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Event:2013:Yildiz Magnet Motor Demos

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Muammer Yildiz sits at his booth at the Inventors Expo in Geneva, April 12, 2013. (Photo by Sterling D. Allan)
Muammer Yildiz sits at his booth at the Inventors Expo in Geneva, April 12, 2013. (Photo by Sterling D. Allan)

EXCLUSIVE: Hotlink to Blog below

Update (as of July 3, 2013): Though Mr. Yildiz' recent demo of his all-magnet motor at the Inventors Expo in Geneva, Switzerland, from April 10-14, fell far short of expectations due to a mechanical failure after just 4.5 hours of continuous running and no back-up ready to go; nevertheless many evidences were shown that it really is a magnet motor. The next demo, allegedly of a 5 kW system that Yildiz opted at the last minute not to bring to Geneva, was scheduled to be scientifically tested by Chava Energy in June. The ~June 18 test in Germany did not occur because the motor was not working properly after reassembling it upon arrival. The next attempt will most likely be in Izmir.

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Intro last updated: March 29, 2013

This page is to provide an updated chronicle of events pertaining to the test of Muammer Yildiz' All-Magnet Motor at the Inventors Expo in Geneva, Switzerland from April 10-14, 2013. At least three universities will be involved in observing and documenting the demonstrations done there. After the Geneva expo, Mr. Yildiz plans to have the motor(s) tested in a university lab, in a more controlled environment. Yildiz is very determined to achieve vindication, after all these years of people questioning his technology and his motives.

As these things are accomplished, the scientific world will have to revise their models of physics that predict that such a motor is impossible. Also, Yildiz will have the verification he needs to bring this to market. He may also do an open license (allowing people download plans, build a company, remit royalty once commercial) on the lower power version in the range of 1 kW.

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Recap of Demo Evolution
  1. Presentation at Eindhoven TUe in 2009 - It was planned for 5 hours. But then after 45 minutes, the professors decided that it was enough.
  2. Demo at University of Delft; April, 2010 - The motor is shown turning a fan at a high speed, and no wires can be seen going to the device; then the device is disassembled in front of the group.
  3. At first, planned from at least November, the demo was going to be a 3-day, public event at a hotel in the last week of January, 2013.
  4. Then, around January 16, it was going to be a 30-day test at a university; that negotiations took too long, with the university changing their conditions, expecting to be able to look inside the motor, which is proprietary, rather than just measuring the torque coming from the shaft for a period more than amply long to rule out any hidden storage mechanism.
  5. On March 11, the focus shifted to the Geneva demo, April 10-14, 2013.
  6. The April 10-14 demo in Geneva lasted 4.5 hours on the first day prior to a mechanical failure that prevented continuous running.
  7. A lab-based, scientific testing of a 5 kW system was scheduled for June 8, 2013 in Izmir, Turkey. It has been postponed, due to things not being adequately prepared in time.



Listing of developments, most recent first. (MDT = GMT-7)

December 29, 2013: Why it's taking so long

  • Top FE Inventor Updates - In getting ready for tonight's interview on Coast to Coast AM, I send out an email last night to the inventors whose technology I hope to at least mention, asking them if they have any updates they can provide. (Free Energy Blog; December 29, 2013)

December 12, 2013: Caution from German investor

  • Response from Mustafa Sagdic magnet motor group - Our project can be Partner or Sponsor. The magnetic motor will produce 10 kW, 20 kW, 50 kW, 100 kW. 1) 500 000 USD. along with the deal (Partnership agreement). 2) $ 1,000,000. R & D and mass production is required. If you accept these conditions, partnership can be discussed with you. [Caution from another associate.] (Free Energy Blog; December 12, 2013)

October 31, 2013: This Week in Free Energy

October 25, 2013: Turkish Expo Videos Posted

Halil posted the following videos from the Turkish Expo.

Expo Innovation Turkiye 2013 - 1

Shows a newer design being put together, and spun, but not running. Duration: 1:56 minutes.

