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Directory of technologies and resources pertaining to Tesla coils.

A Tesla coil is generally known as a category of disruptive discharge coils, named after their inventor, Nikola Tesla. Tesla actually experimented with a large variety of coils and configurations (for tansmissions and reception), so it is difficult to describe a specific mode of construction that will meet the wants of those who ask about "Tesla" coils. One common feature of Tesla coils is that they are all composed of coupled resonant electric circuits.



  • Tesla > Coil >
    Electrum - The world's largest Tesla coil - Tesla coils have always held a special place in denoting the "mad" scientist, beloved by high-voltage hobbyists. However the world's largest existing Tesla coil was commissioned not as a work of science, nor as a movie prop, but as a work of art. Leyh, the co-creator of the Electrum, has plans to resurrect Tesla's original dream of a giant coil--times two. (Atlas Obscura [see links])


  • Tesla > Coils >
    If He Starts Nodding Off, Try Another Million Volts - David Blaine, the magician and endurance artist, is ready for more pain. With the help of the Liberty Science Center, a chain-mail suit and an enormous array of Tesla electrical coils, he plans to stand atop a 20-foot-high pillar for 72 straight hours, without sleep or food, while being subjected to a million volts of electricity. (New York Times; October 1, 2012)


  • Nokia Develops Lightning-Powered Phone Chargers - Using two transformers, one driving an alternative current and one controlling the flow and allowing charging, the team simulated a lightning by sending 200,000 volts across a 300mm gap. The result- the Nokia Lumia 925 was able to stabilize the noise in the signal and began charging. (Free Energy Blog; September 6, 2013)
  • Tesla Coil > Fundraisers >
    TeslaTronix - Tesla Power For The Masses - Boasting one of the most simple Tesla coil driving circuits ever, TT makes wireless electricity simple, easy, and cheap for everyone. Kickstarter fundraiser sought $2,500 and raised $38,946 with 463 backers. One of the videos shows a 9-volt battery powering the coil during Hurricane Sandy aftermath, powering a CFL. (PureEnergyBlog; April 26, 2013)
  • Electromagnetic > Tesla > Tesla Coils >
    Tesla coils entertain on America’s Got Talent - Watch ArcAttack, a wild musical/technological performance art group from Austin, Texas, with two macho Tesla coils onstage and a hooded performer in protective mesh outfit resembling Darth Vader between the coils, dancing amidst the lightning in sync to the Star Wars music. Next stop: Vegas. (Changing Power; June 3, 2010)
  • Nevada Lightning Lab - A proposed research facility for generating controlled lightning discharges using matched set of 12-story Tesla Coil towers, with discharges over 300 feet in length, delivering a peak output of over 18 million volts. Located 35 miles outside Las Vegas, Nevada, this facility will support new industrial and scientific research. The 1:12 scale model prototypes are completed. Slashdot
  • "hot-streamer" - A Tesla coiling site (primarily of transmitters).
  • Who Needs Amps? We've Got A Tesla Coil! - Tesla coils create a lot of noise when they're on, and somehow, some insane genius has found a way to harness the noise they create, manipulate it, and turn it into art. (YouTube) (ChordStrike; August 5, 2008)


Tesla's patent

  • Featured: Electromagnetic > Tesla coil >
    High Frequency Patents of Nikola Tesla - The "Tesla Coil" was continually developed by Nikola Tesla in the 1890s. By the end of this period, it evolved into pulsed DC thermoelectric back emf voltage gain apparatus, with highly specific harmonic frequency tuning. Tesla's patents prove this. Ironically, this public explanation of free energy physics comes from a historian, Tim Harwood M.A., not a physicist. (PESWiki; Oct. 11, 2009)

