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Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Preface by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News
September 13, 2011

Another inventor from Argentina has posted videos of a magnet motor that he claims produces more power than it consumes. This is different from Jose Zapata's all-magnet motor, also from Argentina.

This inventor has setup a blog about his efforts, which he calls the "Torian Project." His prototype magnet motor is named the "Torian III." The prototype features three circular, stationary stators with permanent magnets embedded in them. A rotor that is free to spin fits inside each of the circular stators. The first stator appears to have a number of coils attached, which may be used to influence the permanent magnets (the whole device may be some type of pulse motor). The device is started when the inventor manually spins a wheel on the far left side of the device. Apparently, this manual input is enough to start the device, which then seems to self sustain -- and produce enough extra power to light some LEDs. In the videos, he lifts up the device off the table it is on, and shows there are no hidden wires attached.

An English translation of the Spanish description is provided below.

September 13, 2011 Update: We have tried on two occasions to contact the inventor through the email provided to get more information, but so far we have not received a response.


Official Websites


Motor Magnetico Argentino (Argentinean Magnetic Motor)


The following transcription and translation of the above video was provided by German Zubieta on August 25, 2011.

At this opportunity I want to present a magnetic motor entirely magnetic. I wish to make it clear that this motor is not fed by batteries, nor by cables or any other way, neither by the sun. It only rotates utilizing his own energy and produces the extra current enough to light these 7 small led lights.

The principle is simple to understand. All motors are made of a rotor and a stator. In this motor, this is divided by 3 rotors and 3 stators and is also divided in 3 rings. Maybe the most laboured work, that took years of investigation, was on this primary extractor (blue magnets). This particular extractor has the particularity of multi-vibration to alternate the magnetic poles. The task of alternating the magnetic poles generally is done through coils, but in this case is by the multi-vibration of the magnets.

Also the motor has capacitors that are inserted by force so generating an electrical impulse, and then all this is concentrates in the far left ring. That’s what the motor needs to auto-excite the multi vibrate system. Therefore the motor is self-sufficient. And the excess of energy is manifested through the LED lights.

In this opportunity the TORIAN team uploaded this video so all of you can appreciate that is possible. You are seeing it. Here, there is nothing more of what are you seeing. Later we are going to upload a 1Hp prototype that is being tested. That is a motor identical to this one; just a bit bigger in sides. But it has a torque of 1 useable HP of pure magnetic energy.

You can’t image what could be done but just 1HP of power of free energy. Now, if it is possible or not, please see this prototype at work (2’48). The motor is working perfectly, being self fed, actually is generating the extra current to feed the LED lights. This is a simple proof of the efficiency of its parts. You could see also this is not hoax (3’35) and nothing different from what I just said. You now can see it up in the air. It was designed to work anywhere with slow revolutions, not like a regular motor that normally runs at 2.800 RPM. As just said, the TORIAN Team will present the bigger prototype. For now, cheers to all the skeptics.

- - - -

Motor magnetico argentino segundo (second) video


The following transcription and translation of the above video was provided by German Zubieta on August 25, 2011.

First he thanks all inputs he got, then explains a bit more of the motor. The motor had raised lots of attention on the web, so he said:

The first parts is about the rotors all made with 15 magnets (1’26) same polarity. You can observe that as soon I move the rotor the LEDs go on. In the case of the stators, different from (uncompressible it is name but…) so named…. I only have a few magnets; and only one of the holding screws is magnetic only (2’35).

This is not a light motor, rather it weighs 7.1 kilos. I showed this so you will see that the internal axe is of 17mm and the end is 8mm of a very rigid material. I also want to show you that the stator or oscillator has magnets but… no all have the same polarity example…(3’53) that might be hard to understand to those that always are looking for even pairs. The magnetic oscillation generates some disturbances when it comes to pairs and odd, thus abnormal frequency.

It is difficult to show these abnormalities without the squelches, but I am doing it due to the great amount of comments received. At the TORIAN group, all agreed not to show yet all info, but agreed to show enough so you all can see that genuine works, since this prototype was made to show a theory.

The tester used here is a particularly antique modified one that shows precisely any oscillations (5’40).

This tester very clear will show you any changes on voltage thus we measuring the variations with the first and last of the capacitors (6’12) so you can see the variations.

Working at normal speed; it will go up to 12 volts, then shows how it works (7’54) again up in the air so all can see there are no connections of any type, in light of some request received to set it on the floor as well.

This not an invention that extracts energy from nowhere. This is the energy produced by the mechanical movement of the magnets (my own interpretation because is intelligibly) now suppose that this motor in 5 years will be useless, what do I care if I have to get another one if for 5 years if I never paid a penny on electricity (9’49)?

I did not discover the endless movement. What I did was to make a machine that will allow me to do a job penniless. After 5-6 years, it may not be as efficient as new, but it will have paid for itself many times over. Once the sketches are available, all of you will see that it doesn’t go against the known physical laws.

This motor will go for 30 days online, working non stop for all to appreciate, this motor can provide energy for a long time (11’55) thanks and keep in touch.


?? list here

Related Patent

There is an expired Brazilian patent that definitely is relevant here, from which the Perendev all-magnet motor was almost surely pirated. It was granted in 1989 based on a working motor that was presented to the Brazilian patent office. Using ceramic magnets, it degaussed rapidly, and because the cost of the magnets and the ridicule heaped on him, the inventor shelved the project. The inventor does not want to be contacted.

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    Torian Magnet Motor feature page - English translation posted for Spanish description of the Torian magnet motor. "This particular extractor has the particularity of multi-vibration to alternate the magnetic poles. The task of alternating the magnetic poles generally is done through coils, but in this case is by the multi-vibration of the magnets." (PESWiki and BeforeItsNews; September 13, 2011)



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On August 27, 2011, Jeremiah wrote on the Main Page comments:





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