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Tools for free energy researchers, inventors, investors, and others with interest in advancing the industry.


General Information


  • Featured: Tools >
    How Far Along Are You in Bringing Your Product to Market? - A scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being "Still an idea on paper, but our engineers say it should work;" and 10 being: "Mass Production: More than 10,000 built and in operation;" with the midpoint, 5, being: "Early Beta: More than 5 made and in operation." Input welcome. (PESWiki; June 6, 2015)
  • Featured: Tools / NEST >
    NEST posts Idea-to-Market Process interactive document - There are many steps involved in bringing an idea all the way to market. Over the past several months, two of our associates at the New Energy Systems Trust have prepared a primer about this process, which would be good for all of you to be familiar with, no matter what your role may be, whether inventor, investor, entrepreneur, or customer. (PESN; November 4, 2012)

Municipal Resources


  • Google AdSense - automatically serves ads related to page contents per Google's premier search algorithms. Income revenue for websites, while serving additional content of value for the visitor, and bringing needed targeted customers to the advertiser. Win, win, win.
  • PES Network Sites Top Google Searches - Find out how our family of websites ( | | do so well in Google searches, and why honesty is the best policy for gaining favor with the search engines. (; by PES Network)



Energy by orders of magnitude

Fuel Energy Equivalency Calculator

  • Fuel Energy Equivalency Calculator - SHEC-Labs has released a free web-based energy conversion calculator. Did you ever want to know how a litre of liquid hydrogen equates to a cubic foot of hydrogen, a cubic meter of hydrogen or a litre of gasoline? How does hydrogen compare to other fuels? What is the energy content of various fuels? (SHEK-Labs; May 5, 2005)

Suppression Resistance

For Inventors

  • Featured: Tools > For Inventors / David Allan >
    "My Idea" is Actually from Higher Power - Reflections on a saying I was raised with: "There is no limit to the good you can do if you don't worry about who gets the credit." When you consider that "ideas" actually come from the divine, and that it takes a lot of people and talents to bring an idea to market, it's easier to maintain the needed humility. (PESN; June 27, 2012)
  • Featured: Tools >
    Exotic Free Energy Ooga Booga - Out here in the fringe, we could have more impact if we increased our scientific rigor, paying attention to such things as multiple experiments to validate one data point, showing error bars; replication of a device and its results; proper use of significant digits; using standard formatting in reporting data. (PESN; September 29, 2013)

Business Development

  • Featured: Store > Tools >
    The Entrepreneur's Survival Guide - Coming up with a brilliant clean energy technology is only part of the process. There is a lot involved in taking it the distance to the market where it can benefit humanity. This book is a great resource for guiding you through these steps so that you don't become the biggest impediment to the progress of your technology.
  • ICreateProfits Service Helps Energy Website Development - A great tool for those with websites (energy or otherwise), to help them improve, but especially for those who are contemplating making the plunge, with beginning-to-end resources. Instructive step-by-step videos aid the concise instructions. (ICreateProfits)
  • Crackpots and Genius - New energy pioneers are often also involved in pushing the envelop in other areas of life. Such involvement should not be shunned but should serve as a sign that someone is cut out to launch a revolutionary technology -- practiced at withstanding the heat. (PESN; Mar. 8; 2007)
  • The Ten Biggest Hurdles to Innovation - Today's innovators need to be highly intelligent, motivated and creative to come up with solutions to some of the biggest technological problems. But adding to these difficulties is a whole host of hurdles that can make it tough for even the best and most innovative technologies to survive. (Ziff Davis Enterprise; May 20, 2008)
  • Oil Addiction and the Business Case for Change - To overcome addiction to oil, we need a clear business case, upon which to build a business model to then be refined into an actual business plan. Inventors take note. (New Media Explorer; Dec. 29, 2006)

Inventor Support

  • Featured: Tools >
    Billions in Change -- open to exotic free energy - Billionaire, Manoj Bhargava, founder and CEO of 5 Hour Energy, has a passion for using his wealth to make the world a better place; and he see's energy as being crucial for that objective. He and his team are not afraid to think outside the box. (PESN; October 9, 2015)

Open Sourcing Clean Energy Technologies

See OS - our main open sourcing directory page

  • Featured / OS: Tools >
    Open source your free energy technology - Do you have a breakthrough clean energy technology that could break the world's addiction to oil? Thinking about open sourcing it? Consider the attributes of the ideal project, likely sources of revenue, determining a fair ratio for revenue sharing, and other tips and links. (PESWiki; Jan. 23, 2010)


