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Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
December 17, 2013

For many years, Mike Kantz has been experimenting with various unusual electromagnetic configurations, and he's come up with some very interesting effects. Not only that, but he has a real gift for presenting his material in a highly appealing eye candy way.

In a recent trailer video he posted about a new product their adding to their line of products, he asks the question: "What if bifilar coils and toroids were combined?" He then answers that with the topic of the trailer: "T2. Coming soon."

Most of his machines operate on input in the low 10-15W input range, such as from solar panels, and amplifies the ability to charge batteries from those panels via frequency pulse charging of the chemical storage batteries, similar to what John Bedini does.

Everything Mike builds and sells is custom machined from the ground up, not using off-the-shelf motors or generators. I've had him listed in our QMoGen page, but it's a bit of a stretch since those are usually off-the-shelf motors and generators combined. However, Mike's systems, available as kits you can purchase, may shed some light behind the reasons why QMoGens work.

They provide a professional, comprehensive, assembly manual with exploded view mechanical drawings, wiring schematics, diagrams, photos & tips. Below is a sample page from their manual.

During the holidays, they're offering a 10% off sale on all kits. Be sure to mention that you heard about them from PES, and maybe we can get an ongoing discount for our PES audience.

I asked Mike how many kits they've sold so far. He replied: "42 kits sold in the past 16 months (sales period to date) including QC, Q2 and Q3 models with a few upgrade kits, with 75% of most recent sales being international."

I asked him "What percentage of people who buy the kits actually assemble them?"

He replied: "As far as I am aware from the standpoint of our free technical support, I would say 100%."

Mike said: "It's open source to the point of no patents and system modification, but [we] do not publish sets of building plans."


Official Websites


T2 Motor Generator Preview



  • New Configuration of Q Series Generator for use with low power solar input for charging lead acid batteries in a superior manner. (YouTube; June 1, 2013)


"The Q2 will self-loop for a few hours, and can power a small load, while the Q3 is designed for charging purposes."

Sample: Q3 Assembly Manual p7

"[This is] page 7 in the extensive "Mechanical Drawing" section of the 26 page Q3 Assembly Manual. This is an example of how thorough[ly] we cover identification and assembly. It should be enjoyable building an energy machine. At least that's my opinion."



Home Power Station

From: Mike Kantz
To: Sterling Allan
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 3:41 PM
Subject: Re: Q. for Dad's 1 kW solar system


Take a look at my video "Home Power Station" . It shows a practical application of renewable integration at my own residence. This particular setup utilizes a Q3, but the Q2 will work as well. The video will answer your questions in a better manner.

I have not asked my customers for testimonials because some are fellow researchers, while others only desire the output function for practical use. They are all free to correspond directly with me at any time, which they actually do, yet seem to prefer public anonymity. Some are even in remote island locations. There is one individual that I have mentioned to you that posted his entire Q2 build process at Stefan's as I had previously stated. He probably wouldn't mind at all since he's already quite visible, but you'll have to contact him personally. He goes by the name of Scorch. Here are a couple links.

The first is a short running demo of his Q2. The second being one (at of many threads showing Q3 conversion process from same Q2.



Update: December 7, 2013

Lately, I've been testing and evaluating the T2 prototype for its extent of overunity potential and system looping. It seems the dual toroids hold an interesting key. The production model will most likely be a Dual Disrupter High Voltage Capacitive Discharge machine (that's a mouthful) with separate built-in battery rejuvenation capability as well. The natural inductive spike output of the collapsing bifilar pulse motor coils provides this astonishing bonus. We're all aware of another individual who has built an entire industry over this one simple aspect.

As you may see in my recent videos, I've been utilizing electrostatic charged ultracaps extensively. This is another big key. Chemical storage charges are slow, while electrostatic are practically immediate. When used in combination, efficiency gains are dramatic, and opportunities expand.

In the News

  • Mike Kantz announces T2 electromagnetic resonance and regenerative power looping kit - Mike introduces his disruptive capacitive discharge circuit and its unexpected results he's been holding tight to his vest for three months before making this announcement. With his kit, you can personally experiment with what happens when you get the input primary coils in resonance with the output secondary coils. (Free Energy Blog; February 16, 2014)
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    This Week in Free Energy™: December 19, 2013 - QMoGens: Emmett Butler to post instructions; Witness to QMoGens fifty years ago; Rebuttal to Dansie; Patrick Kelly chimes in • Miti Air: Raphial Morgado's first compressed air car • Mike Kantz' Quanta Magnetics • New Interactive Exhibition Based on Life, Works of Nikola Tesla • Green Power owner faces several federal charges; loses tenancy at Port of Pasco • Compelling ET/UFO Witness Testimonies Posted by Sirius Disclosure (FreeEnergyNews)
  • (The hyperlink is missing because this points to the present page)
    Featured: Electromagnetic > QMoGen >
    Mike Kantz' Quanta Magnetics - "What if bifilar coils and toroids were combined?" Most of his machines (kits available for sale) operate on input in the low 10-15W input range, such as from solar panels, and amplifies the ability to charge batteries from those panels via frequency pulse charging of the chemical storage batteries. (PESWiki; December 17, 2013)
  • QuantaMagnetics Pulse Motor - His pulsed motor research has proven to greatly increase the conversion efficiency of electricity into movement. The basic goal in his research is to reduce the back EMF (friction) in electric motors making them much more efficient. (Revolution-Green; March 19, 2013)


"My self-charging hybrid has extensive, long threads at Stefan's (if it's still there), and under his Muller Motor section (no comparison) there is a complete Q2 build from the beginning with much pro & con conversation."


Mike Kantz

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