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Urban Green Energy is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of vertical axis wind turbines. UGE focuses is on providing high performance, high quality, and attractive products to customers around the world at an affordable cost.

While UGE focuses on the design and development of its VAWT line of products, it has also developed numerous applications for its wind turbines which include hybrid streetlights and electric vehicle charging stations.



Founded in 2007, Urban Green Energy has quickly become a leading worldwide wind turbine supplier. Designing and manufacturing cutting-edge Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) with a capacity below 4 kW, UGE appeals to a variety of customers, from homeowners to schools to large stores. Maintaining a uniquely strong and world-wide network of partner, UGE has been able to reach over 55 countries in its short history.

Dedicating itself to customer satisfaction, UGE supplies not only the wind turbine, but also all the additional electronics and hardware required for energy production. This includes both off- and on-grid configurations. As such, UGE offers towers of various heights, inverters, wind interface boxes, and all other necessary electrical equipment. By working with on-site partners, UGE ensures that all installed wind turbines are working in a satisfactory manner.


UGE launched its quietest and more efficient second generation of its well-known Vertical Axis Wind Turbines, with the UGE-4K model.


The first full year of sales for UGE, the company worked off the success of its UGE-4K turbine to launch the eddy and eddyGT models, which work on a similar technology to provide both off-grid and grid-tie solutions for customers. Additionally, UGE announced a new series of "Sanya" hybrid streetlamps, which were installed in a number of high-profile locations.


Urban Green Energy reached 50 countries early on as it entered its second full year of sales, quickly establishing itself as the leader in vertical axis wind turbine technology. The company also launched a series of new products: The UGE 1st Step Weather Station, the Boardwalk hybrid off-grid streetlamp, and the Sanya Skypump EV Charging station, in collaboration with GE.


Image:EddyGT_UGE.jpg Image:Sanya_UGE.JPG


(20 seconds)

  • An eddyGT turbine spins alongside a traditional turbine in Colorado (YouTube; July 2011)


UGE's products are provided at an affordable price, and have substantial government incentives which can be applied to them. UGE partners will typically quote full systems installed. For more information, fill out the form here.


  • Offers great solutions for both urban and rural applications.
  • Supplies complete wind turbine system, including hardware and electronics.
  • Partners across the United States and the world offer complete installations with both off- and on-grid configurations. For a full list of distributors, click here.
  • Personal interaction with clients allows for quick delivery times of only a few weeks.
  • All the research, development, manufacturing, and testing is done on-site at UGE's manufacturing headquarters, ensuring greater reliability and dependability.
  • Turbines take wind from all directions simultaneously.
  • Turbine operate at low RPM - meaning both noise levels and vibrations.



The company was founded in 2007 with the goal of contributing to make the world a better place. UGE aims to do so by supplying innovative and high quality products to customers around the world.


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330 W 38th Street, Suite 1103
New York, NY 10018

Phone: 917.720.5685


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