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Six Stroke Engine
Six Stroke Engine

Mechanical Engineering students of the college of Engineering in Trivandrum, India,have come up with a six-stroke engine. The engine shows 40% reduction in fuel consumption and dramatic reduction in pollution. Its specific power is not less than that of a four-stroke petrol engine. The engine can run on almost any fuel, petrol and diesel to LPG. An altered engine shows a 65% reduction in CO pollution when compared with the four stroke engine that was used to develop the Six-Stroke Engine.


'Official' Website

How it Works

A four-stroke Honda engine was experimentally altered to build this new one.

"Ours is an individual six-stroke engine which is a totally new experiment," says Aaron George.

The first four strokes are the same as a four stroke internal combustion engine.After the exhaust stroke, instead of air/fuel mixture ( as in case of petrol engines) fresh air is sucked into the cylinder from the air filter, and which is removed during the sixth stroke

Trivandrum, India team

Photo of group that developed the engine.Krishnaraj, Boby, Arun, Aaron.
Photo of group that developed the engine.
Krishnaraj, Boby, Arun, Aaron.

The Team includes Aaron Joseph George, Arun K Nair, Boby Sebastian , Krishnaraj U and Former EVM - Honda ( Ernakulam )chief technician Anil CC.

It took them almost two years to develop the engine.

In the News

Advantages of the Engine

  • Reduction in fuel consumption
  • Dramatic reduction in pollution
  • Better scavenging and more extraction of work per cycle
  • Lower engine temperature - so , easy to maintain the optimum engine temperature level for better performance
  • Less friction – so , less wear and tear
  • The six-stroke engine does not require any basic modification to the existing engines. All technological experience and production methods remain unaltered.


Mr. Anil CC with his NIYKADO
Mr. Anil CC with his NIYKADO

Velozeta Engineering Solutions holds patent on this design.


Velozeta Engineering Solutions
Technopark Business Innovation Centre
Park Centre
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 581


Velozeta Engineering Solutions
Technology Business Incubator
College of Engineering Trivandrum
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 016

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