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Nano battery developed at the University of Tel Aviv in Israel, is said to be as thick as a strand of hair, to recharge faster, to be safer, and to hold up under extreme heat.



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Official Websites

Latest Developments

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  • Announced Nov. 17, 2006


  • "A team of university scientists developed the technology for fast charge/discharge batteries that eliminates fire hazards of lithium-based batteries and could mark an alternative source of power for mobile devices." [1]
  • "The battery would be especially sought for military applications in equipment used under extreme heat conditions." [2]


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Company Profile

Tel Aviv University has sponsored an effort to develop and patent nano-battery technology. Professor Menachem Nathan is head of the nano-battery project at Tel Aviv University. Organizers said the university would seek an Asian partner for production and marketing. They cited such companies as Sony or Toshiba. [3]

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