  • U.S. Patent 593138 (G.patent; PDF) - Electrical Transformer - 1897 November 2 - Novel form of transformer or induction-coil and a system for the transmission of electrical energy by means of the same; Improvement of electrical transformers; Develops electrical currents of high potential; Corrects construction principles heretofore manufactured; Higher potential for transmission than has ever been practically employed heretofore; Free from the danger of injury from the destruction of insulation; Safe to handle; High-frequency power supply for lighting and other applications.
  • U.S. Patent 685953 (G.patent; PDF) - Apparatus for Utilizing Effects Transmitted from a Distance to a Receiving Device through Natural Media - 1899 June 24 - Heinriech Hertz methods cited; Induction method cited; Ground conduction method cited; Previous methods had limitations that result in great disadvantages for utilization; Wireless transmission developed by Mr. Tesla cited; Transmitting station coil arranged and excited to cause arbitrary or intermitted oscillation propagation to another remote point receiver station coil; Air is an excellent insulator; Air strata used for means of conduction for production of generating actions at a distance; Use of metallic conductor; Transmitting apparatus of signals or intelligence should produce effect as strong as possible; Charge a condenser or capacitor to utilize the potential energy.
  • U.S. Patent 685954 (G.patent; PDF) - Method of Utilizing Effects Transmitted through Natural Media - 1899 August 1 -Utilizing effects or disturbances transmitted through the natural media, which consists on charging a storage device with energy from an independent source, controlling the charging of said device by the actions of the effects or disturbances (during succeeding intervals of time determined by means of such effects and disturbances corresponding in succession and duration of the effects and disturbances), and coincidently using the stored energy for the operating a receiving device; Independent source may be at a distant transmitting electrical energy; Receiving device circuit discharges the accumulated stored energy (which may be potential energy) and causing variations in resistance in a circuit including an independent source of electricity and a storage device; Effecting the storage (such as, in a condenser) during any desired time interval and under control of such effects of disturbances; Accumulated energy may operate a transformer (by discharging through a primary circuit at predetermined times) which, from the secondary currents, operate the receiving device.
  • U.S. Patent 685955 (G.patent; PDF) - Apparatus for Utilizing Effects Transmitted From A Distance To A Receiving Device Through Natural Media - 1899 June 24 - An apparatus for transmitting signals or intelligence through the natural media from a sednging station to a distant point the combination of a generator or transmitter adapted to produce arbitrarily varied or intermitted electrical disturbances or effects in the natural media, and for utilizing electrical effects or disturbances tranmitted through the natural media, the combination with a source of such effects of disturbances of a charging-circuit adapted to be energized by the action of such effects or disturbances, between which a difference of poenential is created by such effects or disturbances, a storage device included in the charging-circuit and adapted to be charged thereby, a receiver, a means for commuttating, directing, or selecting the current impulses in the charging circuit so as to render them suitable for charging the storage device, a device for closing the receiving-circuit, means for causing the receiver to be operated by the energy accumulated in the storage device at arbitrary intervals of time when connecting the receiving-circuit with the storage device for periods of time predetermined as to succession and duration, and means for discharging the storage device through the receiving-circuit at arbitrary intervals of time.
  • U.S. Patent 685956 (G.patent; PDF) - Apparatus for Utilizing Effects Transmitted through Natural Media - 1899 August 1 - Related to his Magnifying Transmitter; Used as part of Tesla's Colorado Spring receivers that possed a distributed high-Q helical resonators, radio frequency feedback, crude heterodyne effects, and regeneration techniques; an apparatus for transmitting signals or intelligence through the natural media from a sednging station to a distant point the combination of a generator or transmitter adapted to produce arbitrarily varied or intermitted electrical disturbances or effects in the natural media; combination of a source of electricity, a transformer, a device normally of high resistance but adapted to have it's resistance reducedwhen acted upon by the effects or distrubances, with a receiving circuit connected with a condenser and a decived adapted to open and close the receiving circuit at predetermined intervals of time.