See Tools:Communications - separate page

Image:Jove 95x95.jpg Image:Jaxtr 95x70.jpg Image:Camera phone tripod 95x95.jpg Image:Jumpcut 95x95.jpg



  • Free Energy Marketing Resource: Flower of Life Center - "We can build custom marketing packages and are offering sponsorships and co-sponsorships. These packages include web and print advertising, press releases, editorial, radio interviews and unique opportunities to promote through our events." (Free Energy Blog; October 7, 2013)


For the Laboratory

  • Featured: Tools >
    Ten Commandments for Exotic Energy Inventors - Inventors of alternative energy technologies often make critical mistakes as they try to develop and proliferate their ideas. Here are ten commandments or suggestions for energy pioneers that may help them avoid many common pitfalls. (PESWiki; December 11, 2011)


  • Scientific Method worth while in fringe energy too - A call for the same level of scientific rigor in cutting edge energy technology research as is required in mainstream science, not more, not less.Mentions the recent Joe cell claims and approach as an example of how not to do things. (PESN; July 11, 2006)


  • RETScreen International Clean Energy Project Analysis Tools - Free software and other analytical tools for evaluating the energy production, life-cycle costs and greenhouse gas emission reductions for various types of technologies, the tools include product, cost and weather databases. Also includes a detailed online user manual, a college/university-level training course (e.g. slides, instructor's voice & notes), and over 85 case studies on real projects. Available in both English and French with many also available in 19 other languages.
  • The Future for Profit - Neil Roberts, C.E.O. of BMA International, asks: "Can we really afford to wait for governments or vested commercial interests to act on our behalf," and suggests some proactive tools his company provides for grassroots solutions. (ZPEnergy; June 26, 2005)
  • How to Buy Green Power - Berkeley Lab and Partners guidebook designed to help organizations, facility managers buy renewable energy. (ZPEnergy; Nov. 9, 2004)


See Directory:Tools:Construction

Image:WorkingModel2D 95x95.gif Image:Power plant plans 95x95.jpg Image:Rotor by eMachineShop.gif Image:Intalytic 95x95.jpg


See Directory:Fundraisers | Directory:Financial Resources | Directory:Funding

  • Featured: Tools > Funding / NEST >
    Crowdfunding the Exotic Free Energy Movement - NEST will soon be launching a crowdfunding site that will help make the funding of clean energy ventures more democratic, based on the votes of the people who chip in. And not long from now, US citizens will even be able to make small investments through crowdfunding. (PESN; February 20, 2013)

Electro Magnetic Frequency Radiation Protection

  • EMF Safety Super Store - is the place to buy Gauss meters, RF meters, shielding. Action you can take against the body-penetrating effects of electromagnetic fields.



  • How Wireless Meshing Could Save Energy - "It is the holy grail of the factory floor: hundreds of sensors wirelessly connected, monitoring motors for problems and drastically reducing energy consumption." (Slashdot; Aug. 9, 2004)



  • Sterling Energy Quotient - Proposing an Algorithm to calculate the true cost of energy from a given "free energy" device.
  • Atlas II - Device determines how well wind turbines operate - Accurate Time Linked data Acquisition System (ATLAS II) can provide a great deal of the information necessary to understand how well a turbine is performing, capable of sampling a large number of signals at once to characterize the inflow, the operational state, and the structural response of a wind turbine. (PhysOrg; July 26, 2006)
  • Biomass >
    Basscam Biomass Camera - BassCam has developed an economical, durable, easy to use camera package for viewing combustion chambers in operating biomass applications, up to 4000°F/2204°C, so you can detect early signs of trouble before they become a problem in your furnace.

Measurement Errors


  • Free Energy Store - A few items supplied by PES Network, Inc.
  • Experimenters Store - Don Adsitt's online shop for FE tinkerers.
  • - "free energy," anti-gravity, and other science fiction-come-true plans, toys, gadgets galore for purchase to fund ongoing research and development.


  • Advanced Powertrain Research Facility - The principal U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) facility for assessing advanced and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) technologies for the Vehicle Technologies Program.
  • Budding Clean Energy Technologies Get Test-Bed - Two Austin Texas groups have agreed to create the first test-bed environment in the United States for alternative energy companies to prepare their technologies for commercialization, allowing clean technology companies to prove their technologies on Austin's Energy grid. (SustainableBusiness; Feb. 26, 2007)
  • Combustion Resources - "Provide comprehensive engineering services in the fields of energy, fuels, and combustion by utilizing a wide range of resources and technologies to facilitate learning and increase understanding. They have an analytical lab for testing and certification.
  • Underwriter Labs - UL is the trusted source across the globe for product compliance.



