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Event: Free Energy House & Car Contest for 2014 Evolve Expo

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Event organizer, Larry Cooper, plans to build a home inside the Expo center to demonstrate the best exotic free energy technology presently capable of powering a home.Image Credit (unrelated):
Event organizer, Larry Cooper, plans to build a home inside the Expo center to demonstrate the best exotic free energy technology presently capable of powering a home.
Image Credit (unrelated):

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
December 1, 2013

We've been tracking the exotic free energy sector for 11.5 years, running the best news and directory service on the web in this sector. While we don't know of anything available for sale for home power or for powering a car YET, there are now several companies with technologies far enough along to at least demonstrate these capabilities; and some of those may actually be ready for sale soon. So with Larry Cooper, who is organizing the upcoming 2014 Evolve Expo in Denver from February 21-23, 2014 at the National Western Show Complex in Denver, Colorado, USA, offering to build an exhibit space to demonstrate home power capability, as well as have a car to demonstrate car power technology, we at the New Energy Systems Trust (NEST), working in conjunction with Larry Cooper, decided to run a contest for these two categories.

Who has the best home-power technology, and who has the best car-power technology?

The criteria for rating the submitted exotic and breakthrough energy inventions for use with and in the home and the car have been posted with our November 30 story about this contest (Home | Car). The criteria include: How exotic is the idea, What is the efficiency, How practical is it, How close to development, What is the cost, and Has it been validated?

We also posted a crowdfunding campaign to get a kitty of funds to award the winners. Maybe if the kitty gets high enough we might entice a company that until now has been under the radar to step forward. We would like the kitty to be high enough to be able to provide a great award for those who are ahead of this world-changing game.

The winners of the "Free Energy House" and “Free Energy Car" contests will each receive 25% of the funds raised. The second and third place prize winners (in both the House and Car category) will receive 15% and 5 %, respectively, with the remaining 10% being split between NEST and Indiegogo (fees).

The winner of the contest for the Free Energy House will receive a free booth at the Expo and their device/technology will be the one selected to power the “Free Energy” Exhibit House to be built at the National Western Conference Center.

There will also be a winner for the “Free Energy Car" contest where efficiency-improving and pollution-free technologies will be displayed. Ideally, the winner technology will be able to power the vehicle with no plug-in or fuel required, drawing energy from the wheelwork of nature. The “Free Energy” car will be part of the “Green Transportation” area of the Expo.



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James Schmidt, VP of NEST

Sterling Allan

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