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1 MW system
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Different view of same system
Different view of same system
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large shaft

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
April 3, 2014

A video of a QMoGen by United Kingdom company, ABK Capital Ltd, has been around since February 21, but I didn't hear about it until yesterday. And I got it from two separate sources about two hours apart. Alex M sent me an email yesterday morning about it, which I didn't get to until yesterday evening; and Deggory from India sent me a Skype message to their video. Things very often happen for me in twos like this.

And in looking through their literature, apparently this video is but one of three genres of energy technologies being developed by the company. They call it: "Full Screening of Causative Relations."

In all, they have 3 topologies they're involved with.
1. Direct programming of physical vacuum
2. Pulse technique (Nicola Tesla method) - electronic systems.
3. Full Screening of Causative Relations - electronic and mechanical systems.

Presently their focused on the latter.

Lately I've been thinking that it's been quite a while since we've encountered any new QMoGen claims. Now, we find out about this one, which is perhaps the most clear and convincing demonstration we've seen yet. All components are clearly visible, and are things we're all familiar with: motor, generator, light bulbs, plugs. They clearly show that there are not any hidden wires. They slide the motor-generator assembly on the floor so you can see there is nothing beneath it.

The only place for the skeptic is in the two large cylinders, which could conceal capacitors or batteries. So, in order to rule that out, there would need to be a demonstration of sufficient duration to easily surpass the capability of any known storage technology.

Their website is very simple, though lacking in sufficient information, such as disclosing how far along they are in having product ready to sell to customers. They told me they are ready to go into production.

Their video shows a 400 Watt output (sixteen 25-Watt bulbs); yet their website talks about production in the range of 1 MW to 25 MW and above, to start out with.

Their site seems to be targeted to Power Company applications, which is unfortunate, because this should be "power to the people" not "enable the corrupt powers that be" (not to say that all power companies are corrupt, for certainly there are exceptions). The QMoGen they show in their video is ideal for home power autonomy -- power to the people.

They state:

The scientists have designed and developed patented fuel-free «YMNEE» power stations. The power station is a compact autonomous system consisting of the motor and generator. In this system principle of energy multiplication is based on that less powerful engine rotate more powerful generator of the energy. In this construction there was used the third type of topology developed by our scientists physics: FULL SCREENING OF CAUSATIVE RELATIONS (in the system reverse magnetic force was removed from the side of stator to the rotor in generator, thereby rotor no longer undergo resistance to the rotation).

At the conclusion of their online presentation, they state:

"Company ABK Capital Ltd is already set up for the production of new energy sources."
"New breakthrough in science and new technologies creation belong to geniuses and to company giants with billion capital." (ABK Capital Ltd ®)

The company is also involved in Information Technology Encryption.

I'll probably be referring them to Peter Hayes, once I get a little more info about them.

April 3, 13:00 MDT Update:

I had an interview with representatives of the company through an interpreter today. I'll be updating this page accordingly. Briefly, the reason they are targetting the 1 MW and larger sizes is to reduce the chances that this "disruptive technology" will be disruptive, by giving industry and power companies a chance to move to this new paradigm. They hope to have product ready to ship within six months.


Official Websites

  • - RMX Enciphering System: The first cryptographic system with absolute stability



  • (YouTube; February 21, 2014) Only had 542 visits as of April 2, 2014, 9 pm MDT.

Product: Mechanical and electronic system

(Describes the QMoGen shown in the video)

Quoting from their brochure

Mechanical and electronic multiplier power (YMNEE) is a fully autonomous electronic and mechanical system consisting of a motor and generator.

In this system principle of energy multiplication is based on that less powerful engine rotate more powerful generator of the energy.

In this construction there was used the third type of typology developed by our scientists/physics: full screening of causative relations (in the system reverse magnetic force was removed from the side of stator to the rotor in generator, thereby rotor no longer undergo resistance to the rotation).

Capacity of one unit of multiplier can reach few gigawatt. It allows to create power stations of [a] new type.

Guarantee period of the item is 10-20 years.

Efficiency of multipliers can reach 10 000% with the coefficient of energy multiplier is 100.

Since rotor can rotate with law-capacity engine with capacity 100 time less than the capacity of the generator, coefficient of multiplication of energy K=100.

Cost price of YMNEE with the serial production is $30-$50 for 1 kW, it’s by 39 times less than cost of wind generator of the same capacity. It’s the lowest apparatus coast price in the world.

1. When operated at external power line works as multiplier of energy with efficiency factor up to 10 000%.

2. When feeding itself, works as autonomous fuel-free power source.


  1. The rated power: 1 MW ÷ 25 MW and above.
  2. Voltage: 220 V ÷ 10 kV.
  3. Frequency: AC / DC.
  4. Number of phases: 1 ; 3 and more c
  5. Coefficient of energy multiplication 10—100 times.



Comparison to Existing Power Types

Quoting from their brochure



Quoting from their brochure

There is available the international patent describing the method. A few applications for energy sources were given to European patent agency, 10 were prepared, 30 are in the process of preparation. The volume of each application is 20-30 pages.

Profile: ABK Capital Ltd

Quoting from their brochure

"The company ABK CAPITAL LTD deals with ultrahigh scientific researches in the sphere of class UFO technologies. The main emphasis of the company is directed to the study of physical vacuum, [a study that has been going on for 30 years]. Private research of physical vacuum make our scientists-physicists come to conclusion that physical vacuum is the core of the core, i.e. protomatter, which gave birth to everything. During the study of physical vacuum, there were developed new technologies of ultrahigh class level UFO. The company managed to substantiate scientifically and describe mathematically internal structure and functioning principles of physical vacuum. There were developed new methods of deriving of the energy from energy-informative space of physical vacuum."
"There [have] appeared many engineers, scientists who created devices with efficiency factor >1. ...Nevertheless, developments of ABK Capital company excel all existing developments in all parameters of comparison."
"Specialists of scientific and research company ABK Capital designed systems of different typologies which are capable to derive free energy from the physical vacuum and transform it into electrical power. During the experiments and researches there was [achieved an] absolutely new class of mathematical functions which describes the structure and principle of operation of [the] physical vacuum -- [something] we have proved in practice.
"ABK Capital [has] developed 3 topologies of nonresonance types of free energy sources [of] operation. Nonresonance topologies of free energy deriving have an advantage over resonance topologies because it’s not necessary to make efforts for the creation and support of complex resonance which always moves during the work of resonance installations."

In the News

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