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Directory of technologies and resources relating to time travel.



  • Judgement Day - An interview with 'Oliver', the biographer for John Titor - a reported time-traveler who became well-known after a series of bulletin board postings in 1999. American Antigravity
  • Time Travel - Hyper Dimensional Resonator induces out of body travel (unit fully assembled); Philadelphia Experiment reconstruction; Time Travel Machine plans; Zero Vector flux capacitor plans; more (Future Horizons)




  • Time Travel Institute - The Time Travel Institute is dedicated to the research and exploration of the temporal sciences. Together, we can make the future happen... today!
  • Gary Voss and Tap-Ten Research (2.5 min) - Tim Ventura's video feature for Gary's non-profit organization that researches possibilities in time travel, gravity displacement, unified field inertia, electrostatic propulsion, and more. (American Antigravity; Sept. 2005) (Ten page at PESWiki) (Temporal Accelerator Project)



  • Featured: Conspiracy > Time Travel >
    Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Show Addresses Time Travel - You can tell that this one is a major stretch for his team, with a few of their sources seeming to be out of touch with reality, with no credibility other than past degrees. But there are some interesting moments. The alleged photo of Basiago time travelling to Gettysburg as a child was perhaps the most compelling... (PESWiki; November 24, 2012)

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