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Tidal companies rolling out utility-scale plants like to say that theirs will be the "largest." When talking about the future, which has not yet materialized, it's fairly easy to make that claim as long as it is larger than anything that presently exists. Who actually ends up being the largest will be a matter of history once the future becomes the present. We've created this page (on Feb. 26, 2008) to track who is presently the largest, and whose claims to be the largest in the future are actually the biggest claims.


Largest Tidal Installations in the World

This is a new page -- a work in progress. The items listed below are a beginning point of reference, and do not necessary represent the actual "largest" installations at present.

Largest at Present

Largest Claims for Future Tidal Installations

  • Incheon to Build World’s Largest Tidal Power Plant - The city of Incheon plans to construct the world's largest tidal power plant on Ganghwa Island. The project will start with the construction of a 7.8-km-long dam connecting the four islands of Ganghwa, Gyodong, Seokmo and Seogeom at a cost of W1.78 trillion (US$1=W927). It should be finished by 2014. Following the installation of 32 tidal power generators, power will begin to flow in 2015. At 812 megawatts (MW), the Ganghwa plant will have the largest output capacity of any tidal plant in the world. (; May 10, 2007)

Largest Individual Turbines

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    Largest tidal power device unveiled - A device thought to be the largest tidal turbine of its type to be built in the world has been described by its developer as "simple and robust". The AK1000 by Atlantis Resources stands 22.5m (73ft) tall and weighs 1,300 tonnes and is capable of generating 1 megawatt. Its blades, turning at six to eight revolutions per minute pose no threat to marine life. (BBC; Aug. 12 2010)

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