  • U.S. Patent 649621 (G.patent; PDF) - Apparatus for Transmission of Electrical Energy - 1900 May 15 - Related to US645576; New and useful combinations employed; Transmitting coil or conductor arranged and excited to cause currents or oscillation to propagate through conduction through the natural medium from one point to another remote point therefrom and a receiver coil or conductor of the transmitted signals; Production of currents of very high potential; Transmitting station and receiving station.
  • U.S. Patent 655838 (G.patent; PDF) - Method of Insulating Electric Conductors - 1900 October 23 - Method and practical application of insulation by freezing and solidification; Expounding on Faraday's hypothesis of freezing substances make them possess a higher dielectric level to insulate transmission conductors; Improvements in the method set out by Faraday; Method of insulating electrical conductors which consist in surrounding or supporting said conductors by a material which acquires insulating properties when frozen or solidified; Method of maintaining a conductor within a gaseous cooling agent by the continuous application of said agent; Trough or conduit with circulating cooling agents; Reissued as U.S. Patent RE11865.
  • U.S. Patent 685012 (G.patent; PDF) - Means for Increasing the Intensity of Electrical Oscillations - 1900 March 21 - A method for producing superconductivity. Producing increase intensity and duration of electric oscillations; Combination of a circuit to possess freely-vibrating excitations and of means for artificially cooling the circuit to a low temperature; Low temperature resonating circuit; Uses of electrical impulse oscillations; A circuit upon which oscillations are impressed, and which is adapted to vibrate freely, in combination with a receptacle containing an artificial refrigerant in which the circuit is immersed; Chilled oscillators in a series of transmitting and receiving circuits in a system for the transmission of energy.
  • U.S. Patent 685957 (G.patent; PDF) - Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy - 1901 November 5 - 4 illustrations; Radiation charging and discharging conductors; Radiations considered vibrations of ether of small wavelengths and ionize the atmosphere; Radiant energy throws off with great velocity minute particles which are strongly electrified; Rays or radiation falling on insulated-conductor connected to a condenser (i.e., a capacitor), the condenser indefinitely charges electrically; Radiation (or radiant energy) include many different forms; Related to US577671; Transmitted or natural energy can be used; Photoelectric stepping alternating current motors.
  • U.S. Patent 685958 (G.patent; PDF) - Method of Utilizing of Radiant Energy - 1901 November 5 - 2 illustrations; Ways of using radiation charging and discharging conductors; Rays or radiation falling on insulated-conductor connected to a condenser (i.e., a capacitor), the condenser indefinitely charges electrically; Radiation (or radiant energy) include many different forms; Related to US577671; Photoelectric stepping alternating current motors.
  • U.S. Patent 1119732 (G.patent; PDF) - Apparatus for Transmitting Electrical Energy - 1902 January 18 - High-voltage, air-core, self-regenerative resonant transformer; Oscillator for wireless transmission of electromagnetic energy; Tesla coil. (US1119732 — Alternative site)

Other related innovations

  • Traun's Forschungs laboratorium, GB157262- "Improvements in electric motors"
  • Traun's Forschungs laboratorium, GB157263, "Process and apparatus for converting static atmospheric electrical energy into dynamic electrical energy of any suitable high periodicity"


In the United States Patent Office classification, there exists a classification for ultilizing atmospheric electricity it is 310/308 Electrical Generator or Motor / Charge accumulating. Other applicable classes regarding the ultilization of atmospheric electricity include (but are not limited to):

  • 307/149 ElectricalTransmission or interconnection systems / Miscellaneous Systems
  • 320/166 Electricity: Battery of Capacitor Charging or Discharging / Capacitor Charging or Discharging
  • 361/212 Electricity: Electrical Systems and Devices / Discharging or Prteventing accumulation of Electric Charge(e.g., Static Electricity)
  • 174/6 Electricity: Conductors and Insulators / Earth Grounds
  • 174/2 Electricity: Conductors and Insulators / Lightning Protection
Source: United States Patent Office classification system - Classification Definitions.

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