- - - -

Expo Innovation Turkiye 2013 - 2

Shows the main motor spinning continuously at fairly high speed. Video duration: 1:24 minutes.

- - - -

Expo Innovation Turkiye 2013 - 3

While the main motor can be heard running in the background, this videos shows the other motor spinning by hand, slowly, not maintained. Video duration: 36 seconds.

- - - -

TRT HABER TV - From live broadcast

Shows TV footage, with Yildiz starting the motor.

- - - -

Sterling's Comment: It seems in these videos that Yildiz has a nice, satisfied smile on his face, in contrast to the concerned look he had at the Geneva expo. He seems happy with the performance of the main motor.

I wish he would have tried running it continuously. But that didn't seem important to him. He was hoping to demonstrate it to the Turkish Prime Minister. I don't know if that happened.

-- SilverThunder 04:52, 29 October 2013 (UTC)

October 25, 2013: Where's TurXotor?

Halil TURKMEN: Turxotor is not attending to the expo... We could't see them.

Sterling D. Allan: correct

Sterling D. Allan: how's your booth going?

October 18, 2013: Booth Number

Halil TURKMEN: Hi Mr. Allan, the info arrived today : Hall 9, Booth M131

Sterling D. Allan: thx
what are you going to demo?

Halil TURKMEN: I don't have more personal information. All I know, is what I have written; the dates and the place of the expo... Other details are known and planned by YILDIZ.

October 12, 2013: Yildiz to Attend Turkish Expo

Relevance: Magnet Motors > Yildiz Demo

Last month, we made this announcement:

And I created a blog page at Event:2013:TurXotor_Demo with shortcut domain name: to forward to that page.

Then this morning, Halil Turkmen, Muammer Yildiz' associate, told me by Skype that Mr. Yildiz will be attending that Expo.

He said: "I think this is the first time for Muammer to show his prototypes to the public in Turkiye."

-- SilverThunder 20:37, 12 October 2013 (UTC)

September 14, 2013: June 15 Test a Fiasco

I just approved a comment that was just submitted by frankeren to this page saying: "I just read a small report about the test with Chava Energy on June 15th near Berlin, from Ward van der Houwen, the documentary maker that was also present in Geneva. It says Yildiz set up an engine driving a generator that connected with a set of 220 volt lamps. When they started the engine it ran for about 30 rev's and then stopped. Yildiz disappeared in his bungalow with the engine. The next morning Yildiz was gone..."

Report in Dutch:

Here is a Google translation (slightly edited):

The test of the Yildiz Engine on 15 June was a "fiasco"
Mr . Yildiz, with a new, improved version of his magnet motor, [showed up to do a demonstration of it at] the complex of Chava Energy near Berlin, and there was also a new engine -- at first glance even simpler than the version before.
Meanwhile, the crew of Chava Energy (the host of the test in an old GDR "Funk Test" complex) worked day and night on the test rig, consisting of two truck engine alternators on a torsion balance sheet structure, with a 1 meter long arm on the scales -- quite elegant. The dynamos [were set up to be] driven [by the magnet motor], [to then pass through] an inverter to [power a] load [consisting of] an entire row 220V floodlights.
Everything was ready on Saturday 1400 hr ...
However, when Mr. Yildiz gave a small demo of the engine, [it turned maybe] 30 [revolutions] and eventually stopped ... Not good. [Mr. Yildiz] fumbl[ed with the] settings, and then continued back to the bungalow, where [he] remained ... and .... and evening at the BBQ: No Yildiz. However, an apologetic Murat ... If tomorrow [they] would not succeed, then maybe [they could do] a test in Turkey ... Nothing about a second serious offer to test [at] a University next week ... in Europe.
And In the morning they were gone ... It was exactly as I had predicted. The Turkish "inventor" himself hopes that his invention will work if he plays with me and follows his intuition.
Remains the mysterious first silver demo bike I've seen myself yet run. [(In reference to something Chava displayed at the BBQ?)] And Dr. Duarte, who [steadfastly stands] behind the engine is ... also [collegial at the] bbq -- great people (evening bowls and chanting from the outbuildings), stories of rete - intelligent people, Dirac equations, electron-spin from the electron viewed, and also normal, intelligent-looking, but much faster-derived people, on visiting aliens and the third phases of death.
In short: beautiful recording material. A weekend of haste and stress, belief and disbelief, disappointment and anger .... and yet especially so much hope ....
On to the next test, but again .... Next Episode of "Turkish dreams" ...

