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From their home page:

The Tesla Science Foundation was formed to promote the legacy of Nikola Tesla by raising awareness of his accomplishments and contributions to the 21st Century to include introducing his many patents and inventions that remain applicable to our current needs. We bring together those with a genuine interest in Tesla through educational programs, workshops, meetings, and public events. [The foundation] also selects several inventors per year who have demonstrated innovative technology concepts that exemplify Tesla's lifelong commitment to Science, Industry, and the Environment. We are prepared to provide assistance to the patent process of new an innovative technologies to include introducing them to the market by forming an appropriate team of professionals including engineers, attorneys, and business/marketing specialists. The Tesla Science Foundation gives three awards each year for achievements in technology, writing and arat related to Tesla or his work.


Official Websites


New Yorker, January, 2014

Philadelphia, July 2013

New Yorker, January 6-7, 2013

See Events: Nikola Tesla Commemorative Conference at the New Yorker Hotel, January 6-7, 2013

  • Events > Tesla > Science Foundation > New Yorker Conference >
    Alternative Energy Hour with the Tesla Science Foundation - Gary Hendershot and Sterling Allan interview Sam Mason and Josh Toms from the Tesla Science Foundation, to talk about their recent (~Jan. 6) conference at the New Yorker and the array of technologies demonstrated there, as well as the upcoming (~July 10) conference in Philadelphia, which may include Eric Dollard. They also gave a progress report on the Tesla Museum and announced the Million Volt March and their Declaration of Energy Independence. (YouTube / SmartScarecrow; February 18, 2013)

Philadelphia, 2012

  • Featured: Events >
    REPORT: Tesla Days -- Philadelphia Conference 2012 - Michael Riversong reports on the Tesla science conference that took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA on July 7-8, 2012. Topics included Tesla coils, Zero Point Energy, Atmospheric Energy, Quantum Physics, Gyroscopics, Ball Lightning, Electrogravitics. (PESN; August 26, 2012)

Philadelphia, 2010

Philadelphia, 2009

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