  • Featured: Tools / Dansie >
    Tools:Testing Standards and Validations: Overview - Mark Dansie sets forth some suggestions for establishing an independent body of scientists as well as a set of measurement standards for the evaluation of the various genres of exotic free energy technologies. (PESWiki; December 15, 2012)


  • Tools >
    2-D photos spring to 3-D life - Researchers from Interactive Visual Media at Microsoft Research Redmond have come up with a way to create a 3-D image from a modest collection of ordinary photographs, the kind commonly acquired these days by anybody with a point-and-shoot camera or a mobile phone. Commercial software is coming soon. It could be a great tool for displaying and explaining energy projects. (Physorg; June 16, 2011)

Information Technology

  • Foretech, Inc. - Fortech has successfully developed and implemented several Business Process Automations solutions to clients across a range of industries using the latest tools and technologies. Also using Rapid Prototype Deployment techniques.
  • The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology - At TEDIndia, Pranav Mistry demos several tools that help the physical world interact with the world of data. His prototypes bring futuristic, science fiction computer technology into the present. In an onstage Q&A, Mistry says he'll open-source the software behind SixthSense, to open its possibilities to all. (TED; Nov. 2009)


See Directory:Building

Intellectual Protection

For the Office

  • Common Law Contracts - A Primer A recommended way of doing contracts for alternative energy groups, that brings responsibility back to the people and away from lawyers.
  • Translation Services - Energy technology inventors, marketers, investors, etc., all potentially have need to translate in their communications with people of other languages. Publicly editable index for referring the best offerings.


  • I Create Reality - Flash presentation and book by my friend, Chris Westra (husband of our midwife), explains the power of the mind to manifest your highest abilities and dreams for your life. (ClickBank)
  • Secret: The Law of Attraction - 1.5-hour online movie compiles the best thinking of the best thinkers of our day, to explain the power of our thoughts, negative and positive, to create our reality; and how to harness that energy for good. (


See Directory:Spirituality - separate index page

  • Featured: Tools > Spirituality >
    Is the Love of Money Always Evil? - The purpose for this article is to show that it is not only permissible but highly encouraged from a spiritual vantage point to pursue money for the sake of benefitting humankind on God's errand. The Greek word for "love", in 1 Tim. 6:10 actually means "covet": so it is the greed-lust for money that is evil. (GreaterThings; October 1, 2013)


  • Tools > Security >
    GPS-enabled phones and cameras store and post photo location identification - All you have to do is right click on such an image, and one option enables you to get the GPS coordinates of where the camera was at the time the photo was shot. This becomes a serious privacy and security issue to those who are unaware of this capability and are uploading such photos to public websites such as Facebook. (ABC; February 14, 2011)
  • Anti Spy Cam Device - detects hidden cams. Also detect wireless audio transmitting devices commonly used for wiretapping.
  • Gear Spy Equipment and Spy Gadgets - PI Gear offers hidden cameras, wireless spy cameras, covert equipment and spy gadgets, along with detectors for the same. Also offers passive and live vehicle GPS tracking devices designed for the private investigator and police detective.
  • Secure Phone Equipment - SV-100 Safevoice Phone Scrambler is a hi-tech solution for protection from eavesdropping on your telephone conversations.


  • Emergency Preparedness \ Tools >
    The West is Losing its Toolbox - (Not referring to our audience, which is an exception...) With how easy it is to buy ready-made things cheaply, people are losing their craftsmanship skills to build and repair thing. We don't know how the machines we rely upon work. This makes us vulnerable. (Slashdot; July 24, 2012)

Other Research

  • Finance - The best place to go to learn about publicly traded U.S. companies. Entering the stock symbol into the search box pulls up a dynamic page about the company, recent news, SEC filings, stock performance, etc.
  • Free access academic journals - Directory of Open Access Journals service covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals; covering all subjects and languages. There are now 1529 journals in the directory.
  • EnergyStorm's Energy Abstracts Web Site - Free, searchable database of hundreds of thousands of energy paper abstracts goes back 10 years. Covers subjects as diverse as geothermal energy and oil shales and energy conservation. (ZPEnergy; Aug. 4, 2005)

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