I say kudos to Chava Energy for putting forth a yomen effort. Hopefully one of these days Yildiz will be vindicated.

As for now, it looks like Murphey's law is working against the emergency of this technology any time soon, if at all. -- Sterling

Tuesday, July 23, 2013; "Sorry for Silence"

I recieved the following via Halil through Skype just now:

[9:35:53 AM] Halil TURKMEN: Dear Mr. ALLAN, I received a notification from Mr YILDIZ yesterday. He requested to put it on facebook, twitter and the web page. I wanted you to be informed:

Here is the english text:

Dear Followers,

Currently, Mr Yildiz is very busy, working on development of his machine.

We apologize in advance that we will not be able to update you during this period.

As soon as the work is completed, we will share the progress with you.

Thank you for your understanding.



[9:37:09 AM] Halil TURKMEN: Since the test in Berlin, this is the only official text that we share... He cannot have the time even to talk to me, I cannot see him for this period. I hope he can inform us soon about the updates.

Sunday, June 30, 2013; Problems Prevented Test

The ~June 18 test in Germany did not occur because the motor was not working properly after reassembling it upon arrival. The next attempt will most likely be in Izmir.

Sunday, June 2, 2013; Test Will Be Announced After Successful

Yildiz does not wish to announce the test date ahead of time, nor have a live webcam going while it runs. Only after a successful test will the results be announced.

Turkey is presently in a state of civil unrest that is spreading throughout the nation. See CNN, search "Turkey". It started with a small protest in Istanbul on May 28 over a plan to raze a park to put in a shopping mall, and has enlarged to a protest against excessive use of force by the police and unrest about the government's tyrannical response. Like a match lit to a tinder box.

See Wikipedia:2013_protests_in_Turkey

Tuesday, May 28, 2013; Chava Test Postponed

  • The June 8 date by Chava Energy will be pushed back, due to things not being adequately in place to meet that previously scheduled test date. Info still pending for new date.

Friday, May 17, 2013; 3:30 pm MDT; Silence for a Reason

Halil gave the following remark in response to what I posted at 12:30 am

[2:54:09 PM] Halil TURKMEN: It's not correct !
[2:54:38 PM] Halil TURKMEN: We stay silent because of some reasons that we don't tell at the moment
[3:23:36 PM] Halil TURKMEN: "License costs and royalties are not shared yet"
[3:25:17 PM] Halil TURKMEN: "15 years is not a loss; it was the time needed to develop the technology"
[3:27:13 PM] Halil TURKMEN: "Business is not the profession of the inventor. It will be done by the professionals who want to help him with 100% loyalty"
[3:28:14 PM] Halil TURKMEN: "The magnetic rotator will pass the test; but some people won't"
[3:28:22 PM] Halil TURKMEN: That's the summary

Friday, May 17, 2013; 12:30 am MDT; Dropping in Top 5

In Top 5 Tracking we noted that we moved Yildiz down to #5 because of not being able to get out of own worst enemy mode.

The June demo may be pushed back.

People are coming in to talk licenses, but people want to do their own tests. Furthermore, his terms of license fee and royalties are so high that it turns most people off. He needs to let someone else run the business end of the company. 15 years of not bringing this to market should be a signal to him that what he is doing in business is not working.

Saturday, May 4, 2013; Word on Demo Letdown

See also this video at time stamp 8:53 where Yildiz lets someone try to stop the motor by grabbing the shaft and seems to burn their hand in the attempt.

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