An IPD could be used for de-orbiting satellites or keeping them on station.

_ _ _ _

Fuel History - Veggie oil - Worldbank - Petroleum industry - Prohibition to keep folks from growing their own fuel - Fuel Hierarchy Pyramid - Quantity over quality with wealth depleting economy burning hydrocarbon-based fuels. Choices -> multi-fuel vehicles, PHEVs and Electrics and fuel cell vehicles.

Choose local fuels first. Turn gas stations into fuel stores.

Currently, the technology exists to provide everyone the ability to use the cars and trucks of their choice with relatively “clean�? fuels.

Zero-Point Energy Technology

  • Thorsten Ludwig - Emerging European ZPE Technologies
  • Dr Thorsten Ludwig - Working with tuning fork tech for Casimir effect research. "To use the Casimir Effects for Energy, we have to move away from solid objects."

Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Switzerland, Great Britain - and other European countries are involved in New energy projects.

_ _ _ _


_ _ _ _

"There is a fundamental error in the 'Big Bang Theory'."

"There is no such thing as "Dark Matter" or "Dark Energy". The model is wrong."
"You can create mass from atoms."

10 Minutes Self organizing criticality by David Yurth #1
(YouTube; Jan. 15, 2008)

_ _ _ _

10 Minutes Self organizing criticality by David Yurth #2

  • David Yurth is a partner to A.E.R.O. (Dr Greer's energy movement organization) in this fascinating presentation, he goes on to describe how nature really works, due to the supression of the discovery of the sub quark in the mid 80's the scientific community has been lead down the wrong path, hence the ongoing problems with the standard model of the atom. Sit back and let your mind absorb this amazing presentation!!! (YouTube; Jan. 15, 2008)

_ _ _ _


Alternative Energy Technology

  • Moe-Joe Cell - 'When Moshe Daniel, the inventor & designer of the Moe-Joe, first heard about the Joe Cell technology, he immediately began thinking of a spherical design. Knowing about the Joe Cell, it just seemed to make much more sense that a spherical design would be more energy efficient, and even smaller. Moshe named the spherical cell the Moe-Joe cell in honour of the basis of the technology coming from Joe and also after his first name - Moshe aka Moe. But mostly, the Moe-Joe was named because we all just want to be able to say that We Got Our Moe-Joe Working!!

7.51 Minutes Water Car Moe-Joe Cell Car Installation Video

  • Here Moshe Daniel demonstrates how one can connect the Moe-Joe cell to the vacuum intake of the car. (YouTube; Feb. 24, 2008)


_ _ _ _

"Any "garbage" heat is gold for Coolerado."

PESWiki Page on the M-Cycle

_ _ _ _

"Science is not exempt from Pournelle's 'First Law of Business'."
The goal in Solar power is to get down to $1 per kW.

ExtraOrdinary Challenges

"Magnetic Light is the same as Zero Point Energy. How do you work with either a Zero or a Point? You can't. You can work with Magnetic (Super) Light."
SuperLight is magnetic light. In other words, it is magneto-electric radiation while regular light is electric light or electromagnetic radiation. There is parity or symmetry in the Universe, everything has an equal and opposite mirror–image counterpart, the Ying and the Yang, right and left, matter and anti matter, the electron and the positron. Why not light?
"Black Holes are radiant beams of Magnetic Light. Magnetic Light is 10 billion times faster than he speed of light."
"Ether is not static, it is dynamic."
"Gravity is not intrinsic to matter."
"The body is electric. The spirit is magnetic."

"Bone marrow contains Ormus atoms. That is why Jewish mothers use a whole chicken to make chicken soup to cure colds. The spirit gets cured first, then the body."
"Orgone blankets are magnetic generators. They turn the spirit into a magnetic capacitor."

Growing Gold/Rhodium Magnetite makes plants grow. Leaves naturally produce funnels for sunlight to collect in plants. Feathers on birds have a similar structure for capturing sunlight to use energy. The sun breaks magnetism into north and south monopoles. North goes into the leaves, South goes into the soil. The Chlorophyl process brings them together in the plant, creating growth. Adding Magnetite to "dead" soil allows plants to not just grow, but to flourish. Yes, there were slides shown of phenomenal growth where plants had to be taken outside because they had gotten too large for indoors.
John Mileski showed how he can extract rhodium from black sand ($20 USD per ton) in a microwave oven and get nodules of rhodium worth $10,000 USD per ounce. He burned up his microwave because it takes 45 minutes for the process. He has since moved operations to bigger machines.

And he should trademark this - "Magnetic water - Starbucks for the Soul."


_ _ _ _

Using living things as a foundry and for bioremediation.

Chemically binding gold crystals with bio creating quantum dots.

A walk through nanotech to wingless flight with lots of pictures. Charles Ostman has seen it all and been a deep part of the action. The UFOs are now IFOs.


_ _ _ _

8.24 Minutes Battle at Kruger

  • Lacking "Common Sense", the herd saves the calf from the crocs. (YouTube; May 3, 2007)

"Vitamin C is an electron scavenger." He created a new term known as "in virtualis" to go along with his Protonic Electronic Ionic Photonic Molecular Calculator (Preliophic Moleculator). He would like to circumvent the action of the T cells that are causing misspelling in molecules causing Kaposi's sarcoma and activates Epstein Barr Virus. There are at least 39 diseases that affect memory.


Note: At the GEET Workshop August 3, 2008, we were finally able to get a good phone connection with Paul Pantone.


Other Coverage


Conference Location

UNM Student Union
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131

Publisher/Editor - ExtraOrdinary Technology
520-463-1904 -


TeslaTech,Inc, 296 East Donna Drive, Queen Valley, AZ 85218
Order Hotline: (520) 463-1994


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