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Products and concepts presently available and doable which help you reduce your footprint on the planet while also saving you money. These products are some of the best so far as we can tell. We also provide a link to where you can get more info and choices on each topic.

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Fuel Conservation

There are many ways to reduce your fuel consumption. Contrary to what the establishement says ("They don't work"), many of them work quite well. We have probably around 1000 different methods posted in our Fuel Efficiency index pages. In addition to such things as pumping tires to the MAX allowed pressure and change your air filter regulary, we've found the following to be some of the most effective.

Drive Happy

One-Time, Simple Install

We've found that one of the most cost-effective, easy fuel efficiency solutions is the Pulse Plug. It's a spark plug replacement. It is not a spark plug, but uses a capacitor with a kind of corona effect discharge that more efficiently burns fuel for more power, greater fuel economy, and reduced emissions. On lower efficiency vehicles (gas hogs), you could be looking at much greater improvement in mileage. Each plug is $25.00, and will pay for itself at least three times over even on cars that are already very efficient. You can get a 10% discount by using the promotional code: "PES".


While lubrication approaches don't yield as great of improvement in fuel efficiency, they can double the longevity of your vehicle, conserving its lifetime.

  • Maryn International's lubrication solutions - Maryn is a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance industrial additives which significantly improve lubricity and which also improve mileage. While the product is aimed at the trucking industry, it also works well in any car. Each bottle is quite expensive, but it lasts for a long time, with great results in its use. (PESWiki; July 7, 2008)

There are also a number of synthetic lubricants from Mobil One to Amzoil which are reported to provide excellent reduction in internal friction and better mileage.

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Scan Tool for Hypermiling

It's amazing how much better mileage you can get just by adjusting some of your driving habits such as slowing down your acceleration, and using the AC more conservatively. ScanGauge II ($159.95) is a best-seller for tracking your automobile statistics with ease. Unit plugs into the diagnostic connector found under-dash on most 1996 and newer cars and light trucks.

Green Clean

  • HOW TO: Make Your Own Eco, Kid-Safe Cleaning Supplies - Why should you take the time to make homemade cleaners? Well, first of all, plenty of studies show that toxic, conventional cleaning supplies are bad for your health, your child’s health, and the planet’s health. (Inhabitat; Dec. 28, 2008)

Water Conservation

Replace your shower head with Alsons Incredible Head 652 and you will hardly tell that you are getting hit with less water, yet you will be using far less water: 2.5 gal/minute max; and it is easy to shut it off or turn the volume down while you lather up. This design is the ultimate in simplicity and low cost while still providing a quality flow of water.

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Home Power Generation

Inexpensive Tasks that Make a Big Difference at Home

Open Windows at Night to let in cool air. Open curtains in winter to let in Sun.

Ground Source Heat Pump

Harnessing the relatively stable temperature below the frost line for augmenting cooling in the summer and warming in the winter makes a lot of sense and is a no-brainer for any new builds. It can be a good investement even for retrofitting existing structures.

  • EarthLinked Technologies - Company has been in the business of installing Ground Source Heat Pumps for nearly two decades. The residential and commercial systems save energy in the winter and summer, drawing from the thermal mass of the earth with their direct geo-exchange technology. ROI is just a few years.

See also Directory:Home Generation:Ground Source Heat Pump

Residential Wind Turbine with a Reasonable ROI

  • Skystream 3.7™ - The first fully integrated wind generator designed specifically for the grid-connected residential market. The output could provide 40 to 90 percent of an average home’s energy needs. In states like Hawaii, where the cost of energy and wind speeds are both high, Skystream 3.7 can pay for itself in less than 4 years. Although the wind turbine itself is only $5500, with inverter, the total installed system cost is closer to $15,000.

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Residential Solar System with a Reasonable ROI

  • Solar "Heat Grabber" - Mother Earth News presents a DIY $32.18, 1-2-hour to build, box that sits outside a south-facing window to pull in the sun's heat via convection.

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Make Electricity, Don't Buy It

  • Electricity - make it, don't buy it - eBook shows how to set up your own electricity company running on biodiesel fuel in your back yard. However, this might not be the best investment when you look at the ROI compared to solar panels or wind turbines.

Related Sites

  • Project Green - WVEC of Virginia has partnered with the Port of Virginia and TFC Recycling to provide "green stories", tips, impact calculators and multimedia for the "Green Project" on what we can do right now to conserve. (WVEC; August 18, 2008)

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